How to Bleach Stomach Hair

Hi ladies, stomach is a sensitive part and waxing may not suit many women. Bleaching is a safe option when it comes to lightening the hair color. So in today’s post, I will tell you how to bleach stomach hair. If you want to know, then just keep on reading.

Bleach stomach hair

Best Ways to Bleach Stomach Hair | Lighten Tummy Hair

1. Lighten Stomach Hair with Bleaching Cream

You can use any commercial bleach for this method. If you have sensitive skin, then you can opt for fruit bleach which is gentle on the skin. To apply the bleach, you need to follow the instructions given on the box. Just make sure to clean and pat dry the stomach area before applying bleach. You can use this method every 15-20 days as the effects are long-lasting with commercial bleaches.

2. Lighten Stomach Hair with Lemon


Wash the stomach area and then apply freshly squeezed lemon juice preferably using a cotton ball or bud for more precise application. Leave it for 20 minutes and then remove with warm or cold water. This method will take time as it is all natural. You can repeat the process every alternate day. Be sure to moisturize the area after this process. The acidity of lemon can be harsh and drying on the skin, so moisturizing is a must. If you have excessive sensitive skin, then you can also dilute the juice with adding a bit of water.

3. Lighten Stomach Hair with Hydrogen Peroxide

Do a patch test on your skin to determine any allergies before using this method. Mix 3% hydrogen peroxide with water in the ratio of 1:1. Soak a cotton swab in the dilute hydrogen peroxide and apply gently on the stomach area. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and follow up with a nourishing cream. This method is the safest and most effective natural bleach. You might feel a little tingle on the skin. If you experience severe burning and itching, remove the product immediately and rinse with cool water.

4. Lighten Stomach Hair with Chamomile


If you have very light hair and do not need too much of bleaching, then go for this one! This is one of most gentle ways to bleach stomach hair! Brew a cup of chamomile tea and let it cool until it is slightly warm. Apply the chamomile with a cotton ball and leave it for 20 minutes. Repeat every day until the abdominal hair has been lightened as desired.

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