Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Rosewood Essential Oil Review

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I have never tried any other essential oil other than this one. I never knew how essential oils work on the skin until I tried one for myself. So here are my views on Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Rosewood Essential Oil.


Price: INR 200
Product Description:
• Relieves Body Pain including Arthritis
• Helps to treat indigestion and sore throatHelps to overcome lethargy apathy and chronic fatigue, balances and uplifts mood.
• Good for sensitive and damaged skin

My Experience With Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Rosewood Essential Oil:

I love fragrances and while buying my sponsored product at a cosmetic store, I came across this lovely collection of oils that Aroma Magic offers. Since this was my first essential oil I just picked up one to give a try and see how this works. Upon returning home after the purchase, I checked their official website and was truly amazed to see how natural their products are and how these products are made with a balance of nature and science.


I chose the fragrance ‘Rosewood’ from various other essential oils, which were available in stock as the fragrance of rose is something I love. I personally do not like floral fragrances yet wanted to try this one out, considering the fact how pleasant a rose smells. I also wanted to try out the lavender oil but had no idea how an essential oil would fare, so just tried one. I was actually able to sniff, smell and make out the fragrance from the outer cover of the sealed bottle. This would really help someone make a correct decision while purchasing essential oils. You have 34 different oils to choose from, after all. Every essential oil from Aroma Magic is priced differently and accordingly, starting from the range of minimum INR 175 to INR 950. Every essential oil has been numbered. For example, rosewood essential oil has been labelled “number 22”.


When I first sniffed the oil to check out the fragrance of rosewood, it smelled beautiful even without opening the packaging. I was very happy to get this product home and kept sniffing the fragrance every now and then. However, when I unpacked the oil and poured some on my palm to sniff, I was surprised to know that this smells quite mild. The fragrance smells different when you sniff it from the outside and when you smell the actual product. I was expecting it to smell strong like how a real rose would, but this smells more like Dabur Gulabari . Though it smells sweet and nice I was a little disappointed to know that it smells more like rose water. The fragrance is sweet, mild and pleasant with notes of wood. This essential oil is a combination of both rose and woody fragrance.


Now coming to the packaging of the product, the outer cover of the essential oil is made of cardboard and I like how the essential oil is visible through the outer packaging. If you are planning to buy a couple of essential oils then this packaging would make it easy for you to spot the product. Also, the outer pack provides support to the glass container and you need not worry much as the bottle remains well protected. It is a good idea to store the oil in its outer cover and not just the container itself. The bottle/container in which the essential oil is packed is made of glass with an airtight plastic lid that has a small hole on the top; again, this packaging makes it easy to drop the oil. The most wonderful thing about this packaging is its wooden cap, which gives it a natural appeal. The cap makes it look as if someone has extracted the essential oil from the plant, collected it in a container and sealed it with the help of the wood. 😀


Truly, the cap is a stunner! It has a plastic cap which is shielded with a wooden block outside. However, the wooden cap sometimes fits and locks properly and sometimes it doesn’t. If it doesn’t lock properly then I would need to give a second try to lock it properly. Any oil you choose to pick up from Aroma Magic has its own uses and differs in function. It cannot be used directly. It should be diluted first in order to be used. Basically, rosewood essential oil is not only useful for beauty purposes but it is also useful and helpful in relieving body pain including arthritis. It treats indigestion and sore throat too. It helps in overcoming lethargy apathy, chronic fatigue, and it balances and uplifts the mood. It can also be used for stretch marks, dry and sensitive skin, damaged skin, scars etc. I’ve used the oil in making a sea salt relaxing body scrub. Its fragrance and special properties help relieve the stress, relaxes the mind and nourishes skin and body. You can go ahead and mix it with moisturisers, rose water, face packs, bathing water and what not, for it’s totally natural and safe to use.

Pros of Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Rosewood Essential Oil:

• Sweet, mild fragrance of rose and wood
• Its fragrance relieves stress and relaxes the mind
• Loved the packaging
• Appealing wooden cap
• Multiple uses and benefits
• Affordable price
• Uplifts mood
• Free of alcohol
Free of parabens
• No artificial fragrance
• Free of phthalates
• Very natural
• Nourishes the skin

Cons of Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Rosewood Essential Oil:

• Doesn’t smell as strong as real roses
• Needs dilution
• Cap doesn’t lock properly in one go
• I wish the packaging were a little different

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Rosewood Essential Oil?
I wouldn’t repurchase this oil as the fragrance is not up to my expectations. Surely I would love to try the other fragrances from their collection. I do recommend this oil if you are fine and aware of how Dabar Gulabari smells.

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