Bite Beauty Heather Butter Cream Lipstick Review

Hello everyone,

This review will be on the brand new Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick in the shade “Heather.”

Bite Beauty Heather Butter Cream Lipstick

Product Description:

A creamy lipstick in universal n*de and neutral shades.

What it does:

Enhance your natural lip color with BITE’s Butter Cream Lipstick. To achieve the creamiest lipstick, BITE developed a technique to hand cut each bullet, removing the outer waxy layer to expose each lipstick’s impossibly creamy core. Infused with five nourishing, aromatic butters, including lavender, shea, almond, pomegranate, and chamomile, this hand-cut and flat tipped bullet delivers portable, easy application in a range of universal, wearable n*des and neutrals that leave a silky finish.

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Bite Beauty Heather Butter Cream Lipstick




5 Mg Trans-Resveratrol From VitisVinifera and Polygonum Cuspidatum.

Bite Beauty Heather Butter Cream Lipstick

My Experience with Bite Beauty Heather Butter Cream Lipstick:

As you know from my preview post, I purchased 4 out of the 8 shades released of these Bite Beauty Butter Cream lipsticks.  A few of you asked the shade “Heather” to be reviewed first and this review is especially for you all.


The lipstick bullet of these butter cream lipsticks are smaller and fatter than the original luminous crème lipsticks.

Bite Beauty Heather Butter Cream Lipstick

The main selling point about these lipsticks is the “hand cut” top of the bullet. The whole selling point is that in regular lipsticks, the waxy coating coats the outer area of the lipsticks whereas the creamiest part which is the inner core is hidden. Hence the hand cut part exposes that area and gives you a much creamier experience. I will be completely honest here, I do not believe a word of this and this all seems a marketing ploy to me. No doubt these lipsticks are creamy, but I have used much creamier lipsticks in the past which did not need the hand cut aspect (for example, the NARS Audacious lipsticks). Also, the flat top bullet (though not inconvenient), I do prefer the regular slanted tip more. I can see this flat top being a problem for those who want a very precise application in the corners or for those with thin lips.

Bite Beauty Heather Butter Cream Lipstick

Texture and Pigmentation:

The texture is smooth and creamy and applies without tug. It goes on smoothly and has a slight slip on the lips initially.  It also has a creme sheen finish which dulls down to a satin finish in about an hour.  The pigmentation is good, goes on opaque in 2-3 swipes. It does need the extra swipes to make color deposit evenly.  It feels very hydrating and smooth on the lips. It is not one of those lipsticks which smoothes out the texture of the lips. I could very much see the fine lines on my lips, not in a horrendous way, but I still wasn’t expecting that. You can even notice that in lip swatch.

Bite Beauty Heather Butter Cream Lipstick

Shade:  The shade “Heather” is described as a dusty rose. On me, it looks like a light pink with notable peachy coral undertones. It could classify as a n*de lipstick for light/pale skin tones. This color will look good with any makeup and also on days where you are going for minimal no-makeup looks. It will complement light-medium skin tones very well.

Bite Beauty Heather Butter Cream Lipstick

Fragrance:  It has a light fruity scent and also has a light sweetness in taste.  The biggest selling point for me about these lipstick which is true for all products by Bite Beauty is that they use all natural, mostly organic and food-grade ingredients which means your lipstick is good enough to eat. This puts my mind to ease that I am not swallowing a bunch of chemicals when I unconsciously ingest my lipstick.  These butter crème lipsticks also cost $4 more than the regular luminous crème lipsticks.

Bite Beauty Heather Butter Cream Lipstick

Overall, these are nice lipsticks but the claims are far too high to reach,  These lipsticks have a good range of everyday n*de shades. There are no bright bold colors in this range for now. If you are someone who is tempted by the all-natural organic nature of these lipstick, then go ahead, you will not be disappointed. But if you are someone who aims at better performance and wider shade range to choose from, you can give this a skip and look into the NARS Audacious range.

Bite Beauty Heather Butter Cream Lipstick

Hope this review was helpful.

Pros of Bite Beauty Heather Butter Cream Lipstick:

  • Creamy and smooth application.
  • No tug.
  • Good pigmentation, goes opaque in 2-3 swipes.
  • Feels hydrating throughout wear.
  • Nice fruity scent and sweet taste.
  • All natural organic food grade ingredients.

Cons of Bite Beauty Heather Butter Cream Lipstick:

  • More expensive than their regular luminous crème lipsticks.
  • Accentuated fine lines on my lips.
  • Not a huge color range to choose from.
  • The flat tip may be an inconvenience to use.
  • Not the most ceramist lipstick in the market as claimed by the brand.

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11 thoughts on “Bite Beauty Heather Butter Cream Lipstick Review

  1. lovely review, neha. the whole hand cut deal really is just marketing deploy, i agree, though a darn good one. your swatches are great too!

  2. It’s a beautiful colour, Neha although admittedly, I wasn’t expecting it to be so cool-pink on the lips. The swatch does represent a dusty rose which IMHO is a much more flattering colour. But I suppose it will vary with wearer. Nonetheless, a gorgeous shade. I suspect Pecan will be a closer nude.
    Btw I feel rather *meh* about the hand-cut bullet. I don’t mind it in lip balms and I guess it is just as easy to apply the lipstick with a brush 🙂

    1. Yes the difference in color also was surprising but the color is still very flattering..
      Yes the flat top does make application difficult in smaller areas like cupids bow etc.

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