Bite Beauty Lip Brush Review

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Hope all of you are enjoying the monsoons! We are yet to see any showers, but we are experiencing cloudy days which is definitely a relief from the hot sunny days. Anyway, it does not matter as long as I am sitting in the comfort of my home, sipping coffee, and sharing my beauty experiences with you all! So today, I am back again with a lip brush from my much-loved brand “Bite Beauty.” Off late, I have realized the significance of owning a decent lip brush which helps in creating subtle, matte or ombre effect effortlessly on the lips. I own so many deeper shade lipsticks in my vanity, which are usually in hibernation mode in summers, but with a lip balm and touch of the lip brush, I feel my love for deeper shades is increasing. This Bite Beauty lip brush is what makes my makeup task a lovely experience every day. Since I have not experimented with many makeup brushes, I cannot claim whether this is the best available lip brush, but I can certainly claim that for beginners like me, it is definitely a must have and worth buying makeup brush. So, let’s read on to know more about Bite Beauty Lip Brush today!

Bite Beauty Lip Brush

$20 for one lip brush.

Product Description:
A long handled lip brush.  Designed with the perfect bristle length and thickness to achieve fluid, even strokes of color, this brush features a longer handle to provide expert control and precision.

My Experience with Bite Beauty Lip Brush:

The long slender lip brush comes in cardboard packaging with a small transparent plastic seal to cover bristles and keep them in place. However, I would have appreciated a safety cap. I had to keep its cardboard packaging intact for future travels, else it would be real tricky to carry it in a bag.

Bite Beauty Lip Brush

This is my first lip brush from Bite Beauty, though I already own the Real Techniques Lip Brush and comparing it to RT, I find this Bite Beauty more comfortable and up to the mark. However, RT lip brush is hardly 4-5 bucks and comes in a set of 5 makeup brushes for $8-$17 while Bite Beauty Lip Brush costs 20 bucks. After all, price does matter and so does quality! Hence I am happy and content with this purchase except for one fact that I really miss a travel-friendly packaging for this brush.

Anyway, talking about the texture of the brush, the bristles are so soft on my lips, yet sturdy enough to hold a decent amount of lip color/stain at a time. I am impressed to see how fine and compact these bristles are which look more or less similar to any flat concealer brush.  This brush effortlessly impart and smooth and even finish, even with glittery and matte lip products.

Bite Beauty Lip Brush

I do not own any concealer brush yet but this lip brush certainly made up for it as I no longer feel the need to use a concealer brush. Thanks to IMBB again, for I researched about using lip brushes in different ways and discovered that we can pretty much make use of them as a mini concealer brush, mini highlighter, and even as an eyeliner brush.

I can definitely swear for its concealing technique as I have also used it along with my concealer to hide the teeny scars and zits on my face and it gave me a flawless finish with a gentle touch of powder (and no foundation), impressive, huh! Moreover, it does not shed any bristles with repeated washes.  It also dries up pretty fast even though it’s a compact and dense brush. I have used this lip brush with a lip balm, lip color, lip stains, glittery/creamy glosses, matte lipsticks and it has always worked for me. I mean I had never been so innovative and experimental with lip products.  This brush has been able to transform my matte lipstick into a glossy sheen, and the way it totally changed an uneven glossy finish to a more intensely pigmented hue is beyond excellence.  I can certainly swear that it works much much better than the Real Techniques lip brush is not compact and stiff; rather it spreads wide when I apply pressure on my lips, but the bristles of Bite Beauty lip brush do not fall apart, no matter whether I swipe them gently or with a little pressure.

Bite Beauty Lip Brush

There were times when my favorite lipsticks and lip balms would reach their end mark and then they would be thrown into the trash, but now, I can make use of even the last trace of my lip product as it perfectly holds any consistency/formula with its compact soft bristles and I am one happy and peaceful soul.

Bite Beauty Lip Brush

Even if we don’t get good coverage and finish with many lip glosses/stains/lip colors, this lip brush saves them from reaching the trash bin because sometimes it is not the formula but our technique that might be the culprit. I have realized that finally and now I have replaced this lip brush with all useless applicators in my kit and it does make a difference! Hence with all my heart and taking into account my experience with this brush, I would recommend you to just try it; you will love it on your lips. I am definitely getting it again as my back up even though I am keen to try new lip brushes in market.

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Bite Beauty Lip Brush:

  • A compact lip brush with soft bristles, which feels way too soft on the lips and is sturdy enough to hold the product.
  • Does not fall apart when you apply it with a little bit pressure on the lips.
  • Does not feel rough or pokey on my lips.
  • The compact bristles are firm enough to hold the right amount of lip product irrespective of the formula and provide perfect finish on the lips.
  • Does help to provide flawless coverage and finish without letting the product settle in the lip lines.
  • Easy to work with, easy to clean and dries quickly.
  • Versatile makeup brush, can also be used as a mini concealer brush, eyeliner brush, and even as an eyeshadow applicator with creamy eyeshadows.
  • Reasonable price.

Cons of Bite Beauty Lip Brush:

  • I wish it came with a protective cap, that would have made this brush travel friendly.
  • Price might be a concern for some.

Well, honestly, apart from the packaging, I have no issues with the price, though I understand that if we are not regular with using a lip brush, then spending 20 bucks for an occasional use will hurt.  But believe me, once you own it, you will use it every day because it gives such a neat, flawless, and nice finish; even with all deeper shades that would otherwise be tricky to wear directly from the lipstick bullet. In fact, as I have mentioned earlier, it does help to make those goopy shades more manageable on our lips. I simply dab a little lip balm on my lips followed with a gentle touch of this brush dipped in my favorite matte/semi-matte lip color or any lip color/lip stain and voila, I am all set to rock summers even with subtle red/pink/plum tint on my lips. And for makeup artists, I say sky is the limit to make use of this versatile lip brush.

IMBB Rating:
I will rate it 4.8/5!

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  1. Even low end brands like Vega offer a protective cap with their lip brushes, it is very much required for hygiene point of view. But, seems very dense and hence great for all sorts of lip colors. I want! 😀

    1. true shikha a protective cap is wt we need with every brush!! it is really good for multipurpose use and as lip brush 🙂 you will love it guess!!

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