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Teju asks:

I am planning to buy a blush for the first time.Could you suggest something good for the first timer.
I have a oily skin.I generally moisturise my skin with olay and apply a loreal mineral foundation,then followed by kajal/liner and a lippy.So little bit skeptical to apply blush to office.


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  1. Hi Teju, since you have oily skin, I’d recommend powder blushes. Colorbar has some great blushes, so do maybelline and revlon. Go for a matte finish if you are looking for a blush to wear to office. If you are medium to dusky skintone, ‘just earth’ from Colorbar would look great on you.

  2. Hi teju,

    I suggest that you invest in a good primer so that it can control the oils on your face and then you can apply any blush you want to. Without a primer, the oils on your face would make both powder and cream blush looks patchy after a few hours. MAC makes good primers. If you don’t want to spend too much, you can also check out Inglot and Maybelline.

  3. Powder blushes 😀 definitely … Try colorbar, Mybelline or even loreal , Id recco a matte or pearl finish …. and if you wanna go a lil mid-high end try MAC or the INGLOT powder blushes which are divine …

    With blushes most powder blushes are great – no matter the price range – the real challenge is to find the right color … so dont hesitate or forget to try try try and deliberate, agonize and then buy :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

  4. Hi All,

    Thanks for your valuable suggestions.
    Rati…Inglot is not available in Blore 🙁 ,I ll try Maybelline.Can tell me the exact name for it.
    Any idea abt oriflame primers.
    Yesterday i was getting bored sitting in office and your post “best and worst make up” inspired me to make some impluse purchases.I bought Lakme Lip palette and sheer satin gloss.
    My disappointment purchase of the year is Oriflame triple core lipstick :(( .Now i decided to only cream and other stuff which dont require testers.


  5. Teju – when u go to the maybelline counter – take your own blush brush n ask them to test the blush on your cheeks … most counters let you do this … if you ask nicely, so go to the counters, try the shades, go home see what you think abt then and then buy … or just buy a peachy reddy corally color … dont go too pink or too brown … not so early in blushville 😛

  6. The shade wht they show in the catalogue is diff from the exact shade.I think thats the complaint everyone has.I like lipstick which is very light on the lips(I should nt get feel that i have applied something) and this one is very stick and heavy.

    This is my first lippy from oriflame and may be last.But their creams are great specially tea tree range.
    How is oriflame primer?

    1. teju i hated the oriflame visions lipstick. i guess they are the cheapest. i liked the shades but the formulation and the consistency of that lisptick was so cheap , it used to look like crap on my lips. since then i have used only the oriflame power shine lipsticks bcoz someone recommended them to me and those were nice. i have even done a review on them for imbb. but i swear never to buy any other lipsticks from oriflame. in any case there is so much variety directly available in the market where u can see and feel lipsticks, then who needs these oriflame ones?

    1. Hi Bulbul, you can either ‘just earth’ or ‘plum brown’ powder blushes from colorbar. Both are lovely shades and will suit your skin type and tone 🙂

  7. Hey Teju try Avon’s True Color Blush. It is said to be ideal for oily skin. Especially the shades Soft Plum & Earthern Rose look lovely. Check them out if you can.

  8. Hi I was wanting to know out of the nyx blushes which one would suit a dusky skin tone.The swatches arent really helping me!
    Also what is the price range of mac blushes if I want to opt for one?And again which colour would be suitable.

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