Biore Nose Pore Cleansing Strips Black Review

Biore Pore Cleansing Strips Review

biore nose pore cleansing strips review

Biore Pore Cleansing Strips Claim : It’s written in Thai but from the pictures it we can decipher that it mentions “pulls out blackheads from roots  ” 😀

biore black head strips

Price : Rs 150 – Rs 180 for 10 strips

Biore Pore Cleansing Strips come packed like this. There are instructions given on how to use the strips.

biore blackhead strips


That’s the strip. It’s made up of black paper (umm.. the kinds the disposable wax strips are made up of). The strip is sticky on one side and it is stuck on a clear film. You peel it off from the film, wet your nose with warm water, and place the sticky area of the strip on your nose. Press it gently so that it gets stuck on all areas of your nose evenly. Now wait for a few minutes before you peel it off.

They work awesome if you exfoliate your nose before.  (thanks for the tip , Dee 🙂 )

blackhead stripback:

Biore pore strips


instructions - black head pore strips

The Goods and The Bads of the Biore Nose Pore Strips

  • I loooovee these nose pore strips. I have used the Pond’s pore strips before and they were such a huge disappointment. Pond’s had totally shaken my faith in nose pore strips. So when I saw these at Boots in Thailand, I was like oh well! another blackhead pore strip. I still thought I gave it a try. So I purchased one pack.
  • The same evening both Sanjeev and I tried the strips and OMG! they worked. Our noses were shining. 😀 I couldn’t imagine there was so much gunk collected around the nose and these strips pulled all of these off. Especially Sanjeev had some huge visible black heads and those also came off. I wish I could show you that strip – it was so disgusting and satisfying :tongue: . The very next day I picked up two more packs of this. 😀
  • I would however like to include that they clean almost 90% of the dirt , blackheads and white heads on your nose but not 100% of it. I later tried using the strip after exfoliating my nose and I can say that it was more effective that the last time.
  • I used to get my black heads cleaned at salon and these have totally saved my money. Infact, since they pull out the blackheads from the roots, you don’t feel the need to reapply them for many days.
  • It does pain a bit while pulling off the strip. I suggest that you pull it off slowly than stripping it off in one go. The deeper your blackheads would be, the more it would pain.
  • If you don’t apply the nose strip properly or don’t wait patiently for good 10-12 minutes for the pore strip to dry, this may not work as effectively.
  • The saddest part is that these are not available in India. :((
  • Biore nose strips are available both for men and women.

I highly recommend these to everyone. These are my HG pore strips now .. or let’s say till the time I find a better option. 🙂 Don’t take these as permanent solutions for getting rid of blackheads. Your blackheads would come back (sucks! ) so you can use the strip again. 😀

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : 4.5 / 5

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60 thoughts on “Biore Nose Pore Cleansing Strips Black Review

  1. :yahoo: Yipee…am glad these turned out to be good and worked well for you
    I wilpick them up once my stock of nose pore strips are over…

  2. they are so cheap to Rati. Why such thing not available in India 🙁 . I use the cool & cool nose strip and its just OK.

      1. I hope it takes of whiteheads too..both me and hubby suffer from whiteheads on our noses..and its really a pain to take them off….And it is very very difficult to see them clearly… 😐

    1. parita, looking at the prices around i do think i got them cheap. I really dont know how. these were for 120 thai bhat. so the max if i go they’d be around 180 -190 bucks.. so still cheap. i dunno.

  3. such a useful thing..those blackheads/white heads are such a pain. glad this worked for you..u should make more of those trips so that you can buy these!!..wat says? :jiggy1:

      1. :tongue: i thought you bought these on your recent vacation so i was telling u to go back for more therefore another vacation.. :tongue:

        (didnt realize they were from india) :headbang: :headbang:

  4. Wow Rati!!! I feel mujhe abhi mil jaata toh office mein hi laga leti……. mujhe chahie hi chahiye :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

  5. wowww i would love to try these out, can you suggest any other brand tht has nice nose strips? I had bought one from nivea and it was so disgusting, didnt work, then i had bought some chinese made :tongue: and it worked wondefully but not available now, do suggest some good ones available in india !

  6. Cheap and good..!!! :yahoo: .. The ones in india dont help a lot..!!!
    Do you kno guys u can make pore strips at home!!! You got to mix a bit of gelatin powder and milk and heat in the microwave for about 20 secs.. and apply in it on your nose and when it dries completely pull it off..!!! I kno its seems weird but i works for me..!! :dance:

    1. i dnt have…………. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
      ma bf have :(( :(( :(( :((
      export them to india someone.. :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

  7. Thank goodness I don’t have blackheads. *touchwood*
    But my mother would be on cloud nine if these were available in India. 😀 and my brother would actually benefit a loooot from it.Stupid fellow….too lazy to use scrubs regularly…this shold do him a lot of good. :huh:

  8. Biore pore strips are the best I have tried ever! 😀 Though I didn’t use this one but the white, medicated variant. Not available here either, I only get them from someone coming home from the states or Japan. :-/

  9. hi,i am new to this blog…or lemme say…just a few minutes old on this wonderful blog and happened to come across this post on Biore strips.
    i am an ardent fan of these since years now but yes,i too feel sad that these are not available here n ive to ask my cousin to send it to me from UK everytime somebody is travelling!i guess that sums it up about Biore being so good that i keep ordering them everytime i get an opportunity,like the one am getting tomorrow 😉 a friends coming down to Delhi from UK and she is getting me 2 packs. however,ive been using the ones with tea tree oil.and its true…PONDS WAS A MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT…that pack of useless strips is still lying with me and sadly,i bought the Indian version as i felt it wont be bad at all.PONDS India proved me wrong lol…ive tried their THAI make,works just as Biore 🙂
    and before i end my comment…id like to say am HAPPY to have come across this brilliant beauty blog…i can see my addiction to it knocking at me already 😉
    thank you
    love n best wishes

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