Outfit of the Day : Blue Tie Dye Maxi Dress

Hey guys! First things first, THANK YOU for the lovely response you all gave me for my first look! I loved reading all your comments. They were such an ego-booster! I mean, really!! All the nervousness now seems toned down (a little atleast!).

Delhi has had a superb weather the past few days! And today was the first “proper” monsoon shower that the Monsoon Gods sprinkled on us! I got drenched for somewhere close to an hour, and was almost shaking by the end of it. The wind, the lightening, the dark clouds.. it was simply breath-taking!

blue maxi dress

Anyhow. Here’s presenting another look!

Maxis are a huge rage this season! And why not? They reserve all reasons to be liked loved! Honestly speaking, I was a little apprehensive about buying a maxi the first time around. But trust me, after wearing it once, it’s all I want to wear! Comfortable? Check! Chic? Check! Whenever I go shopping now, it’s like I’m on maxi-hunting spree! I want to buy them all! Lol.

blue maxi dress mango

This one here’s a very light and breezy cotton tie-dye maxi (you’ll have already seen how Rati styled it once before HERE). I ended up wearing it to catch up with some friends. It wasn’t any grand occasion; therefore I kept it minimalistic with some basic jewellery and flat t-straps. If I get the chance, I shall surely show you how you can take the same piece of clothing (here: the maxi) one notch up and change it into an “occasion-worthy” outfit only by simply changing the accessories.

mango blue maxi dress
By the way, in case you’re all wondering, the pictures have been clicked by my brother! Do check him out on facebook. 🙂

Hope you like the look!
Take care. 😀

Outfit Details:
Maxi: Mango
T-straps: some random GK store
Bangles: GK street shopping



40 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day : Blue Tie Dye Maxi Dress

  1. Atika you look gorgeous in this outfit. 🙂 I love this maxi dress. The other day i wore it with a black shrug. Totally loving the look on you. Keep it up. 🙂

  2. I love how you give this outfit a simple and easy to wear look Atika! Rati did a great job with the same outfit as well. 🙂 The print of this dress in itself is a statement. I love stripes for this summer.

  3. Lovely Atika…i’m a fan of this color and the whole look is looking chic!!! Anybody has watched “Cocktail”…howz it?? I’m so looking forward to seeee it…. 😀

    1. had to watch it yesterday. suden downpour and major jams ruined the plans. 🙁 ticket bhi waste gayi. btw good reviews overall. I am going to watch it teh coming week. 😀

  4. Rati- Thanks! And great idea! I’ve been thinking of ways to style it differently.. and a black shrug sounds interesting! 😀

    Dolon- Noo.. It’s not! 🙁 (I went to the store the other day to esp check if it was available during the sale..and it made me extremely happy to NOT find it there! Hehe.. Who wants to look like a fool to buy something in full price when it is easily available at half price! Lol.) See if you can get it online, though! 🙂

    TA- I’m going tonight..with my fingers crossed! Hope it turns out good. I don’t like DP much.

    Nidhi- Megan’s maxi is sooo hot! Do let know if you find something similar somewhere. Would love to see it in my wardrobe! 😀

    And thank you soooooooooo much all. You guys are the best! 😀

  5. @Pragya, Being Pretty, Ila- You should so totally get one! It’ll be your best buy everrr! Trust me! 🙂
    @Scribble..gal- Thank you so much! ({})
    @Parita- It’s from Mango. 🙂

    1. Hey Shar! You may not believe, but I’m not the right person to ask. I’ve never in my life oiled my hair, I’ve never ever taken a hair-spa. Last I trimmed my hair was about an year ago (or more probably!) The only thing I know is to keep stuff as natural as possible. I never style my hair, and if at all I do, I never let the salon guys use any funny products on my hair. The only shampoo I use is Clinic Plus, cz all others that I’ve tried (ALL of them!) cause a lot of hair-loss. I use a Loreal conditioner only on days when the humidity is a bit too high. That’s my “hair care”! Lol.
      Basically, a big NO-NO to any kind of experimenting works for me. Plus, my mother’s good genes! 🙂

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