Bobbi Brown Art Stick – Sunset Orange Review

Bobbi Brown Art Stick – Sunset Orange Review

Hey gals,

How’s spring aka summers treating you? We are still experiencing chilly winds with rainfall; gosh, I badly need a vacation now! It seems I have been confined at home since ages.  Thanks to new technology and internet services, I managed to have a lot more fun reading spicy, motivating IMBB posts, and did a lot more shopping.  Today’s product review is also a result of one such time pass shopping result 😛 It’s a burning hot orange red lip color from my favorite brand “Bobbi Brown.” Please read on further to know more about Bobbi brown Art Stick in Sunset Orange.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Sunset Orange


$26 for 0.2 oz (6g), excludes shipping and taxes.

Product Description:

Lipstick meets liner-get ready for the greatest multi-tasking lip around? This chunky pencil glides on effortlessly and delivers a creamy matte finish to instantly punch up any look. In 8 statement-making shades. Learn more about Art Stick here.

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Bobbi Brown Art Stick Sunset Orange

Who is it for:

The woman who wants 2-in-1 color in an on-the-go package.

Why is it different:

The perfect blend of emollients and Shea butter creates a rich creamy texture that allows for smooth and effortless application (with incredibly comfortable wear).


This wooden, chubbiest of chubby pencil is enclosed in a sturdy black card board box with safety cap and sharpener included. It does not look like a lip product from appearance; it is so fat and chubby, unlike any sleek lip liner or lipstick 😛 When my hubby saw the pencil, he exclaimed “don’t you think you are too small for this chubby tip” 😛 Anyway, I need to practice holding it and using it correctly 😛 It has a slightly weird smell which hardly lasts on the lips, hence no issues so far.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Sunset Orange

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Sunset Orange

This Bobbi Brown Art stick is available in 8 super hot shades; I picked up the one and only orange shade in their collection – Sunset Orange.  The other shades are:

1. Cassis- warm garnet red
2. Dusty pink- muted rosy pink
3. Electric pink- bright coral pink
4. Bright raspberry- raspberry red
5. Harlow red- true bright red
6. Sunset orange- reddish orange
7. Cherry wood- warm red brown
8. Rose brown- warm rosy brown

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Sunset Orange

My Experience with Bobbi Brown Art Stick – Sunset Orange:

I noticed this new launch a couple of weeks ago and I am glad I bought it. It’s the perfect “mera wala” reddish orange shade, which goes very well with my plum outfit apart from other multicolored striped outfits. It may look slightly similar to coral, but I would not call it coral, it looks visibly orange with a touch of red. Have you ever noticed sunset sky, it just gives that sunset orange hue on lips, very logical name, isn’t it? This shade will complement fair/medium skin tones, irrespective of the season around. It looks deeper and deeper, highlights my facial features.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Sunset Orange

During bright and sunny days, it tones down and soothes my eyes. A perfect blend of red/orange lip liner cum lip color which gives semi matte, powdery finish on the lips.  The color pay off is same as what I see in lip crayon. However, if I wear it over lip balm, it gives moist lip stain kind of finishing with slight medium color pay off. The staying power is also affected.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Sunset Orange

It is soft and creamy though not comparable to pure creamy lip products, but still, my lips are soft and does not crave for moisture while wearing art stick for 6-8 hours.  I wonder whether there is similarity between art sticks and bite beauty high pigment lip pencils, both work as lip liner and lip color, are pigmented and give intense color payoff and both give semi matte creamy finish on lips. However, art stick lip pencils are slightly stiff as compared to creamier bite beauty lip pencils.  Personally, I felt that art stick gives powdery semi matte finish while bite beauty lip pencils are also semi matte crayons but they are glossy and creamier in terms of finishing! I guess matte lovers would prefer art stick for their slightly powdery matte texture and finishing on lips.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Sunset Orange

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Sunset Orange

I also notice well defined and highlighted lips while wearing art stick and now I totally understand why matte lipsticks are a hit over creamier ones. They highlight lips very well and slowly I am also understanding the significance of matte lip crayons and lip liners! Staying power of “Sunset Orange” is 6+ hours on my lips with occasional snacks and water sips without heavy meals in between.  I need frequent touch ups with heavy meals as it completely vanishes.  The good part is that it does not leave any nasty stain behind. I am impressed to see that it does not tug or pull on my lips, and I never felt dry or chapped lips after using this art stick.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Sunset Orange

Since it is semi-matte, it will anyway work fine on well scrubbed lips, though it will not accentuate any lip issue, but does settle on dry and chapped areas of the lips.  It is stiff yet creamy enough to give precise and semi-matte finish without feather, bleeding or setting in lip crevices.  One major drawback of art sticks while comparing them to Bite Beauty’s high pigment pencil is that these are wooden pencils and hence we need to use a sharpener after every 5-6 usages; however, I see only a small amount of product is wasted and I get a precise tip; so no issues; however, I prefer retractable pencils for convenience and long term use. I would recommend this semi matte crayon to every matte lover and to those who want to try matte lip colors – this is good stuff to start with. I prefer these art sticks over bite beauty’s high pigment pencils because these are slightly stiff yet have soft texture with subtle wearable bright pigmentation as Bite Beauty’s crayons are on the brighter side, you know what I mean!

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Sunset Orange

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Bobbi Brown Art Stick – Sunset Orange:

  • A chunky lip pencil with benefits of lip liner and lip color in one product.
  • Infused with the richness and goodness of shea butter and emollients for nourished and soft lips.
  • All shades seem wearable, bright yet subtle and can be worn all through the year, irrespective of season and occasions.
  • This particular shade – Sunset Orange, is a perfect blend of orange-red shade and gives that reddish orange hue on lips.
  • It gives a slightly creamy-powdery, semi matte finish on lips with medium to full coverage.
  • It is ideal for pigmented lips as it conceals pigmentation up to a great extent.
  • It is soft and creamy yet stiff, hence it won’t bleed, feather or settle in the fine crevices of lips.
  • It works well on clean, scrubbed lips however it won’t tug or pull skin, just that its matte it might stick on dry areas.
  • It works well as a lip liner, highlights features while deposits almost 90 % color in 2-3 swipes on lips without looking cakey or powdery.
  • Good for fair/medium skin tone beauties including gals with pigmented lips as well.
  • I see that its pointed tip is good for 5-6 usages for defining lips.
  • It stays for 6+ hours on my lips with occasional small meals and water/tea sips.
  • It does not leave any stubborn stain behind.
  • My lips feel soft and hydrated even after I remove it off completely though I cannot say it is super creamy and hydrating.
  • Only a little product gets wasted while sharpening.

Cons of Bobbi Brown Art Stick – Sunset Orange:

  • I personally prefer retractable products over pencil packaging hence it is a con for me even though the product does not get wasted while sharpening.
  • It may not be very creamy, it is more matte, slightly powdery and hence for beginners or first time users, it might be a disappointing experience though regular usage and practice might give better results.
  • It definitely highlights facial features along with dry lips hence I need to take care of dry, chapped lips.
  • It does transfers in form of a powdery stain, though that does not affect its 6+ hours of staying power surprisingly.
  • It does not survive a single heavy meal, you would need touch ups thereafter.

Overall, as I already declared, I would only prefer these chubby pencils over retractable bite beauty pencils for the fact that all the shade in this range are vibrant and wearable.  I notice well defined, highlighted lips with art stick pencil.  I am sure matte lovers are going to love it for its two in one mess free usage and finishing while beginners in matte stuff will also enjoy their new experience. Do try it out, I know it is slightly expensive, but it might not stop makeup junkies from hoarding it, am I right 😛


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  1. Great review as usual!! *clap* *clap* . beautiful bright shade. I wanted to try Bobbi brown lip products since I read about them on IMBB. But availability in India is a problem esp for those who don’t live in metros.
    A private word to you, neetu. I have started writing on IMBB recently and I must say you have been a great source of inspiration. You have a 2yr old daughter and my son is of the same age. It was a wonder to me that you were able to do so many detailed reviews despite being super busy. So I thought why can’t I? Now I enjoy every bit of doing reviews here. Thank you so much and keep the spirit up *thankyou* *puchhi*

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  3. U totally rock this shade neetu…i will never buy such a crayon which is to b sharpened n hey by the way ur skin is flawless *hunterwali*

    1. mini.. *hihi* true, i am messy mum and sharpening stuffs r like headaches for me, aadya always hides my sharpeners in right time and i need to sharpen them with pencil sharpeners.. *headbang* *headbang* *hihi*
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    1. glad to hear frm u arpita.. *puchhi* nw i totally understood why matte lipcolors r hit over creamy, glossy lipsticks, they do highlight and enhance lips perfectly naa.. *preen* I never felt such precised defined finishing with creamy lipsticks.. neha, our lippy queen & all IMBB beauty divas finally motivated me to go matte.. *shy*

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  4. Lovely review as always Neetu *clap* and you are a very red shade kinda person nah? 😀 the color looks gorgeous on you! *jai ho* and OMG! Aadya! *woot* *woot* kisses to her *puchhi* she is such a poser already *puchhi* U don’t have to worry Neetu! 😛

  5. the color is just perfect for summers looks ah-mazing on u great choice *clap* , and Aadya is looking so cuteee, give her loads of hugs and kisses *puchhi* love her maggi hair *pigtail*

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