Biotique Bio Color Creme Powder Compact Review

Biotique Bio Color Creme Powder Compact Review

Hello Everyone!

I am a compact powder fanatic. I have to try all of them, well, at least the ones I can afford. So, I am always on the lookout for the ones that I haven’t used. While browsing a site, I came across this product and it immediately piqued my interest. I ordered it in a shade called “Wheat,” which I think is a shade too light for me. Read on to find how the Biotique Bio Color Creme Powder Compact fared.


Product Description:

Biotique Bio Color Crème Compact.

Biotique Bio Color Creme Powder Compact 3


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Rs. 360 for 15 gm.

Product Description and Claims:

None available; either on the product or on the website.


Not mentioned anywhere.

Biotique Bio Color Creme Powder Compact 2

My Experience with Biotique Bio Color Creme Powder Compact:

The product comes in a black case, with a separate section for the applicator provided with the compact, just below the compact pan. The appearance of the case is extremely boring and I wouldn’t notice it if it were displayed in a store. A mirror is attached to the inner side of the top half of the case. I have no idea why the word “creme” is used in the name of the product; it is not at all creamy. It’s not powdery either. What it is in fact, a very densely packed substance which has a silky finish on the skin.

Biotique Bio Color Creme Powder Compact (4)

Biotique Bio Color Creme Powder Compact (5)

It looks like a normal compact powder but when you try to pick up some of the product on your fingers, you find that it is very difficult to pick up the product unless you rub your fingers against its surface. Even the applicator provided picks up the product with great difficulty. When finally, I managed to transfer enough product on to the applicator, I applied it on my face with small strokes as I normally do when applying compact powder with a sponge. I was frustrated by how much perseverance the blending of the product required. I blended and blended but the product remained patchy and streaky on my skin. It was then that I realized that this compact could not be used to set foundation. It was in itself a kind of foundation.

Biotique Bio Color Creme Powder Compact (6)

Biotique Bio Color Creme Powder Compact (7)

Then, finally, before giving up on the product, I decided to buff it up a bit with a fan brush. I polished the product on my skin for around seven- eight minutes. The outcome was breath-taking. My face had a healthy glow to it and the coverage was medium, but then, any foundation would look good if polished for so long using a fan brush. This compact stayed put on my skin for around two hours before my nose started turning oily. The product claims that the coverage is buildable from medium to full, but I would say the coverage is only medium. At another occasion, I tried to apply the compact with a powder brush, but the thing just would not blend. And it was then, ladies that I gave up on this product. By far, the worst compact I have ever used.

Biotique Bio Color Creme Powder Compact (8)

Biotique Bio Color Creme Powder Compact (9)

Pros of Biotique Bio Color Creme Powder Compact:

  • Affordable.
  • Separate space for the applicator.
  • Gives a very polished look to the face if applied and blended carefully, but why bother when I can apply foundation and set it with powder as well in the same interval of time!

Cons of Biotique Bio Color Creme Powder Compact:

  • Availability.
  • I love compact powders because they are so easy to put on, applying this one is too much work.
  • Picking up the product with the given applicator is very difficult.
  • Requires a lot of blending (I mean a lot!), else it could appear streaky and patchy.
  • Cannot be applied to set foundation.

IMBB Rating:

1 /5

Will I Repurchase Biotique Bio Color Creme Powder Compact?


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22 thoughts on “Biotique Bio Color Creme Powder Compact Review

  1. *thankyou* for the warning review,sush!!!
    But i have a query for you,since you seem to have used quite number of compacts,which ones would you recommend,specially on a budget?

    1. I like Revlon Touch and Glow and Chambor Silver Shadow. They’re the best of the lot. Chambor’s is for around Rs800 but you get a free pan, so it lasts really long. Touch and Glow ‘s price could be anything under Rs 400 depending on where you’re buying it from. I also like Rimmel’s Stay Matte for setting the foundation. These three are my favourite Neha, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend all of them. 😀

    1. I know Jomol! I think one can never go wrong with Lakme compacts, well, excluding the older 9 to 1 compact 😛 . They do have something for everyone. 🙂

  2. I would have also got attracted to get something like this *haan ji* *haan ji* *thankyou* *thankyou* for sharing *happydance* soo much blending may take half of the day lol *hihi*

    1. I agree with you there. I’m too not a fan of Biotique products but I did like their lipsticks, so I went ahead and bought this, but the horror ! the horror! *headbang*

  3. rimmel stay matte is the best at affordable price but now-a-days, i heard they have discontinued it due to some complains *shock* …

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