Blisscovered Contest: Win the Jan box of hand-picked luxury cosmetic samples

Ready to get your blisscovered box after reading about it HERE?

Blisscovered is a service that promises to make shopping for premium beauty products much more blissful and something we’ve all been waiting for after hearing about these services abroad – blogger community has been posting about it since the news broke they would start in January. From their website they say:

Sign up online at and you’ll get a special Blisscovered pack filled with 4-5 trial products from luxury brands across beauty categories, be it skin care, hair care, cosmetics or luxury bath products delivered to your door each month.

And now’s your chance to get one for free! They are holding a special contest for India Makeup and Beauty Blog Readers for the Jan box that is closing for sign up on Monday according to the website. Here’s all you have to do:

1. Go to and click the Facebook like button at the top
2. Leave a comment on the blog (below) telling us “Why do you want a blisscovered box?”

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One lucky winner to be announced shortly will win a month of service. :))


84 thoughts on “Blisscovered Contest: Win the Jan box of hand-picked luxury cosmetic samples

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: couldnt have thought of a better concept of trying new products before deciding what works for you, and the fact that Blisscovered takes your beauty profile details just proves they are interested in customizing it for each customer and adding that personal touch

      1. good morning got your stuff ready for tomorrow..i am such a greedy pig.aiting to see what you put up..can i bribe you into giving me a sneak peek? 😉 😉

        btw, had sent an email requesting for your address..never heard back :spank: :spank: :spank:

  2. Why do I want a blisscovered box?
    Because I absolutely Love Love Love trying new things out! I regularly find myself eyeing new makeup and beauty products, even if I’m out strictly grocery shopping. Unfortunately, being on a student budget does not work in my favor. 🙁 Also I believe in investment. Rather than wasting money buying full-sized products, I’d rather try out a sample to see if it’s bang is worth the buck. And we all know it’s better to try Small than plunge into the deep-end and end up with a drawer full of unused cosmetics and what-not. So to sum it all up, I think the Blisscovered box is a fantastic investment for some of us. 🙂 And I’d love to be a part of it, at least once if I cannot afford the price-tag.
    Thank you for your support!
    Love and Luck to the rest of the contestants.

  3. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: i kept thinking i had to tell in one line why i wanted that blisscovered giveaway. this is what happens when i dont read thru’ fully..maybe i am still in zombie state :ghost2: :ghost2:

  4. Why do I want a blisscovered box?
    Where else would I get to try samples of such lovely luxury brands before deciding what works for me!! It’s a great concept & what an amazing line up of brands!!

  5. I want a blisscovered box because it gives me the option of trying out various luxury brands’ products at just Rs.700 a month! None of those products included in the box retail for less 800-1000 when sold separately! This is a great way of trying out products one would think twice before splurging on! For all those who cannot afford to sped 1000s on skin care or makeup (like me 😛 ), this is THE best way to get to know high end brands! 🙂

  6. This seems pretty darn awesome! :woot: :woot: :woot: But I’ll skip it….I can’t cope with this much luxury yet. :tongue: :tongue:

  7. Awesome contest :woot: :woot:
    I want blisscovered box because its an awesome way to test & try samples without investing thousands into luxury brands. Also many of the brands blisscovered has like kiehl’s , guerlain , makeupforever , lancome are not available in chennai. So apart from trying the samples, i will have the pleasure of getting my hands on such prestegious brands :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: at an affordable price too!!

  8. “Why do you want a blisscovered box?”

    What beetter way to know the product before any more impulsive shopping and another shelf of unused products. Absolutely Loved the concept. :yes:

        1. err..sorry….Riya is my niece’s name actually….I am seeing Riya everywhere…how is Esha :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi:

  9. I want the blisscovered box because it is an excellent way to try out new brands and know well what could suit me, without paying too much on any one thing. I can find the stuffs that suit me well and go for the fuller version. Besides, who doesn’t want a nice cute gift box with surprise goodies every month?? :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  10. woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :puchhi: :puchhi: great contest rati….i want to get the blisscovered coz it offers samples of great luxury beauty products at very reasonable price and also gives the chance to buy the true sized of the products we like from anywhere in india :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

  11. Why do you want a blisscovered box?

    Answer is— i can enjoy luxury brands samples without making hole in pocket 😛 And if i like something i can always repurchase it… concept of Blisscovered is really innovative… i always like to try products before purchasing the biggie bottles :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  12. Oh, i wud love to try out Blisscovered :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    I guess its a fantastic way to try out new products before you can invest in full sized versions 🙂
    Also, the products would be great to carry while on travel 🙂

  13. Why do I want Blisscovered Box?
    Gives me a chance to try out the best of the products at a very nominal price and all the brands included in it are luxury brands some of which are not so easily available everywhere and getting a surprise delivered every month at your door step!!! who doesn’t want that???? And, besides, I am getting married so would love to indulge in small luxuries 🙂

  14. wow amazing concept….i locve trying out new product but sometyms it dsnt suit me and i feel guilty wasting almst the whole product now no mo wastage i van try the samples of ahemmmmm :toothygrin: :toothygrin: luxury brands and if i like it buy mo without feeling guilty wooophhhhiiii :dance: :dance:

  15. Want to try some new products!! 🙂 Its really difficult to find good beauty products where i live.. so winning this would be an absolute treat 🙂 :yahoo:

  16. i want a blisscovered box coz i want to be beutiful without making a hole in my pocket, isnt it enuf? 😉
    Now back 2 work,gotta see sum patients!hehe

  17. Who wouldn’t want to live luxury, that too without hurting the pocket.. 😉
    I would love to get a blisscovered box, enjoy everything and buy the things that suits me perfectly.
    Now that’s truly bliss. :yahoo: :yahoo:

  18. Why do you want a blisscovered box?
    Because i want to try luxury products offered by blisscovered from the luxury of my home and as a student i cant afford to try different high end products only to find to that they do not suit me and i am sure blisscovered takes great care to choose the right kind of products according to the costumer needs.And also if i happen to like their samples,i might order the full size products with confidence from THEIR store itself! with COD mode of payment! :woot: :woot: I want to try the hand picked BOX! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  19. wowww… has come up with a great concept I think..And I also want to be a part of this “BLISS”..I hope there website works wonders in India because all of us want to buy Imported Beauty Products but due to less availability or expensiveness ,we don’t buy or we end up paying a lott ,as at times it is not suitable for skin or we don’t like the product up to that extent…
    This sample gift is a great that one can try and then can order if we feel it good..
    looking forward if i could win one package too.. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

  20. Wow!!!!! Even I wanna get this beauty box! :yahoo: Reasons?
    No.1 – Lancome :heart:
    No.2 – YSL :heart:
    No.3 – MUFE :heart:
    No.4 – la prairie :heart:
    No.5 – Ralph Lauren :heart:
    No.6 – Calvin Klein :heart:
    No.7 – Kiehls :heart:
    No.8……… No.Gzillion more! Just look at those brands they cover! :inlove: ‘Nuff said! Wowwwiiieee! :pompom:

  21. Hi,

    Why would I want the blisscovered box???? Goes without saying that it is a great way to intiate oneself into the world of supe duper luxury beauty producs. At the same time, it will help me to try out well known and proven products in the comfort of my house. A great time saver for somebody like me who loves great products but have hate going from shop to shop searching for them !!!
    If I get it, what a great start it would be to the new Year 🙂 , It’s raining goodies…. Yippeeeeeeee!!

  22. Why do you want a blisscovered box?
    I want blisscovered for so many reasons:-
    1) Luxury Brands: I have never tried high-end brands. They normally will burn a hole in the pocket and I am always skeptical whether such an investment will give me results. If the product will fail on me whole of the amount will go down the drain.
    2) Different Brands: Here I can try different high-end brands. Beacuse normally I can give a try to 1-2 luxury brands and would not be able to try most of these. SO blisscovered gives the best option to try most of these.
    3) Ease of selection:- I don’t have choose between brands, blisscovered experts will help me choose the best for me based on my profile.
    4) No SA hassle: We just have to fill the form and that’s it. I will not be misguided for something else that is not meant for my skin.
    5) Free home delivery: No pains of going out and buy. Stay at ease at home and enjooyy.. Products will come to your door. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    6) Quite expensive: So much to try and without an hole in the pocket :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: .. Just Rs. 700. This is best we can get. :waytogo: :waytogo:

  23. I want blisscovered because: (1) Using high end luxury products is always a dream come true;

    (2) Getting these exclusive products in the convenience and comfort of my home..what more can one want!; and

    (3) Last but not the least- Every girl deserves the best! 🙂

  24. Why do I want a blisscovered box?

    I want a blisscovered box because blisscovered people will send us customize sample as per our needs, in my opinion no two individual have same skincare or makeup is an amazing thing that they will searcch and test hundreds of products to find the right one to suits us…isnt it a great concept? their expert help will guide us in our future purchase also. :worship: :woot: :worship: :woot:

  25. i want , i want,,,, it looks soooo good…and i’m damn good at trying new stuff and reviewing:) so will help others too…

  26. why do i want a blisscovered box?
    Lot of people rave about certain products in their reviews and recommend them to others, although these reviews are helpful, i am still afraid to put my money on some crazy expensive cream which worked wonders on some people, because there’s no guarantee that it’ll show the same effects on me. the concept of blisscovered is quite innovative in the sense that i can try a very expensive high end brand by paying little and the risks involved are negligible because i won’t be left poorer or heartbroken if something doesn’t suit me! i am itching to find some HG products in that blisscovered box!! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

  27. Why do i want a blisscovered box?
    Well, I am fortunate to be born in the land of diversity—-India and very proud to be an Indian nevertheless, I have always had this inkling towards foreign concepts and their brands…..Blissbox is a very innovative concept which would give me customised samples as per my skin type and that too at an affordable cost and I dont have to look out ( abroad) anymore for the innovative concepts in the makeup/grooming/beauty industry, Its right here…….Cheers Blisscovered…..

  28. Why do I need a blisscovered box?
    I can try many luxury brands at just Rs 700. I can know if the product works for me or not and then decide to buy the full bottle.

  29. why do i want blisscovered box?
    beacuse iv always believed its ok to buy expensive products “if “they they work out well for for you.. so.. there is a big “if” ..and i have tried a few luxury products..some have worked out and some were really bad to be frank..and i didnt know what to do with them… this box would give me a chance to try some of them out with minimal cost…and i can make an informed decision before buying one..!! plus…i lurrvee surprises..!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  30. this sounds sooo good… everyone would want it. We will get to try soo many expensive products.
    the names appropriate.. its going to be a blissful experience :woot: :woot:
    Bliss in a box :yahoo:

  31. Why I want a blisscovered box? Because like every other girl, I like to be pampered… I like to be spoilt. Even if I can’t have that everyday. I’ll be happy with a little piece of heaven once in a while. Blisscovered promises to deliver just that. A little piece of heaven based on my needs and my likes, just for me. Something that allows me to indulge, to touch luxury, to feel bliss… without breaking the bank! See, practicality seeps into dreams.. doesn’t it? So if am given an option to try a little bit of luxury each month, I’ll want it…

  32. Why do I want a Blisscovered Box?
    Because Blisscovered has amazing customer orientation, and will surely put together a range of products suited to my skin type / hair type / cosmetic preferences, due to the beauty profiling step. And a brand that takes such an innovative step in a new market (for this concept) is surely dedicated to it, and I’m sure to be getting only the best from them!
    It is real hard to choose between the various brands and products out there, and being in India, availability and a whole other lot of issues are inevitably present. This way, I get to try varied products, and order what suits me from the same people who gave me the chance to try it out in the first place!
    Also, I adore receiving packages in the mail! :))

  33. i didn’t get it yar….
    One Month Membership – A great way to try!
    Rs. 700

    dey r charging us 700????? for trial products????????? :yikes:

    1. Actually mishthi, it is a great deal. If you buy any high end brand, a single pack would cost you around Rs 1500 +./ Here you’d get assorted samples of the products that you can try and once you are assured of the product you can go ahead and pick the one you like. These 700 bucks would save you many thousand that you may otherwise end up wasting. Hope that helps. 🙂

      Good luck for the contest! 🙂

  34. i want it n i desrve it bczzz……….
    i m just 19 yrs old.. n i deserve motivation for my love for cosmetics since 17 O:) :love:
    n ya…. future is in our hand……… :yahoo:

  35. Why do I want a blisscovered box?
    Because it would let me know on which big fish I should shell my coins without tearing my fishing net 😉 On a serious note it would help me see what works for me and save me from picking the luxury stuff that’s not for me :thumbsup:

  36. Why i need a blisscovered box?
    There are a 100 reasons why anyone would want this box. For me, apart from the obvious ones : the cost, the ease, the availability and who doesn’t love a good surprise; I work 6 days a week on a tight schedule and do not have the time n motivation to go out trying products. Also the availability of luxury brands is sooooo very limited in India. One trial at the store does not work out well in deciding to invest you “hard earned” cash on luxury brands.
    There are a few online shopping optins in India but the USPs of blisscovered would be that
    a) It would customize products according to your skin type and preferences
    b) You would not know, what would come in that precious little box. So a surprise to cheer your mundane weekdays, sounds like a super-awesome deal at the price quoted. Hope its worth the wait.
    c) The website says that it you love a product, they would ship the full size at the market price, i.e. no shipping charges. Yeyi.

    I’m sure, the evident dedication of the team to bring us the best would bring BLISS to all the subscribers. Cheers. XO

  37. Blisscovered is trying to solve the modern Indian womans’ dilemma. So many brands don’t which would be the best to use, investing too much in one very expensive product.

    Blisscovered sends you products acc to your skin profile, samples for you to decide if it suits you or not, and discounts when you have decided.

    Thats all the reasons I want a blisscovered box. 😉

  38. i had always heard about birch box supplies of stila nad other brands, it finally reached india!! im so glad
    this gives us an apportunity to try new brands without investing in full sized products and gives a better idea of what to expect in a product. plus 700 a month is a very nice option for students like me :toothygrin: :star:
    i would be glad to try out samples from such luxury brands as im a beauty and makeup junkie too O:)


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