How To Bleach Hair With Hydrogen Peroxide

Nowadays, people love to experiment with hair colors. More commonly, changing the hair color from dark to light is fast becoming a trend. Bleach has been used for long, and hydrogen peroxide as a component of bleach is very effective in lightening the hair color. However, whether you are bleaching a few strands, a section of hair or the complete hair, certain precautions must be followed. To know how you can bleach your hair with hydrogen peroxide, keep reading.

Bleach Hair With Hydrogen Peroxide

1. Preparation: Before using any bleach, it is important to properly condition and shampoo hair. The shampoo will remove any residual oil in the hair so that it doesn’t interfere with the bleach. Conditioning the hair is also important as hydrogen peroxide can dry out the hair, and a good conditioner will protect the hair. Let the hair dry almost completely. Gather the following materials for the bleaching process – 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, cotton balls, gloves, shower cap, spray bottle, foil and hair clips.

2. Section your Hair: Depending on the area you want to bleach, use hair clips to section the hair. This will help to achieve a more uniform and even look. Leave one section unclipped as it will be the first section to be bleached with hydrogen peroxide.

Bleached hair

3. Do a Test Bleach: Taking a smaller section, spray hydrogen peroxide on the area. Let it sit for thirty minutes or so, noting the time at which the hair becomes appropriately light. Do not let it sit for longer as this may damage the hair. Rinse the strand with cold water.

4. Apply Hydrogen Peroxide on One Strand at a Time: Next, once you have determined the time required for each strand to be exposed to the hydrogen peroxide, start with the first strand. If you only want highlights, use foil under the section to be highlighted. Apply the hydrogen peroxide with a cotton ball and wait for the required time before rinsing it. For achieving an ombre effect, use a towel on the back to catch any residual hydrogen peroxide that is sprayed. Working in sections, start applying the solution with a cotton ball to the ends of the hair. Work it upwards to create an ombre look. Make sure to create an almost uneven line between the bleached and unbleached hair to make it look more stylish. For the whole hair to be bleached, spray different sections and comb through the solution to spread it evenly. After all the sections have been sprayed, seal the hair in a shower cap and wait for desired time.

5. Leave the Solution On: Depending on the strand test, allow the hydrogen peroxide to work its magic. Ensure that the hydrogen peroxide doesn’t drip and use a towel to catch any that do fall on your clothes.

6. Removing Hydrogen Peroxide: To completely rinse out the hydrogen peroxide, use shampoo in cold water. Thoroughly wash the hair and immediately apply conditioner. Ensure that the conditioner is also applied on the scalp as it will help abate any irritation and keep the hair soft. Again, rinse it with cold water. Dry the hair completely.

Woman brushing bleached hair

7. Tips for Maintenance: Since you have just bleached your hair, it is important to continue nourishing it and protecting it from harsh chemicals. Avoid using heat treatments on bleached hair as this may thoroughly dry and damage the hair. Use a violet conditioner to cancel out any yellow tones that may appear in the hair. You can bleach your hair again after a week to make it lighter.

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