Bioré Makeup Remover Perfect Cleansing Water Review

Skin Type- combination to oily
Sensitive Skin – no
When I got the makeup removing sheets from Bioré, I was so sure that I would pick up more stuff from the brand. It is not only pocket friendly, it really does the job well. There was a makeup removing oil as well, but Miracle Cleansing Water was more appealing to me. Here is my review on the Bioré Makeup Remover Perfect Cleansing Water.
biore perfect cleansing water

Price – Rs 550/- (approx.)
Product Description:
Just like Miracle Cleansing Water! Revitalizing formula that wipes off makeup instantly
Formulated with Micelle Technology to effectively dissolves & removes all makeup even waterproof mascara with less tugging, leaves skin completely clean
Also Alcohol-free, Oil-free, Colourant-Free & Fragrance-free, less hassle to skin, simply wipe off, no need to rinse-off
Furthermore, it’s enhanced with soluble collagen for bouncy firm skin; Japan Natural Mineral Water to hydrate skin & White Tea Extract for brighter skin.
back of the bottle

My Experience with Bioré Makeup Remover Perfect Cleansing Water:

The Bioré Perfect Cleansing Water comes in a large pink plastic bottle with a convenient pump. There is a protective plastic lock which when attached to the neck of the pump, avoids unwanted spillage.

It is rightly named as cleansing water as it looks and feels like water. Using it is simple as I saturate a piece of cotton pad and then wipe it over my face. On my eyes and lips I hold it for sometime and then wipe off. It makes the process easier. This is mild and gentle on the skin and hence as expected it will not instantly take off the makeup. You just have to be patient while it is doing the job.

There is no need to rub on the product vigorously as it will still take time to do the work. For long wearing makeup you might have to go ahead with a second round of cleansing. But I am ready to do that, given the pro that it is a cleansing water and not oil that will break down the makeup completely. So if you are not fan of makeup removing oils, this is a great option to look out for.

Pros of Bioré Makeup Remover Perfect Cleansing Water:

• Pump packaging.
• Gentle on skin.
• Oil free.
• Effectively removes makeup.
• Refreshes skin.
• Non drying.
• No funny smell.

Cons of Bioré Makeup Remover Perfect Cleansing Water:

• Pump needs improvement; it dispenses unevenly.
• Availability.

IMBB Rating – 4.25/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Bioré Makeup Remover Perfect Cleansing Water?
Yes to both!

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