Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick – Hazelnut Review

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This review will be on the last lipstick from my Bite Beauty Butter Cream lipstick haul. You can also read the reviews of Heather, Pecan and Rosewood on IMBB. This review will be on the shade “Hazelnut.”

Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick – Hazelnut

Product Description:

A creamy lipstick in universal n*de and neutral shades.  Enhance your natural lip color with Bite’s Butter Cream Lipstick. To achieve the creamiest lipstick, Bite developed a technique to hand cut each bullet, removing the outer waxy layer to expose each lipstick’s impossibly creamy core. Infused with five nourishing, aromatic butters, including lavender, shea, almond, pomegranate, and chamomile, this hand-cut and flat tipped bullet delivers portable, easy application in a range of universal, wearable nudes and neutrals that leave a silky finish.


Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick – Hazelnut

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Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick – Hazelnut

My Experience with Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick – Hazelnut:

Packaging:  These new Bite Butter cream lipsticks come in a thicker and shorter tube than the “Luminous Creme” lipsticks and they feature a flat top “hand cut” bullet.

Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick – Hazelnut

Texture:  The idea behind the hand-cut bullet is to expose the inner core of the lipstick which features the smoothest creamiest part of the lipstick. I do find the whole idea a bit gimmicky and sort of a marketing ploy more than anything. No doubt these lipsticks are creamy, but they are not the creamiest lipsticks I have owned (NARS Audacious lipsticks are creamier and more pigmented).  The flat top bullet does make the application a little bit inconvenient though not impossible when you have to get around the thin edges of the lips and the cupid’s bow.

Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick – Hazelnut

Shade and Pigmentation:  The shade “Hazelnut” is described as a brown pink on the website. On me, it does not even remotely look like that. It shows up with very noticeable purple tone to it. This shade reminds me a lot of the shade “Anna” from the NARS Audacious range. This shade still retains its very natural wearable look for everyday wear and will suit all skin tones. The pigmentation of this shade is very good. It does take 2-3 swipes for it to build up to full opaque intensity, but I did find that more layers that I apply, the heavier and thicker it seems to become and tends to accentuate the lines on my lips. Hence I usually apply no more than 1-2 coats.

Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick – Hazelnut

Finish:  This lipstick has a creamy finish, which settles down to a satin in a couple of hours.

Staying Power:  These lipsticks have an okay staying power. They stay 4-5 hours on my lips and do transfer on everything. They fade much faster if I eat or drink anything. They do fade evenly without patchiness.

I love the fact that Bite lipsticks feature all food-grade ingredients, which means they products are good enough to be eaten and they also feature a very delicious fruity sweet scent which I really like.

Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick – Hazelnut

Overall, I do like these lipsticks, but they are nothing impressive. This range also does not have a lot of shades and has mostly neutral/n*de shades. They are also more expensive than the existing Luminous crème lipstick range from Bite which does not make me seem it is worth it. If you are someone who is tempted by organic and natural ingredients, which this brand stands for and which is frankly quite unique in the makeup industry, go for it, but if you are looking for a spectacular performance from this lipstick, I suggest you look into the uber creamy NARS Audacious range.

Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick – Hazelnut

Pros of Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick – Hazelnut:

  • Smooth and creamy.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • All natural organic food-grade incidents.
  • Delicious scent.
  • Natural wearable shade.
  • Comfortable on the lips.
  • Does not bleed.
  • No tug, applies smoothly.

Cons of Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick – Hazelnut:

  • Does transfer on to everything.
  • Not the creamiest lipstick I have used as per the claims.
  • Not many shades to choose from.
  • The flat top is a bit inconvenient to use.
  • Does tend to sink into fine lip lines if applied heavily.

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  1. Neha, looks good to eat, but you are right, there’s no great shade selection, there should have been some reds and corals too.

  2. Despite the limited shade selection, I would love to have them all. Plus, you make everything look so tempting Neha. 🙂

  3. Damn girl! This looks amazing on your lips!! I keep going back to the picture of your lips, I’m not even interested in the lipstick hahaha!

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