black Up Cosmetics Perfect Eyebrows – SP03 Review

Skin tone: light/fair with yellow-neutral undertones
Skin type: Oily-sensitive, acne prone skin

Hello friends,
How are you doing today? I am here to share a new purchase with you all and it is also my first purchase from brand “black Up Cosmetics”. This Paris-based brand line is known worldwide for its range of professional quality makeup that is developed by women of color and answers specific needs of darker skin tone beauties (as per the Google research). Impressive huh! Needless to say, I was confused where to start, so finally settled with their perfect eyebrow makeup which claims to provide picture perfect natural thick brows in minutes with their innovative wax and powder mixed formula in one stick product. I have plans to share each and every product from this brand, so stay tuned. Till then, let’s read more about Perfect Eyebrows!

black Up Cosmetics Perfect Eyebrows – SP03 Review

Price: $25.50 for 0.01 Oz, excludes shipping and taxes

Product Description:
Truly sculpting your eyes, this original-high precision stick colors, shapes, fills, and corrects the shape of your eyebrows in a single stroke. And it’s creamy, long-lasting texture glides over the skin smoothly. Use the tapered end for a precise application, while the flat side can be used to darken and thicken your eyebrows. An impeccable result is guaranteed.
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My Experience with black Up Cosmetics Perfect Eyebrows – SP03:

First and foremost attraction of this packaging is the bullet stick itself which looks like a lipstick while it is a sleek, pointed eye brow lead encased beautifully inside bullet packaging. I find it certainly smart, user friendly and travel friendly concept to enclose a stiff waxy-powdery formula in retractable bullet packing for ease of usage though it can be tricky at the same time.


Perfect Eyebrows are available in 3 exclusive dark skin tone friendly shades such as: SP01 (chestnut brown), SP02 (brown) and SP03 (dark brown). Considering my brown-black eye brows, I picked shade SP03 and it is perfect match for my eye brows. I am sure every Indian/Asian skin tone beauty will find her suitable shade in this brand considering even the lighter shade chestnut brown comes up nicely on darker skin tone.

perfect eyebrows

SP03 is as described a deep chocolate brown eye brow which gives dark blackish brown hue to my eye brows; it doesn’t look harsh though. I mean I can easily tone down the harsh lines with any ordinary spoolie brush as it blends nicely before setting onto stubborn eyebrow stain on my oily skin. However, I had to go through few trial and errors to learn the correct trick of wearing this eyebrow stick with precision. I say so because unlike the pencils, this stick will need a patient hand.

eyebrow stick

It has a slight dry (it is not drying or chalky on skin though), powdery texture with waxy finish on eye brows and the lipstick tip makes it bit tricky to apply along tapered ends of our eyebrows. The tip works perfectly for my middle arch and initial arch line but as I come towards eye brow tail, I need an eye brow brush to create a fine line so as to complete a fully thick, defined brow. But once I get used to it, I know I will finish it within minutes with well experienced, steady hands.


I have really sparse eye brows and as I always say, doing eyebrows is an integral part of my everyday grooming; hence, I need many types of eye brow fillers, sticks, pencils to work with especially to match up with my rush/lazy hours. I feel this stick can be my savior now as it keeps my shabby brow hair in place with its waxy finish while its powdery dry texture helps to fill in gaps.


I achieve similar results with my Maybelline brow palette, but then if I get both wax and eye brow powder in one formula, then I would rather pick the latter. Plus it gives me close to natural results provided I know the trick! It can be a bummer or hit as I remember I had pretty unnatural, harsh eye brow days with the same product; thankfully my amateur hands are becoming better day by day.

eye swatch

A retractable bullet can result in a drier formula over time; I often scrape first layer to get soft blendable finish at times. However it claims to last 24 months so let’s hope it does not dry up too soon. Moreover, as I already mentioned by no means you can get a tapered line with this sleek tip; I don’t know what will happen once the stick becomes blunt with every use. Comparing it to my usual brow pencils, I feel that this formula is one step ahead; this stick works great from start to finish plus lasts longer than my usual pencils. While comparing it to wax and eye brow powder kits, I see that it gives pretty closer result at comparably faster rate; hence, again it will get my preference over eye brow waxes and powders.
Let’s sum up pros and cons,

Pros of black Up Cosmetics Perfect Eyebrows – SP03:

• A 2-in-1 eye brow wax and powder infused stick with retractable lipstick kind of concept.
• It comes in three shades of brown to work for every Asian/Indian skin tone beauty.
• The shade SP03 works perfect for my black-brown sparse eye brows.
• It gives natural results with no dry harsh lines and/or powdery residue on eye brows.
• It stays put with no smudging, fading or transferring for 7+ hours.
• Once we get the hang of it, it will work like charm.
• It is stiff enough to give precise lines around arches while soft enough to fill in sparse areas with no tugging/pulling at all.
• It does not cause any damage to my natural eye brows.
• The powdery waxy finish easily sets down to natural thicker brow with any spoolie brush.
• It is water proof up to a good extent.
• Quite travel friendly concept.

Cons of black Up Cosmetics Perfect Eyebrows – SP03:

• It might dry up being exposed to air.
• It takes time to get used to this stick concept.
• The bullet tip might get blunt with regular usage.
• I still find it tricky for tapered end application.

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend black Up Cosmetics Perfect Eyebrows – SP03?
Well I see that most of the nays will depend on person to person while I do bother for its drying and soon to blunt down tip. I might get it again and would definitely recommend it to every beauty especially if you need a change from time-consuming wax and powders.

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