Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment For Lips with SPF 20 Review

Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment For Lips with SPF 20 Review

Hello IMBB beauties,

How’s summer coming along? It’s getting insanely hotter by the day, ain’t it? *hunterwali* But the IMBB girl gang seems to be chilling out with all the cool reviews and OOTDs! *hifive*


I am back again with another review.  The product I am reviewing today interestingly could either be a disaster *headbang* or turn out a HG product for you! *happy dance* How? I’ll tell you how!

I am reviewing one of the most-raved about lip balms, THE Blistex DCT!!! *jai ho*

A girl can never have enough number of lip balms. Period. No matter how many lip balms a girl owns, all it takes for her is an ad or an IMBB review to go on and buy a few more, and then some more. Incidentally, I came to know about Blistex DCT when I was searching IMBB for remedies for pigmented lips. Last winter had been horrible and my lips had turned very dark and after reading a few comments, I went ahead and bought this on eBay.

After reading all the reviews on the net, I had very high expectations from this product. Let’s see how it fared.

Product Description:

Blistex DCT 2


The carton mentions only the active ingredients.  The rest of the ingredients are from their website:

Blistex DCT 3

Aloe barbadeinsis leaf extract, camphor, cetyl alcohol, cocoyl hydrolised soy protein, euphorbia cerifera(candelilla wax) , flavor, lanolin, menthol, meradimate, ozokenite, phenol, saccharin, theobroma cacao(cocoa) seed butter, Tocopheryl Acetate(Vitamin E)


Approximately 950 INR for a pack of three.

My Thoughts on Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment For Lips with SPF 20:

Being a pretty hyped product with an impressive ingredient list and SPF 20 , I had expected this product to work wonders. The first few times I used this product, it felt like it was really working well. When you apply it, you feel an initial tingling sensation due to the menthol, which lasts only for a few seconds. The lip balm definitely moisturizes better than your average lip balm, and the staying power too, is impressive. I used this with my Lush It Started With a Kiss Lip Tint, using the balm beneath the tint. The initial few days I did not have any issues, but gradually, my lips started turning more black *waaa*, almost like they were burnt and the edges of my lips got really itchy and I started to think it was the Lush tint. So, I stopped using the lip tint for a few days, but the condition of my lips was only getting worse, now I knew who the culprit was *spank*, and I was sure it was Blistex as this was the only lip balm I was using at that time. I was really disappointed and had decided to write it off. Later, I shifted to The Body Shop Vitamin E lip balm which really saved my lips and brought them back to their normal condition, I forgot all about the Blistex DCT. *whistle*

Blistex DCT 4

Now, this is one side of the story. I shifted my house recently and I brought back all the things I wasn’t using and had left them at home in Bangalore. This balm was one of those things. This time when I came to Bangalore, my brother told me that he used one of the lip balms that I had left behind and he wanted to know where to buy more. To my surprise, it turned out to be Blistex DCT and he said nothing else works for his lips like this one does. *haan ji* He has extremely dry skin and since he spends a lot of time under the sun playing cricket.  His lips chap a lot, to an extent that he gets these splits in the skin which start to bleed, and Blistex DCT healed it completely, a feat that no other lip balm could achieve and trust me, I have made him try almost every lip balm ranging from simple Vaseline, Oriflame to The Body Shop Hemp Protector, but this was the one that worked best for him. He was more than glad to take the other two tubs from me. *happydance*

Blistex DCT 5

So after seeing the result on him, I went back and did some research. I remembered that using Vaseline had a similar effect on my lips, Vaseline had made my lips dark and Petrolatum is one of the major ingredients in Blistex. Further research told me that people can also be allergic to the sunscreen content in Blistex. *headbang*

Blistex DCT 8

I am on the fence about this product, I can’t say a yay or a nay! *nonono**haan ji*

So, here’s the final verdict:


Pros of Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment For Lips with SPF 20:

  • Worked like a miracle on my brother’s extremely dry lips.
  • Moisturizing, impressive list of ingredients.
  • SPF 20. *happy dance*
  • Good staying power.
  • One tub will last a long time.
  • Not very expensive.

Cons of Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment For Lips with SPF 20:

  • Can be disastrous for people allergic to petrolatum or the sunscreen content *headbang*

IMBB Rating:

4/5.  I gave it 4 because if it works for you it will be your HG product, and it’s not the product’s fault that a few people are allergic to the ingredients.

Do I Recommend Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment For Lips with SPF 20?

Yeah! Check for allergies though!

Will I Repurchase Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment For Lips with SPF 20?

Yep, for my brother of course.

Take care you guys, see you soon with more reviews! *puchhi*

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9 thoughts on “Blistex Daily Conditioning Treatment For Lips with SPF 20 Review

  1. Two stories and i was a bit confused… *scared* but i am more on a positive side and will think of buying this because it looks great for everyday use *drool* *hifive*

  2. have heard sooo much about blistex,but was never able to get hold of them *drool*
    always oos r im unable to find them in stores *waiting*
    nice review *hifive*

  3. Nice detailed review Ramya. *clap*
    Never thought of allegies due to sunscreen content. *spank*

    Although, where (which stores) did you get this from? I count spot it here in HYD. *waiting*

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