Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review

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Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review8

Anyway, I am here today to share my views on another 5 in 1 lip product from my one of most favorite brands, Bite Beauty. However, I am not very impressed with this particular product. But, I still get it because of its skin friendly formula and luscious, anti-ageing ingredients apart from SPF protection which is much needed. And probably its resveratrol content would be my only reason to get it again & again in shade Tawny. So let’s read on more about Bite Beauty BB For Lips in Dolce today!

Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review3

Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review4

Product Description:
What it is:
A lip enhancing, five-in-one balm.

What it is formulated to do:
Essential for the look and feel of just-kissed, healthy, and hydrated lips, this color-rich balm repairs, primes, and protects with SPF 15. Natural lip repair lipids mimic the lips’ natural surface to revitalize, replenish, and restore texture for the ultimate softness.

$24 for 0.12 Oz, price excludes shipping & taxes fee

My Experience with Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips:

Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review17

Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review16

The lip balm comes in, as usual, retractable metallic grey bullet packaging. It does have a mild sweet fragrance and taste which is too mild to discuss or concern about. Overall, I find it quite convenient for everyday use as well as for travelling.

Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review18

Dolce seems to be a deep berry shade to me which comes up as a subtle berry purple on lips with slightly uneven finish. The texture is buttery like tinted lip balm as it provides sheer coverage with subtle, glossy finish. I am happy that it slides effortlessly on my normal-dry lips and does not accentuate dry, patchy lips. But I am slightly disappointed by its uneven finish on lips. No matter how smooth your lip surface is or how dry your lips are, it always gives uneven, patchy finish. Hence I find it really tricky to wear on its own unlike its sister shade “Tawny”.

Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review14

Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review13

Even I didn’t find it much efficient for dry lip as I usually crave for hydration after 3-4 hours of wearing it on my lips. It also explains that it may be tricky for dry lips because it temporarily provides relief from dryness, but after 3-4 hours we need touch ups or re-application of lip balm. It is does not impart opaque color payoff, but its translucent, purple sheen is good enough to change or alter my desired lipstick or lip stain. It won’t enhance their staying power.

Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review12

Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review11

I like “Tawny” for one reason, i.e. I can apply it under any lip color for flawless finish and can experiment with my lip makeup. But “Dolce” is limited to be used with matching color family and that too seems tricky as the finish is not even which often affects the overall look on my lips. Hence, it is not a good idea to pair it with any lip color.

Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review10

Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review9

This also means that it somewhere fails to deliver the actual claims such as increasing or enhancing staying power of lip color being a lip primer, providing hydration, treating our dry lips etc. I feel we can easily get this particular shade and similar properties in any low end range, hence we can easily skip this particular shade.

Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review6

Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review5

Personally, I am not convinced to get it again though I pretty much love its “Tawny” shade and am already determined to try rest of the shades from this range. However, I am only seeking a good lip balm cum sunscreen for my lip which is loaded with anti-ageing benefits and that’s where this BB fits in my expectation.

Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review7


Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review15

Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review1

Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips:

• A juicy, buttery, 5 in 1 lip balm for normal-dry lips formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates
• Provide SPF 15
• Feels and appears way light and mild on our lips without accentuating dry lips
• Does not sit on top of our dry, patches lips
• Keeps lips hydrated as long as it stays on our lips
• It manages to stay for 3-4 hours with mild snacks and tea/water break
• It provides decent color pay off with juicy, glossy sheen which might be good for people who shy away from deeper shades
• Classy, user friendly and travel friendly packaging

Cons of Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips:

• The 5 in 1 lip primer, lip treatment claims seem slightly exaggerated
• It gives slightly uneven finish on lips
• This particular shade cannot be used with any other lipcolor or lip stain
• The formula and texture of this lip balm seems tricky for both dry lips and beauties with pigmented lips

Well, as I said earlier, I usually like tinted lip balms for daytime usage provided they are loaded with genuine, anti-ageing ingredients and formulated without parabens. Hence I keep coming back to this brand. Moreover, getting SPF 15 from this formula is an added bonus and its Tawny shade is my staple product. If you are also looking for a decent tinted lip balm with sun protection and reasonable anti-ageing properties, you might like this whole range. Personally, I would like to skip this “Dolce” though I will get other shades for sure.

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2 thoughts on “Bite Beauty Dolce BB For Lips Review

  1. Great product especially as a tinted balm but not so much as a lip color. Packaging and ingredients are quite tempting. 🙂

    1. yes shikha bite beauty make cult pieces in every aspect be it the formula or quite healthy ingredient list if not natural and/or organic. But guess they r yet to master that perfect finish with every lip product 🙂 nonetheless I keep it in my staple pdt list no matter they give patchy finish or subtle color pay off 🙂

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