Bite Beauty Pecan Butter Cream Lipstick Review

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This review will be another lipstick from my Bite Butter cream lipstick haul. This one is the shade Pecan.

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About Bite Beauty Pecan Butter Cream Lipstick :

A creamy lipstick in universal nude and neutral shades.

What it does:

Enhance your natural lip color with BITE’s Butter Cream Lipstick. To achieve the creamiest lipstick, BITE developed a technique to hand cut each bullet, removing the outer waxy layer to expose each lipstick’s impossibly creamy core. Infused with five nourishing, aromatic butters, including lavender, shea, almond, pomegranate, and chamomile, this hand-cut and flat tipped bullet delivers portable, easy application in a range of universal, wearable nudes and neutrals that leave a silky finish.

What else you need to know:

“I was obsessed with creating the creamiest lipstick texture ever possible, and when I created this hand-cut technique in the lab, I knew it was the one. It creates a texture that is hands-down habit-forming. Nothing I have ever tried compares to this impossibly creamy texture filled with good-for-you ingredients.”—Susanne Langmuir, Founder and CEO.

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Price : $28


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My Experience with Bite Beauty Pecan Butter Cream Lipstick :


It comes in a sleek slight thick tube with a magnetic closure. These lipsticks feature a “hand cut” bullet. The concept behind these is that cutting the tip exposes the interior core hence making the lipstick mind-blowingly creamy. I did not find this to be completely true and the whole concept seems gimmicky to me.In addition, to that the flat top bullet also makes application a bit difficult, especially when you have to get around the edges of the lips and cupid’s bow.

Texture:& Pigmentation:

These lipsticks are creamy but not the creamiest I have ever used. They do glide on the lips easily without tug with good pigmentation. The pigmentation is buildable and you do get deeper color with more than 1 swipe. I did find that these lipstick were not smoothing in nature. They did accentuate the fine lines on my lips if I did a heavier coat. Hence I prefer doing no more than 1 coat.
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The shade “Pecan” is described as a warm dusty pink. On my Light-Medium skin, it comes out more of a peachy nude. I don’t see this shade being flattering on everybody especially darker and tanned skin tone as it will wash them out. On me, I can pull this off with a darker eye look and it looks good. It does not wash me out completely but it does take some amount of work to make it look good with the right makeup.

These lipsticks look complete different of the lips than in the swatch the reason for which I am unable to comprehend. So try a swatch on your skin tone before buying if you do have access to it in you nearby Sephora, but if you can’t then you can take a guess from my lip swatch.

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Feel on lips & Staying Power:

Staying power of these lipsticks is okay. They stay for 4-5 hours and fade faster if I eat or drink. They do transfer.My lips did feel hydrated throughout the wear time.


These lipsticks feature all natural food grade ingredients and hence have a strong fruity scent and sweet taste.Overall, I do like these lipsticks but they are not extraordinary. Also they are $4 more than the regular luminous crème lipstick from Bite. I will only recommend them if you are someone tempted by the whole food grade ingredient claim which is unique in the makeup industry. But if you are looking for good performance I suggest you look elsewhere especially into the Nars Audacious range.

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Pros of Bite Beauty Pecan Butter Cream Lipstick :

• Natural, organic food grade ingredients
• Does not make my lips feel dry
• Creamy and smooth
• Nice fruity scent and taste
• Does not tug on lips

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Cons of Bite Beauty Pecan Butter Cream Lipstick :

• More expensive than regular lipsticks from Bite’s Line.
• Not a huge shade range
• The hand cut bullet seems gimmicky and makes it inconvenient to use
• Not the most creamiest lipstick as per claim
• This shade may wash darker skin tones.

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