Bling Bag: Your Monthly Dose of Premium Boutique Jewellery

Clothes may make the man, but a woman’s style shines brightest through the jewellery she chooses to wear. The beauty of being a woman lies in the myriad ways you can keep changing your style, revealing a different, stunning facet of you with each style statement or change that you make.


And naturally, it’s tempting to keep switching it up, as trends come and go, and your own personal look keeps evolving! But when you’ve got a job, and a number of other responsibilities to juggle, then it can become difficult to stay on-trend, all the time. And with weekends being reserved for some well-deserved rest and recreation, last thing you want to do is hit a crowded mall to look for some new bling to pair up with your outfits.

Yet, how many times can you repeat the same jewellery, even if you’re a fan of mixing and matching, till you get bored and want to overhaul your entire accessory collection? How nice would it be, if instead of having to go out and hunt for the perfect pair of earrings, or just the right set of dainty necklaces, you could have a bag full of blings hand-delivered to you, and most importantly – catered to your personal sense of style?

At Bling Bag, that’s exactly what we offer to do for you – become your personal jewellery wardrobe stylist every month!

How do Bling Bag subscriptions work?

Fashion experts at Bling Bag spend their time exploring trends in jewellery across the world. Based on their findings, every month they curate a collection of stunning and premium quality pieces based on a particular theme. And since we believe in delivering maximum value for your money, the pieces we choose are always versatile, and can be styled with a variety of traditional, and Western outfits.

All you need to do is sign up on our website, fill out your style profile so that we can understand your style preferences, and finally, select a subscription plan. Then kick back and wait for your Bling Bag, containing 3-4 pieces of stunning stylish jewellery hand-picked especially for you, to reflect and enhance your individual style! Delivered in a newly designed signature bag month on month, it’ll be like giving yourself a precious gift of fresh style every month right at your doorstep.

Bling Bag Subscriptions – Monthly Theme and Jewellery Curation

Our August Bling Bag was all about making an “Aqua Splash.” Inspired by dreamy monsoon moods, the bag was designed to resemble an adorable little umbrella, and the jewellery was inspired by lovely shades of aqua accentuated with rainbow tones, reflecting the beauty of nature during the rains.


The September “Twinkling Tassel” Bling Bag set out to work the tassel trend! The bag itself was crafted to bring to mind golden chains, and every piece of jewellery in it featured tassels in some form.


October was a month-full of festive celebrations where you’ll want to look your best, most glamorous self. That’s why our October “Celebration Charms” Bling Bag had a quintessential mix of charms and jewellery that will truly bring out the festive touch in all your looks.


And after the glamorous festive looks, it’s time to make some effortless chic statement with elegant blings. And, marble jewellery is one such must-have jewellery which adds perfect elegance to your style. Our November “Marvelous Marbles” collection has blings inspired from marble stone which signifies Opulence.

Our November Bling Bag subscriptions are on. Subscribe to your Bling Bag at flat 5% off using code IMBB5 and get your personalized blings. Add some stone-glamour to your style this November. And hey, in a rare instance, if you don’t like the blings we curate for you, there is always an option to return it back!


Bling Boutique – Exclusive range of trendy bling collection

At Bling Bag, we understand how important it is to you to be, and feel, unique. So if getting a personalised curated bag isn’t your thing, we get that, and we carry our entire exclusive range, at affordable prices, on an online store at Bling Boutique. You can browse through our entire collection of fashion jewellery on it, handpick your bling, and get ready to turn heads wherever you go!

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