Biotique Skin Tightening Facial Kit Review

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I am reviewing a skin care product, Biotique Skin Tightening Facial Kit. Biotique has been quite a good brand for me and my mother. I have never broken out due to them, and the ingredients are extremely skin friendly. My mom bought this kit for her dry skin and she was looking for a routine care kit. This was a suitable option, given her skin concerns and loyalty towards the brand. Here is my take on the product.

Biotique Skin Tightening Facial Kit Review

INR 215 for 75 gm

Product Description:
This Skin Tightening Facial Kit gives Youthful Glow to your Face. This Kit contains the Following Products:
Bio Walnut Scrub- 15 GM
Bio Quince Seed- 15 GM
Bio Mud Pack- 15 GM
Saffron Youth Dew Cream- 15 GM
FREE Swiss Magic dark Spot Corrector- 15 GM

Biotique Skin Tightening Facial Kit Review3

The packaging is fuss free and compact. This kit contains 5 products, neatly arranged in a simple cardboard box. Nothing fancy about the packaging, but it is efficient. Each one of the products come in small white tubs with green lids. It might be difficult to identify individual components, as the tubs look identical and you need to read the labels every time to check if you have picked up the right one.

My Mom’s Experience with Biotique Skin Tightening Facial Kit:

The kit brings together some of the most popular products of the brand. All of these are available as separate products too. This pack is quite appropriate for dry, sagging skin as it moisturizes nourishes and revitalizes skin.

Biotique Skin Tightening Facial Kit Review1

Bio Walnut Scrub:
With a mildly pleasing smell, this one is a great scrub for all skin types. It is a good gentle/daily polishing scrub for sensitive skin or dry skin, with no major acne/enlarged pores or blackheads concerns. My mom was very happy to get this one.

Bio Quince Seed:
It is extremely smooth in texture and has a soothing fragrance. It is great for a relaxing massage and hydrates skin without making it greasy. In fact, my mother’s skin feels nourished soft and supple. After a good massage, the skin gets absorbed well.

Biotique Skin Tightening Facial Kit Review2

Bio Mud Pack:
We hoped for a better face pack than this mud pack. Still the mud pack is okay, with smooth texture but a strong smell. It didn’t dry out skin as expected, but we didn’t notice any major firming effect after using it.

Saffron Youth Dew Cream:
It is soft and buttery, gets absorbed quickly and makes skin oh-so soft. My mom is loving this cream of late. A clear winner.

Swiss Magic Dark Spot Corrector:
It has a strong herbal smell, and is thick in consistency. It takes a lot of time to get absorbed. It hasn’t done anything for minor pigmentation on my mother’s skin. So clearly, isn’t so effective.

Pros of Biotique Skin Tightening Facial Kit:

• Cheap
• Contains good products
• Scrub and both the creams are effective
• Simple, sturdy packaging
• Easily available
• Makes skin soft and supple
• Skin radiance increases
• Doesn’t breakout skin

Biotique Skin Tightening Facial Kit Review5

Cons of Biotique Skin Tightening Facial Kit:

• Mud Pack and Dark Spot Corrector are not up to the mark
• Has no visible firming and tightening effect
• Not suitable for oily/combination skin

Though not a must-have, this kit packs in quite a good products for regular usage. You can easily sneak this in your weekly routine.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Biotique Skin Tightening Facial Kit?
Yes to both.

IMBB Rating:

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