Bite Beauty Best Bite Set Review

Bite Beauty Best Bite Set Review

IMBB Sponsored Product Review

Hi Beautifuls,

Hope all of you are in the pink of your health and enjoying the weather! Today, I am here with another beauty gift from IMBB. I really thank IMBB for letting me enjoy this wonderful gift, my best gift till date! I just loved it to the core of my heart.  You guys are really superb, 3 cheers for this one especially \m/ \m/ \m/. Well, my cheers are good enough to tell you how I loved this Bite Beauty Best Bite Set.  We all are familiar with Bite Beauty, isn’t it? If you are not, then let me share a quick introductory note about Bite Beauty as per their website “Bite Beauty is an all-natural lip care company operating out of downtown Toronto. Our mission is to create lipstick that is high performance and healthy enough to eat for women everywhere.” Now that you are familiar with Bite Beauty, please read on further to explore Bite Beauty’s Best Bite set with me 🙂



$25 for 4 highly pigmented mini crayon set, price excludes shipping and tax.



Product Claims:

This is a collection of mini high pigment pencils in staple fall/winter colours. The set includes Madeira, a nude-pink, Rhubarb, a plum rose, Quince, a rose berry, and Cranberry, a festive holiday red. The pencils come in a compact tin with a mirror.



These creamy, semi-matte retractable crayons come along in cute tin packaging which can be easily slipped inside the purse or hand bag. Needless to say, this tin purse is sturdy enough and travel friendly.  We can re-use the tin purse.  The crayons have a faint smell, which does not bother me.


My Experience with Bite Beauty Best Bite Set:

I had been eyeing this set ever since I noticed these gorgeous crayons in my friend’s beauty stash.  Thanks to IMBB, my wish came true, else it would have been still in my dreams. The set contains 4 super chic, creamy, and highly pigmented color lip crayons which give slightly glossy and semi matte finishing on the lips.



However, the glossy shine fades after a few minutes and it looks matte. All crayons give medium to full coverage in a single swipe and thus ideal for pigmented lips as well.  The set includes at least one shade ideal for every skin tone including fair, medium and dusky.


Let’s talk about these crayons one by one:


Quince: My most loved shade, a bright blue-based pink with a hint of fuchsia which instantly brings glow on the face. It is really creamy and easily glides on the lips.  I often use it as a lip pencil for precise lining and then slather it on for full pigmentation. The pointed tip is helpful in lining lips. It is good for pigmented lips as it gives complete coverage with bright glossy color payoff. It stays for good 6-8 hours on my lips with heavy meals and often leaves a bright fuchsia pink hue on the lips after rinsing off or wiping off. It does not bleed or settles into the fine lines if the lips are well scrubbed and hydrated. Since it gives a matte finish after a few hours, it tends to feel dry on the lips if they are chapped.  I usually swipe it once or twice because it tends to become cakey once gloss fades after a few minutes! Needless to say, one swipe gives enough pigmentation to last for pretty good hours. It will transfer on cups, but its not much of an issue.  It is a must try for those with fair skin tone.


Cranberry: A bright burning red, my next favorite shade in this set. Some times, it looks brick red and at other times, it gives cherry red pigmentation on the lips. It is completely opaque and gives full coverage, hence ideal for pigmented lips as well! Initially, the shade gives a glossy finish, but after a few hours, it becomes slightly dry and matte; however, it won’t bother unless lips are badly chapped or cracked.


It stays for 8-10 hours with slight fading even with heavy meals and even if it fades away, I can still see a deep red stain on my lips which refuses to come off without makeup remover. It will complement every skin tone because it looks fairly good on my friend with medium skin tone.  This particular crayon is really soft which often messes up leaving stains on my hands and on the crayon as well. This lip color is highly transferable among the other shades.  It does not settle in fine lines and does not bleed, but it transfers on to cups and even on to my chin slight touch and water sips.  I need to be extremely careful while wearing it, else it may stain my chin or upper lips! Hence, I usually swipe it just once and then blot out excess, and then it is fine.

Rhubarb:  My not-so favorite shade, I just like to wear it with my brown and maroon outfits. It seems a mauve-rose shade with a hint of brown. It lasts only 4-5 hours on the lips and completely fades away once you rinse or wipe it off after heavy meals, after leaving just a mauve hue on the lips. It looks good on medium fair skin tones.  I usually pair it with all my earthy outfits including maroons and I feel it is such a multidimensional shade that it will complement any earthy, maroon outfit.


It does transfers on to cups, but its not an issue because it still stays for good hours without touching my chin or upper lips thankfully.  It also tends to become matte and slightly dry, though not bothering unless the lips are really dry and chapped.  I feel like it is good for mature women as it often gives me a mature look, but still I wear it more often.

Madeira: The last and my least loved shade of all, though I am pretty sure it would be loved by all make up gals who often try heavy eye makeup with n*de lips. It seems a pretty pink n*de shade which is ideal to pair up with heavy eye makeup. The pics did not do justice with this shade, it is not the same that we see in the packaging.  It gives a beautiful pinkish n*de pigmentation on the lips, which does not wash me out.


The only issue is that I am not able to use it because I am not comfortable with heavy eye makeup yet! It does stay for good 4-5 hours and completely fades away with meals.  It transfer on to cups, but hardly visible. I wonder if its suitable for medium dusky skin tones more because I can only see a slightly pink n*de hue on my lips which is still wearable unless my eyes are defined with thick kohl and mascara. I would love to save it for future when I will master eye makeup.



Overall, I would say that this set gave me a golden opportunity to try those shades which were never on my mind like Rhubarb and Madeira, I could have never splurged on them otherwise. Even if I use only 2 shades from the set, still it is worth having because one full crayon retails for $24 while I get to try 4 shades for $25 (typical desi gal, I know :P).  Anyway, we often get bored of one shade, so it’s good to have mini crayons because we can finish them off quickly and try others. I only feel they are way too creamy and tend to break even with slight pressure, and also stain my hands and the packaging too.  I need to keep them refrigerated 24×7, even in winters! God knows how they will survive summers here! I only wish they remain in good condition till summers arrive for I am really famous for breaking and messing up my stuff in my family. On a lighter note, my hubby asked me to use paper cups for meals because he is pissed off trying to clean lip stains from every cup and spoon in our kitchen 😛 Well, my hubby is booked in kitchen for weekends while I try my stuff and pose for pics.  He is bothered about the lipstick stains because he needs to keep crockery clean and shiny 😀


Let’s sum up the pros and cons:

Pros of Bite Beauty Best Bite Set:

  • The set is amazing for every skin tone and age group, comes in a variety of shades from pinks to n*des.
  • At least one shade complements every single skin tone which makes it ideal for anyone.
  • All crayons are super creamy and glide easily on the lips without tugging or pulling.
  • Their pointed tip helps in lining up the lips, hence it also works as a lip liner as well as lip color.
  • They are intensely pigmented, gives desired color payoff in a single swipe.
  • Glossy creamy, medium to full coverage finish in just 1-2 swipes; however, the glossy shine fades away in a few minutes.
  • If the lips are well maintained with regular scrubbing and smooth, then these crayons give best result with bright pop of color/stain.
  • They give a bright matte yet creamy look for a few hours, becoming slightly dry thereafter, which is not an issue unless your lips are chapped.
  • Almost all shades stay for an average of 5-6 hours while deeper shades stay for as long as 8-10 hours without fading or bleeding.
  • We get to try 4 shades at the price of one single crayon, which is a great deal.
  • These crayons come in a small tin packaging, which is reusable and fits inside any purse or handbag.

Cons of Bite Beauty Best Bite Set:

  • Some of these crayons are so creamy and tender that they often break with slight pressure, hence for a messy mum like me, it is a mission impossible task to maintain them in a clean and good condition.
  • I need to keep them refrigerated 24×7 even in winters, I doubt how they would survive in summers, that too in my messy stash.
  • Most of the deep shades are slightly feathery and often tend to become cakey if swiped more than twice or thrice.
  • Its cranberry shade is really beautiful, but it transfers like hell on almost everything; chin, upper lips, cups, spoons, which is really irritating.  It needs to be fixed with powder or blotting paper.
  • Not all shades are useful for all of us, we do get to use either 2 or 3 shades; however, still it is a great deal.

I am really happy with this set for I can make use of almost all the shades except Madeira which needs some time.  So, for me, it is price worthy.  The shades are really awesome, intensely pigmented, semi matte and above all, we get to try even those shades which were never our cup of tea! I would definitely recommend it despite the cons and I would love to get some more sets like this one, it is ideal to try mini size first and then splurge on high end.

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36 thoughts on “Bite Beauty Best Bite Set Review

    1. yeah swati.. its all in one custom compact.. *woot* i really loved it to the core for tin compact n shades too.. *preen* they r damn soft n creamy.. *haan ji*

    1. *thankyou* isha.. *happydance* I too love quince bt rhubarb.. i guess it looks gud in pics.. *haan ji* in person cranberry n quince r more flatterung know.. *woot*

  1. Wow Neetu, that’s a great set *woot* , all the shades are so gorgeous *drool* I loved rhubarb one best on u *happy dance*

  2. After going through the review, now I feel I must have this set *waaa* right now!
    I loved the last two lipsticks *happydance* *happydance*
    the first two, though, isn’t my color *cry* I cant cry bright shades *headbang* *headbang*
    lets see if i can just use them as a tint 😛 😛 he he he..

    1. *thankyou* salomi.. glad u liked it.. oh yeah cranberry n quince r really bold n bright shades, u may try using them wid finger or brush for a hue or tint as u say.. *pompom*

  3. I loved Quince and Rhubarb! But something which feathers or cakes is just not an option! LOved the colours though and your awesome lip swatches! Nicely detailed review!! *clap* *clap* *clap*

    1. ohh they dnt feel cakey or feather, they give fine color pay off in just 1-2 swipe and we dnt need them to swipe more than this. quince, rhubarb n madeira dnt feather or feel cakey in any way. cranberry may be cakey but only wen we swipe it multiple times, which is not needed anyway u knw wt i mean.. *woot*
      *thankyou* for ur kind words glad u liked them.. *happydance*

  4. Excellent review Neetu, lucky girl to have them….. all shades are beautiful, just cranberry… *waiting* you have put in such an effort to collect swatches of all the shades and described everything in thorough detail *clap* lovely product *puchhi*

    1. *thankyou* sweets.. lolz.. cranberry luks brick red in pics in actual its more like cherry strawberry red knw.. *haan ji* no doubt all shades r awesome.. *hifive* *woot* once again *puchhi* for ur kind words..
      A big hug to IMBB for this amazing treat.. *puchhi*

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