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My Experience with Bliss The Love Handler

Today I am reviewing a very interesting product for you all. 🙂 This is basically a caffeine based gel that is supposed to help you tone your waist area and especially, the love handles. It is not a weight loss product. But if you are working out and eating healthy you can use it as a part of your body care routine and this would help with the toning process. What caffeine does is that it extracts excess fluid from fat cells and helps in the improvement of appearance of skin. This is the reason that it is used in a lot of anti-cellulite products.

I have been using love handler twice a day for almost a month now..with a few days of skip in between to see the results more effectively. When you apply this around your waist, it gives a tingling / cooling sensation to the skin. This could be because of presence of mint oil. After a minute or so it makes your tummy feel so much sucked in and tighter. Same with the love handles they look much better and toned. The process starts working after 5-10 minutes of application only. It is absolutely great the day you apply it. And fantastic when you apply it both during the day and night.


The day you don’t apply it, your skin looks pretty much just the same. Even the tightening effect that you feel after using it, it is gone.

Now you can use it as your little cheat secret. If there is a tighter dress / or tummy showing outfit (lehenga /saree) that you want to wear for any special occasion, you can start using it a few days ahead and it would really help in making your stomach and love handles look better. But you have to work out with it. As I mentioned earlier, this is not a weight loss product. It is a beauty product and it kind of works. So do your crunches and use Love Handler as a helping hand. 🙂

I use it all the time and it feels great. You don’t have to use a ton of product in one go. Just a enough to cover your stomach area.

I wouldn’t call it a must have product but I think you could definitley have a product such as this handy just in case you need it for special occasions.

The product gets absorbed quickly without leaving any trace of product behind.

It has a strong alcoholic kind of a fragrance. It might be bothersome for a few people.

It is only available at Sephora so availability is an issue.

The product is thick so it is a little effort to get the product out of this bulky bottle. A squeeze tube would have been a better option.

After using this bottle I think I’d only repurchase this when I have any special occasion coming ahead. 🙂

Rating : 4/5

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17 thoughts on “Bliss the Love Handler Review, Swatch

  1. Wow… I need this… Only today i went to a sale and had to really tuck my tummy in to fit into some dresses!!! Phew!!!!

  2. sounds good to me.. *happydance*
    Rati, i know you get this alot and you might be irritated by now..
    but please can you do your workout and diet overview?? Would be of great help.. *nails* *thankyou*

  3. I need it badly in my life.. *drool* *drool* it will definitely help me to get that bridal look which my stupid relatives r expecting frm me while visiting them in india . *hihi* *hihi*
    I will check it out nw.. *specs* *jogging*

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