Biotique Fresh Kiss Peppermint Lip Balm Review

Biotique Botanicals Biopeppermint Fresh Kiss Lip Balm: Softens and refreshes lips

Biotique has around four to five lip balms to offer like the plumping one, lightening one, and this one and some others and I agree the range is quite different and unique in its own right. I read a review of the Biotique plumping lip balm and was very keen to try that and that’s when I saw the others too. I picked up this one along with the plump one and my god, what a disastrous mistake. I saw these in health and glow where the whole range was displayed and I was very happy and all to make a wise choice of getting this one BLAH. It’s the worst lip balm I have tried. I really want to save the money of someone who might have seen it and was contemplating picking it up. For those who have it I would love to hear what they have to say about this 🙂

Biotique Fresh Kiss Peppermint Lip Balm Review

Biopeppermint lip balm: Price rs 99

What the pack says:Peppermint has been called the world’s oldest medicine forever famous for its taste and medicinal properties,this refreshing balm texturizes delicate lips to a sleek, smooth and kissable suppleness.

To use: Smooth on and around bare lips alone or under lipstick

Biotique Peppermint Lip Balm

My take on the balm:

First of all I want to tell you readers that the pack was sealed and when I opened the cap I saw a strand of hair on top of the smooth brand new tub of lip balm :yuck: :yuck: yuck: yuck:

I know I should have thrown it away that instant but I carefully scooped out a lot of lipbalm thinking ok let me see how it feels at least and later may be I can use it on my rough elbows or cuticles. When I put it on and smelled it it was like zandu balm :yuck: I was almost about to faint at this disastrous purchase and that’s when I saw that it left my lips looking white as if I had put a white cream on my lips and then I fainted . This is such a crappy product and I just could not believe this is a Biotique product :headbang:

lip balm

I agree it is moisturising but I now am not using it at all as u can see in the picture because I have serious doubts about the hygiene conditions it must have been packed in. in the name of an ayurvedic product and herbal ingredients and natural stuff and therapeutic properties god know what this product went thru and wonder what made that strand of hair come into it :yuck: now I have serious doubts about the whole range of Biotique products which I think may be overpriced too. I did email them about this on the id mentioned on the pack but there was no response . They do mention to use that id in case of customer complaints .This is a stupid balm that smells like zandu balm in the name of peppermint, leaves a white cast on the lips and is most unhygenically packed in my opinion.

Peppermint Lipbalm

It’s a total waste of 99 rupees and I don’t care how moisturising and supple it leaves my lips because that was the first and last time I used this balm. Since then I have never used it . im not fond of the tub form of packaging as I don’t like to use my fingers to dig into the contents though I may be careful to wash hands always etc I wont be able to carry it around for long when I travel.

Herbal Lip Balm


Zandu balm like smell but no tingling sensation though
Leaves a white film on lips
It had a strand of hair on the new seal packed balm’s surface :yuck:
It makes me wonder about the entire Bitotique hygiene conditions in which the products are packed
Non existent customer care as well
What do they mean by use it around the lips?

lipbalm swatch

Last word: Too bad this piece with a strand of hair came across a beauty blogger, bad luck…and I have to finish the plumping one though. I am never using this one too as u can see from the picture it’s totally unused.
Probably gonna be used as heel relief cream or cuticle smoothening agent.
Please let me know if any of u has used this, would love to know your take . 🙂
I know a lot of us love Biotique but this product was a complete disaster. 🙁

Rating : 0 .75 on 5 (probably the lowest I have ever given to a product in my two years here)

The only saving grace is the brand name.

Have you used Biotique Fresh Kiss Peppermint Lip Balm ? Please rate in the box below

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43 thoughts on “Biotique Fresh Kiss Peppermint Lip Balm Review

        1. neha sometimes na area around the lips also get dry. Mine does especially in winters so i slather lipbalm on and around my lips. it works. I picke dit up form my neighbour and especially during the harsh delhi winters this tip is quite helpful. 🙂

  1. ewwwwww :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: dint expect this from biotique…waise nowadays i dont know which brand to trust and which not to… im so put off.. even by some expensive brands :struggle: :struggle: 🙄 🙄 🙄

  2. arre baap re.. ur review is full of hatred for this product…so it must be :yikes: :yikes: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :pan: :pan: :pan:

  3. EEEEKKK!!! That’s disgusting! I was actually planning on buying this because I thought it’ll give nice minty feeling. But I got something else from Biotique itself (which is really nice).

    1. really u know i thot so too
      it will be all nice n fresh
      what did u get ?
      i hv the plumping one too
      wonder how that was packed

  4. now this sounds aweful :spank:
    i thot i wd buy it…but omg..!!!!!!m literally shocked!
    thnx for the info dear :tremble:

    its not just the hair it leaves lips white like with some kinda white lipstick :scream:

  6. Yuck!!!!
    When i bought from biotique around 5 years back, they were so good..
    i loved their walnut scrub and almond lip balm but when i bought the same thing again , found out that the quality has reduced.. I even had my older walnut scrub just to check the difference..
    These days biotique is extremely bad (at least to me) and i have stopped buying anything from them!!

    :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :no: :no: :devil: :devil:

  7. Thats scary…hair in a sealed pack :yuck:
    I woudl have freaked out too…
    And doesnt look good either…looks like a combo of the green iodex and zandu balm :scream:

  8. My first comment in IMBB and sadly its a negative one…I tries two of their lip balms too…threw them away in a week…the lip plumper was worse…my lips were chapped and hyper sensitive for a week after using it for two days…and for a fortnight my skin kept peeling off…my friends commented that from pink my lips turned a painful shade of red!!!

  9. i use biotique’s red sandalwood powder to tackle my prickly heat problem in summer and their chlorophyll gel on freshly waxed skin. their lip balms always leave a film on the lips as far as my experience has been. also their sunscreen for oily skin had my skin peeling.

  10. strand of hair???????????? Chhi!!!!!!!!!!! :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: and Zandu balm ka smell on lips???????? :yuck: :yuck:

  11. aiyoo, better use it for headache purpose 😆 seems really bad, i have never bought biotique lip balms though i have many other products from this brand

  12. Till now I’ve only tried two of their products,chlorophyll gel and papaya scrub n both turned out 2 b good.I’m shocked after reading dis review.Hair strand!?! :yuck: White lipstick like :yuck: :no:

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