Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow #3 Banana Review

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Have you ever seen the Bobbi Brown makeup videos? She mentions, and correctly that is, that a neat clean eye makeup can be done using three basic shades – light, medium, and dark. The light shade is to be applied as a wash of color all over the upper eyelid – from the lash line up to the brows. The light shade should match your skin tone and that gives the eyes a clean and even look. The medium shade should be applied all over upper eyelid, up to the crease. It can be any shade you wish, though a soft brown shade would be perfect for day time office wear. The dark shade should be used along the lash line as an eyeliner or you may simply use an eyeliner instead of a darker eye shadow. You may use the dark shade for creating a smoky eye. These are simple tips from Bobbi and they do work amazingly well.

Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow #3 Banana

For the light shade, the bestseller in the category is “Bone,” which I find to be a beautiful light matte shade. So perfect, yet so not right for Indian skin tone. After a lot of consideration, I skipped “Bone” since it was looking too stark white on my skin. Instead, I went for the shade “Banana,” a beautiful matte whitish beige shade with yellow undertones. It seemed perfect for me and I hope most of you will find it perfect as well. If you are warm toned, go for Banana; and if you are cool toned, go for Bone. There – it’s that simple!

Product Description:
A silky, powder eye shadow that glides on smoothly and blends easily. It’s available in a range of shades for lids, lining eyes, and defining brows. For the woman who wants a soft, matte shadow that can create subtle and dramatic looks. The densely pigmented formula keeps its color and can be layered for greater shade intensity.

Bobbi brown eyeshadow


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Yellow eyeshadow

Rs. 1770/- for 2.5 gm of product.

Yellow eyeshadow

My Experience with Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow #3 Banana:

Packaging: It comes in a square shaped glossy black box on the outside, on which all details are written. Inside, there is a square shaped plastic pan, covered with a transparent lid. The lid shuts with a click, making it very suitable for travel. The square shape makes it very easy to use with any size of eye brush without any difficulty.

Light eyeshadow

Shade: The shade is a matte, medium beige with yellow undertones. The shade is very suitable for people with warm undertones. It is a perfect match for my NC 30 skin tone. However, I have pigmented eyelids, and this does help in covering the pigmentation quite well.

Yellow eyeshadow

Formula: This is a matte eye shadow. It is soft, finely milled, without any chalkiness at all. It applies smoothly, and can be built up to desired intensity. It is a medium pigmented shadow. It can be used as a wash of color all over eyelid, for a natural look. It can be used as a base for other colored eyeshadows. It can also be used on top of other creamy eyeshadow or primer. It looks beautiful on its own, as well as on top of MAC Soft Ochre and MAC Groundwork paint pots. I usually use it as a single shade on top of a primer, for giving my eyes a neat and even appearance.

Matte eyeshadow

Staying Power:  Without a primer, it lasts 4-5 hours on me, before fading. With primer, it lasts for 10+ hours.

Eyeshadow swatch

Eyeshadow swatch

Pros of Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow #3 Banana:

  • Beautiful warm-toned base eye shadow.
  • Packaging is sturdy and travel friendly.
  • Good amount of product provided.
  • Soft and finely milled without any chalkiness.
  • Best used as a wash of color all over eyelids.
  • Can be used as a base for other eyeshadows.
  • Can be used on top of primer or other creamy eyeshadows.
  • Evens out skin pigmentation.
  • Buildable.
  • Lasts 4-5 hours without primer, 10+ hours with primer.
  • Gives a very neat and even daytime look to the eyelids.

Cons of Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow #3 Banana:

  • Limited availability in India.
  • Expensive.
  • Medium pigmentation will not cover extremely dark eyelids.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow #3 Banana?
Yes, I would recommend this to all warm-toned beauties out there. This is truly a must-have product and I have not seen anything like this in any other brand.

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3 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow #3 Banana Review

  1. Love how you have mentioned the importance of neat eye makeup, and the eye swatch proves this is a great product Arps 🙂

  2. this is an amazing color arpita. always apply a wash of such shades all over. they make some difference that i cant exactly pin point but without such shades eyeshadow applications never look the same. Love bobbi brown eyeshadows. Gotta check this one for sure. Good review 🙂

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