Biotique Winter Cherry Body Lotion Review

Biotique Winter Cherry Body Lotion Review

Hello IMBB ,
We all know how moisturising after a bath is very important. The soap or bath gel we use, however natural it maybe, strips our body of its natural oils while cleansing it. To replenish the moisture loss we have to choose from after bath oils, body butters, body lotions. This is a review of one such product.

1. Biotique Winter Cherry Body Lotion.

biotique winter cherry body lotion
biotique winter cherry body lotion

What it says– A nourishing lotion made of natural oil and plant extracts it nourishes dry and dehydrated skin leaving it soft and youthful. Removes skin infection and blemishes.
Directions of use– Gently massage appropriate amount.

Helianthus Annus Oil (Surajmukhi Tail) – 4%
Carthamus Tinctorius Oil (Kusumbhi Tail) – 2.75%
Brassica Nigra Oil (Rai Tail) – 0.5%
Nardostachys Jatamansi Ext.(Jatamansi Kwath) – 3.5%
Prunus Amygdalus Oil (Badam Tail) – 2%
Winthania Somnifera Ext. (Ashwagandha Kwath) – 1.5%
Lotion Base- Q.S

biotique winter cherry body lotion swatch
biotique winter cherry body lotion swatch

Just notice the thickness of the lotion, I put a dollop on my hand and moved my hand clockwise and anticlockwise. The lotion did not budge.

Hits of Biotique Winter Cherry Lotion

:yes: It is a very thick lotion and heavily moisturises. The moisturising effect lasts for around 12-14 hours.
:yes: It claims about removing blemishes too, I don’t have any so I can’t comment. But a body lotion removing blemishes sounds good.
:yes: Full list of ingredients provided and not just the key ingredients. It has almond oil which is very good for the body.

Misses of Biotique Winter Cherry Lotion

:no: It is very heavily scented. It lingers on for quite some time. I did not like the fragrance at all. The smell is very “incense stick (agarbati) types.
:no: As it moisturises well, it is quite thick and greasy. You have to rub it in for around 4-5 minutes. Even then it is not totally absorbed. Leaves your skin feeling little oily.
:no: Bad packaging .The screw on cap doesn’t go down smoothly and you have to struggle with it.
:no: Lotion base as mentioned in the ingredient list is doubtful. What kind of base and what all goes into it, is unknown.
:no: Not user friendly, the lotion is thick so you have to squeeze the bottle really hard for it to come out.

Verdict– Not very impressive. Will use only if my skin is drying out and can’t find anything else to apply, because the smell really irritates me. Don’t think it will be on anyone’s ‘must have’ list unless of course it has worked some wonders for their skin. Dry skin people might find the moisturising effect very good but I think other better options are also available.

Will I repurchase? NO. My St. Ives Oatmeal &Shea Butter body Lotion is the current favourite and this is no competition to that.

Rating– 2.5 /5

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  1. How to do a thickness test on body lotion?
    – By Naina Not-Deepika

    Put a dollop on hand and move hand clockwise and anticlockwise. The lotion does not budge – Thickness test passed.

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  3. V gd aftrnoon IMBBians,
    Very nice n money saving review Naina.
    Where’s ur nail art??
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  4. Hey Naina……..I think I will like the lotion after your review….coz I like thick body lotiosn that stay for 10 to 12 hours because we have a very dry climated here…… :-)) …..actually, Naina……I have told Priya that if she takes Rds to her hairdresser and bribe the stylist and make Rads bald, I would give her my anklets….you will have to do something more nastier to Rads…. 😀 😀

    1. haaan , but use Stives na then , the shea butter is nice… this smells like mandir ki agarbatti .

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  6. Nice review Naina :yes: :yes: :yes: …..i havent used Biotique products till date…guess it will be a while coz unless some one says its reaaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyy awesum i can control maself!!!!!

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    1. nimi see ,the city which we live in , 50% of the population is bitching and cribbing about the other 50 % and being good to them on their face .. you must not have heard these words but its good na we are training you if in case somebody tells you anything , you can reply back :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

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  12. hahahahha … omg !!!!! neither do my parents nor do my relatives swear in front of me , even though they are NOT from teaching profession . 😀 😀 😀

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    being in same city, we r bound to meet sm day either @ rangoli or meri saheli. 😉 :-* :-*

  15. actually, I did use the winter cherry….found it extremely nice for my skin….I can definitely refute one of the cons…the packaging is fine and I did not need to struggle with it….probably your bottle screw might have been damaged coz I have seen certain Biotique products like that….I think Biotique should really pay attention to the packaging….
    yes, it is a thick lotion and extremely moisturizing… would be great for dry skin….massaging it in the skin takes a little time but it actually does remove the blemishes…..when I used to use it, my hand was almost back to its normal color…..I like the fragrance…its kinda mild and yes, it lingers around for around half an hour or so…..the lotion is thick so it might have been packaged in a pumping bottle….that would make it easy to use….

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