Bloom Cosmetics Skin and Tonic Mask

Bloom Cosmetics Skin and Tonic Mask

Hi Beauties, Today, I’m going to review a product from an Australian brand I picked up a year ago. The brand name is “Bloom Cosmetics” and they make makeup as well as skincare products in really cute packaging. The founder of this brand, Natalie Bloom, started this venture when she was just 22.  Bloom products are available in most countries and is also available online. The products are pricier than drugstore brands, but cheaper than departmental store brands.

Bloom Skin and Tonic Mask

I have only bought four skincare products from this brand and a lip balm. I do love makeup, but I don’t buy many makeup products.  I am going to review the skin and tonic mask today.  I bought this product because I thought the product was pretty unique in the way it was packaged and the way it works.

Bloom Skin Tonic Tablets

Product Description:
This unique skin tonic contains a blend of high-quality botanical ingredients including: Witch hazel, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Cucumber, Cornflower, Marigold, and St John’s Wort Extracts! This botanical blend helps soothe and purify the skin and has dermo purifying properties to help reduce inflammation and improve micro-circulation. Scented with Ylang-ylang, Lavender and rosewood essential oils for their purifying benefits and sensory experience.

The sheet mask technique utilises the warmth of your skin, allowing the beneficial ingredients to penetrate. Ideal to use in the morning or at night before applying your moisturiser, perfect for all skin types and a must-have to restore that healthy glow to your complexion.  So easy to use and travel with, you can even use this facial pick-me-up on an aeroplane!


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Step 1: Carefully tear open the sachet.

Instructions 2

Step 2: Dip one of the expandable face mask tablets into the skin tonic liquid and watch it expand.

Instructions 3

Step 3: Once absorbed, the liquid transforms the tablet into a soothing cloth mask.Magic.Carefully unfold the mask.

Instructions 4

Step 4: Apply wet cloth mask to perfectly cleansed skin and pat down. Leave on the skin for 8-10 minutes.

Instructions 5

Step 5: Lie down, close your eyes, relax and enjoy aromas of essential oils while the botanical ingredients perform their magic.

Carefully tear open the sachet, dip a tablet into the skin and liquid and watch the tablet expand into a cloth mask. Carefully unfold the mask and apply the infused cloth mask to perfectly cleansed skin for 8-10minutes.  Lie down, close your eyes, relax and enjoy the aromas of essential oils while the soothing formula acts as a skin tonic. Ideal to use in the morning or at night before moisturiser.



This is how the product looks after it is dipped into the tonic.

Face Mask

As you would have seen in the photo, this product contains 6 sheet masks which is tightly compressed into small tablets, reminds me of Panadol.  It also contains 6*10ml formula sachets.


Bought on sale for $8.

My Experience with Bloom Skin and Tonic Mask:

I bought 2 packs of this product as they were on sale. I have finished using one pack.  I traveled quite a lot last year within Australia and used this mask on the plane for a quick pick me up.  As I usually sit next to the window, with my hubby dearest next to me, no one actually noticed me having a mask on.  The product actually did not do anything to improve my skin. It didn’t moisturise or brighten my skin; however, it did give me that refreshing feeling especially when travelling and also after a hard day’s work. I like that you don’t have to dip your dirty hands (even a plane is a dirty public transport, isn’t it :snicker: ) into the mask to apply it on, and also there is no spillage.  The mask fully absorbs the liquid and unlike other masks, it does not leave excess product on the skin.

Pros of Bloom Skin and Tonic Mask:

  • Does not contain parabens or harmful chemicals.
  • Refreshes skin and easy to use.
  • Extremely travel friendly.
  • There is a slight temporary glow to the skin.

Cons of Bloom Skin and Tonic Mask:

  • Does not improve skin condition.
  • As the liquid contains many essential oils, beauties with sensitive skin might react to this product.

Will I Repurchase Bloom Skin and Tonic Mask?

Not right now because I’m currently using my L’Occitane brightening mask when travelling, might buy it later on, if I see it on sale.

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    1. Yes Nupur, but I have to give a honest review though….It is a decent product which did not break me out, but the perfomance is not as “wow” :yahoo: :yahoo: as the packaging :nono: :nono: :nono:

  1. Hi Nupur,

    It is quite a decent and interesting product. :blush: However it does not outperform or do any miracles to the skin 😐

    1. Thanks neha…..

      It was quite difficult taking all the photos :stars: :stars: :stars: as they were quite small in print :specs: :specs: :specs:

  2. Thanks jomol,… :thanks:

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  3. Thanks guys :thanks:

    All products from bloom cosmetics have very cute packaging..they have a separate organics line and also a makeup line…..will review more products soon…the makeup comes in very sleek packaging…apparently famous with some celebrities as well, not tested on animals….I came to know about this brand through Australian women magazines :mirror: :mirror: :mirror:

  4. Choomantar! :snicker: :snicker: :snicker:
    It seems pretty nice actually. 😀 But I guess it can be skipped since there isn’t any real benefit. :specs:

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