Biore Double Scrub Bright Review

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Biore is a well-known Japanese skincare brand known for its quality products worldwide. Today, I will be reviewing its “Double Scrub Bright Facial Foam.” Charcoal has been known for its “dirt-pulling” properties and this facial foam is loaded with charcoal. Let’s read on to know more about it.

Biore Double Scrub Bright Review

Product Description:
Contains bamboo charcoal which lifts excess oil and keeps your skin from appearing shiny.There are also double bright scrub consisting of black micro-scrub to clean the dirt in the pores and prevent occurrence of blackheads, as well as bright micro-scrub is capable of lifting dead skin cells gently to clean the face.

Biore Double Scrub Bright ingredients

My Experience with Biore Double Scrub Bright:

It comes in a standard plastic tube packaging with flip top cap. Tube is black and white in colour which represents charcoal being its main ingredient. Brand name is mentioned in dark blue on the packaging with all other details at the back. It is comfortable to carry while travelling.

Biore Double Scrub Bright tube

As it is a daily use facial foam, scrubbing granules are gentle on the skin and yet work to remove dead skin and blackheads. It definitely make my skin smooth and fresh after every use. Texture wise, it is a creamy granulated scrub, you can clearly see the charcoal granules in it which works just fine to remove dirt. It has a mild fragrance which does not last for a very long time. This is a 100 gram tube and it should last for about 2 months when used thrice a week.

Biore Double Scrub Bright swatch on hand

I still prefer myneem face wash over this because it has acne-healing properties and made up of natural ingredients. I use this charcoal facial foam 2-3 times a week when I feel my skin is looking dull and lifeless, and this product certainly brings it back to life.

Biore Double Scrub Bright blended

Pros of Biore Double Scrub Bright:

  • Appropriate consistency.
  • Charcoal granules.
  • Brightens skin.
  • Good for everyday use.

Cons of Biore Double Scrub Bright:

  • No natural ingredients.

IMBB Rating:

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