Biotique Costus Foot Cream–Review

Biotique Costus Foot Cream –Review

By Preeti P.

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This is my first product review at IMBB 🙂 A warm hug to one and all .

The festival of lights is over and we are entering into more chilly part of the year . Now , the days will be short and nights long than before . We need to stock up our vanity cases with loads of moisturizers , lip balms and yes not to forget foot cream . Cracked heals are a common misery in winters and today’s product review just hits on that.Today I will be reviewing Biotique costus foot cream .
Biotique costus foot cream (2)

Product Description:

Product description for this product is mentioned on the bottom of the plastic green jar . It says :
Helps soften hard skin and soothes tired feet . Cures foot infection and stops foot itch .
Ayurvedic Medicine (For External Use only) This is not a cosmetic product . It has therapeutic properties.

Ingredients :

Biotique costus foot cream (1)
Ingredients are also mentioned on bottom of the plastic green jar. They are as follows:
2% Doodhal Mool
1% Nagkesar
2% Kooth Mool
1% Menthol
Q.S Cream Base


Biotique costus foot cream
Comes in a humble green plastic jar , nothing appealing about it.


Rs. 180 for 50 gms

Directions for use:

Gently massage appropriate amount of cream on the feet .

My experience with Biotique Costus Foot Cream :

My feet develop cracks right from the time winter sets in . I have tried Krack cream before but I don’t think it stands true to its claims . So , this time I decided to try Biotique Costus foot cream . I wash my feet with soap before I go to sleep and them massage a generous amount of this cream on my feet . The cream gets absorbed nicely upon application but is rather thick in its consistency . It has menthol so after applying it gives a soothing effect to feet which is relaxing . It smells something like Moov cream which is used to relieve pain.

My verdict:

This is not just a cosmetic but to be used for therapeutic purposes as mentioned on the jar . So , one cannot expect immediate results . Upon regular application , it softens , moisturizes the feet skin and reduces cracks too . But one has to be very consistent in using it . It is definitely good for taking care of tired feet but not the one for cracked heels . This should be used only at night . Please do not use it as day care feet cream as the cream is thick and may catch dust and grime if you are not used to wear socks during day time .
This is how the cream looks :
Biotique costus foot cream swatch

Pros of Biotique Costus Foot Cream :

1. Soothes tired feet .
2. Softens the feet skin .
3. Antiseptic cures foot infection , itching .
4. Improves feet complexion .

Cons of Biotique Costus Foot Cream :

1. A bit costly around 180 INR for 50 gms.
2. Packaging not so attractive.
3. It comes in jar so contamination of the cream is easy to happen .

Would I buy Biotique Costus Foot Cream ?

Yes .

IMBB rating :


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9 thoughts on “Biotique Costus Foot Cream–Review

  1. i am using this product from around 6 month i guess and its total worth. i totally agree with Preeti that it should not be used in day time, its best when it works in night. it really makes my feet smooth and also i can see my feet skin is even. Nice review Preeti you covered all the points.

  2. I have used this cream n number of times… its awesome…. gr8 for night use just before sleep….my HG foot cream… totally worth it… and a little amount goes a long way…

  3. true to the extent of making feet soft, lessening cracks- but my feet are terribly darkened within a month of its usage and i am still struggling to regain the original color!

    1. Hi Everyone 🙂

      Thanks for the warm welcome Neha 🙂 Hugs
      Thanks Sreya , Divya , Nidhi .
      I am glad you all liked the review .
      Happy New Year to all you girls and fellow IMBBians .

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