Biotique Bio Thyme Fresh Sparkle Volume Conditioner Review

Biotique Bio Thyme Fresh Sparkle Volume Conditioner

Hi beauties!!!

I always dreamt of having long and flowing hair that’s full of body like my mother has. I was born with that but had after a major hair fall phase during my schooldays I started leading life with fine and thinning hair. Even after so many years the condition is still the same. The regrowth of hair did not give me the look that I had before that terrifying phase of my life. For the same reason I avoid styling of hair, coloring, sulphate shampoos and anything that can further damage my hair follicles.


Claims: This volumizing formula conditions and hydrates hair. Thickens follicles balances pH level and leaves hair looking fuller with sparkling shine.

Price: 159 INR for 210 ml. Best before 3 years of packaging.



My experience with Biotique Bio Thyme Fresh Sparkle Volume Conditioner:

I was very happy to get my hands on a herbal conditioner that claims to give a volumized look to my hair and that too at an affordable price. This is the only conditioner that instructs to apply on the scalp too. Initially I was not sure about doing that as I was afraid of getting a build up on the scalp. However I did as instructed. It has a runny consistency so it is really difficult to apply on the hair strands, I wish they pack it in a spray bottle. Also I tend up to use more than required due to such kind of packaging, so I make it a point to take out the amount I require every time in a small plastic bowl. It gives a cooling sensation on applying which subsides after sometime.

On washing it actually gives a volumized hair look but the hair becomes a little drier than before so the hydration claim is not true. A serum or a light leave in conditioner is a must after this and if someone has extremely dry hair then oiling prior to hair wash is can be preferred too. Otherwise it neither creates any build up on scalp nor aggravates hair fall. The best part is that it keeps the scalp non oily for two days which means that it is perfect for girls with oily scalp and thin hair and best avoided by girls having extremely dry scalp and hair.


Pros of Biotique Bio Thyme Fresh Sparkle Volume Conditioner:

• Adds nice body to hair
• No extra hairfall
• Scalp remains non greasy for a longer time
• Free from harmful chemicals
• No scalp build up
• Boon for oily scalp
• Affordable
• Easily available

Cons of Biotique Bio Thyme Fresh Sparkle Volume Conditioner:

• Does not add any shine as claimed
• Difficult to apply
• A lot is required every time
• Not for dry hair
• The smell can be bothering at times

Rate: 3/5

Overall verdict: This is a good conditioner for girls with fine hair and oily scalp and is worth trying of course. I will come back to this in summers as I need something to give my hair a volumized look without causing any damage to it.

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10 thoughts on “Biotique Bio Thyme Fresh Sparkle Volume Conditioner Review

  1. I agree , this does add volume to hair, but dries them too.
    I started using it after every shampoo and ended up a good volume of fried hair :'( Then to finish the bottle I use it once a week or when I have oiled my hair overnight .. to balance out the effect.

    1. so it worked similarly with your hair , i thought biotique hair products have dushmani with me as hardly they work for me 😛

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