How Birth Month Influences Health and Personality of Women

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Most of us do not believe in astrology and do not think that our birth date can influence events in our life. However, a few scientific studies have proven that the birth month and season influences the hormonal levels which affects our physical and mental health. In this post, I will discuss the effect of your birth month on your health and personality.

How Birth Month Influences Health and Personality of Women


Those who have their birthday in January often suffer from migraine and menopausal complicacies. They also have risk of heart attacks and some other heart related issues. However, frequency of thyroid problems is quite less for women born in this month when compared to others.


How Birth Month Influences Health and Personality of Women February

February born women are likely to have thyroid gland problems. The change in thyroid hormone level affects other aspects of their health too. They also often suffer from osteoarthritis that causes severe joint pain and stiffness. Another common problem for these women is thrombosis where the blood clots within blood vessels causing severe complicacies.


These women should be aware of rheumatism and arthritis. The joint pain, inflammation, complication in walking often makes the entire situation very stressful. It is better to be aware at the beginning and start the treatment early. Many women born in this month also suffer from constipation. If you have similar problems, following a good fiber rich diet, drinking enough water and exercising regularly is mandatory.


How Birth Month Influences Health and Personality of Women April

Women born in April often experience osteoporosis. To reduce the risk, it is advisable to follow a calcium and Vitamin D rich diet. Angina is an another common problem which causes chest pain as the heart does not get enough oxygen. Bronchitis also affects many women and leads to breathing problems. They also have the risk of tumor development.


Women born in this month suffer from osteoporosis and constipation. To reduce the risk you must follow the instructions mentioned above. They also suffer from chronic allergies and they never go away on their own. Women having allergies form food items often see that the condition worsens over time. In such cases it is must to see a doctor and avoid anything that causes the allergy.


How Birth Month Influences Health and Personality of Women June

Rheumatism and arthritis are common in women born in this month just like the March born. You must be extra cautious and consult a specialist if the persisting problem affects your work life. They also may suffer from urinary incontinence that affects the work life as well as the social life. Consulting with your doctor is must for this problem. Also, avoiding tea, coffee, alcohol, chocolate, spicy food, sweets provide temporary solution.


Chronic neck pain is a common symptom among these women. This pain often spreads along the back, shoulder and hands. Consulting an orthopedic is must for these women. They also suffer from asthma which makes breathing difficult for them. Inhalers and other prescribed medications help a lot. Yoga and deep breathing exercises including Pranayam helps in dealing with the problem.


How Birth Month Influences Health and Personality of Women August

These women may have rheumatism, arthritis just like the women born in March and June. Similar precautions and treatment procedures must be followed to make things easier. They also have risks of thrombosis.


These women also suffer form thyroid gland problems that affect their weight, physical health and mental well being. Getting the thyroid gland checked annually is a great idea. They also have a risk of developing malignant tumors. So, if you feel any kind of lump or abnormal growth anywhere in the body, getting it checked immediately is a must. Following calcium and vitamin rich diet is important for you to avoid the risk of osteoporosis.


How Birth Month Influences Health and Personality of Women October

These women are disposed to anemia which makes them weak. Eating food that are rich in iron is a must. You can also consult a doctor and take supplements regularly. High blood cholesterol is an another common problem and to avoid this, remove food containing trans fat from the diet. Follow a diet that is rich in good fat (omega-3 fatty acid) and the risk will significantly go down.


Women born in this month have risks of various heart diseases. Follow a good diet, exercise regularly and get checkups done in regular interval to keep the heart healthy. Varicose vein also is common among these women and there is no proper medicine for this problem. Exercising, essential oil massage, not standing for too long can help to ease the suffering.


How Birth Month Influences Health and Personality of Women December

Women born in the last month of the year are likely to have asthma and chronic bronchitis. This makes breathing very difficult for these women. In such cases, following the doctor prescribed routine is mandatory. These women also exhibit the risk of thrombosis.

You can be born in October and may not suffer from anemia. You can be born in July and still have thyroid gland problems. But, these information can give you an idea of the risks you have so that you can be cautious and take precautions at time.

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