Biotique Bio Berry Lip Plumping Balm Review

Biotique Bio Berry Lip Plumping Balm Review

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Greetings to all my fellow IMBBians, hope all of you are doing wonderful.  Today, I will be reviewing a lip balm from Biotique, one of the major brands making herbal cosmetics (as they claim 😛 ). Now, let’s get straight to the review.


Product Description:

Healthy and supple lips.  Different natural oils like almond oil keep your lips feeling so soft and cushiony when applied and ensure that they stay healthy and nourished.  Organic and ayurvedic.  The organic extracts used in the gentle ayurvedic formula are safe on the delicate skin over the lips and do not sting when applied.


Rs. 99

Biotique Bio Berry Lip Plumping Balm 2

My Take on Biotique Bio Berry Lip Plumping Balm:

When I looked it up on the internet, I placed the order immediately.  It was from Biotique and the berry flavor also tempted me to give it a try.  It comes in a completely transparent twist-up case, like that of a lipstick and similar to Biotique kajal packaging.  It is sturdy enough.  The cap closely securely.  The balm itself is not too soft and hence some pressure is needed while applying it. It has a berry scent, which I absolutely love and the fact that it lingers on your lips for a while is pretty good.

Biotique Bio Berry Lip Plumping Balm 3

I bought it totally based on the way it looked, the price made it even more attractive, and also the fact that it came from a well-known and value-for-money brand.  Only after using it, I regretted my decision about purchasing it on such a quick impulse.  It does a below average job in moisturizing lips, hardly imparts a tint, and does not do any plumping.  It’s too hard and applying it means rubbing it really hard on the lips which makes it prone to breakage from the middle. The lip balm comes in a twist-up case as I mentioned earlier and a substantial portion cannot be twisted back again, like most Biotique kajals, and that makes it vulnerable to scraping off by the edge of the cap while opening or closing.

Biotique Bio Berry Lip Plumping Balm 4

It does not do any plumping, but it does make my lips a little moist, just a tad bit, which remains for about half an hour to 45 minutes.  It does not moisturize the lips, and the plumping claim is too far fetched.  The fragrance is probably the best thing about it, smells fruity, like berries, its very sweet.  Final verdict is that I am utterly disappointed especially because it comes from such a good brand.

Biotique Bio Berry Lip Plumping Balm 6

Pros of Biotique Bio Berry Lip Plumping Balm:

  • Pocket friendly and travel friendly.

Cons of Biotique Bio Berry Lip Plumping Balm:

  • Doesn’t moisturize lips.
  • Too much pressure is required while applying.
  • Doesn’t plump up lips.
  • The whole balm cannot be twisted back in.
  • Does not impart any tint to the lips.
  • Doesn’t live up to its claims.

Pink lips

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend/Will I Repurchase Biotique Bio Berry Lip Plumping Balm?

I don’t recommend/..*are you kidding me*!

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  1. Oh i soooo agreeeee with you on this one dear… *haan ji* …….I got bowld over by d fuchsia pink shade at one look…….. *nababana* But once i got it I had the same list of dislikes *headbang* ….this went straight in to the bin after sitting on my dresser for ages…. *nonono*

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