Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Saddle, Toast, Velvet Plum Review, Swatch

bobbi brown eyeshadow review

I have been wanting a palette from Bobbi Brown for the longest time. But we don’t get Bobbi Brown empty palettes here in India, unfortunately. So when I had an opportunity in Paris, I tried to make a palette that I could use as an everyday thing as well as something that is easy to carry around. I mostly use neutral eyeshadows so these 4 colors just fit my bill.

The 4 eyeshadows I picked were Banana (Review HERE), Toast, Saddle and Velvet Plum. bobbi brown eyeshadows Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Saddle #61bobbi brown eyeshadow saddle review, swatch

  • Price : Rs 1,770 for 2.5 gm
  • Shade : a gorgeous cool toned dark greyish-brown.
  • Finish : matte
  • Texture : super smooth
  • Pigmentation : very pigmented
  • Staying Power : stays until you remove it. No fading, no creasing.
  • Works best with : all colors. It is a universally flattering shade. A softer shade than black and the kinds that can be used everyday to smudge your eye kohl. You can also use it full on to create se*xy smokey eye makeup look. You can also use it for your brows.
  • Pick it up : if you are looking for an everyday matte eyeshadow. Or if black eyeshadow is not your cup of tea, this color is perfection.
  • Skin tones : all
  • Do I like it ? Love , love love it.
  • Dupe : MAC Brun, MAC Smut, Makeup revolution Delicious
  • Rating : 5/5

bobbi brown eyeshadow saddle

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Toast #14bobbi brown eyeshadow toast

  • Price :Rs 1,770 for 2.5 gm
  • Shade : a soft peachy brown
  • Finish : matte
  • Texture : buttery soft
  • Pigmentation : 100% pigmentation
  • Staying Power : stays until you remove it. No fading.
  • Works best with : every single eyeshadow. It is a perfect transition color and makes blending of eyeshadows so much easier.
  • Pick it up : if you want a perfect transition shade or even as an all over lid color. It is perfect to add light to your lids. Use it as an all over wash of color, finish off with a liner, mascara and you are good to go.
  • Skin tones : all
  • Do I like it ? A must have
  • Dupe : MAC Soft Brown, Revlon Eyeshadow Peach
  • Rating : 5/5

bobbi brown eyeshadow toast review

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Velvet Plum #3bobbi brown eyeshadow velvet plum

  • Price : Rs 1,770 for 2.5 gm
  • Shade : a brownish plum with gold-copper shimmer
  • Finish : Metallic
  • Texture : very buttery smooth. The shimmer is not gritty at all and is very soft to use.
  • Pigmentation : 100% pigmented.
  • Staying Power : the intensity tends to go down a bit after 3-4 hours but still it pretty much stays until you remove it. I also feel that if you want to get the kind of intensity you see in a swatch, you have to use it with a wet brush.
  • Works best with : green, brown
  • Pick it up : if you are looking for a neutral everyday shimmery eyeshadow. Can be easily be taken from day to night. If you want it to look intense, use it with a intense brush to get the full impact. I like that it is a plummish color and not your regular brown. So it is easy to pull off on a day to day basis. It adds that little twinkle to the eyes.
  • Skin tones : all
  • Do I like it ? Pure love!
  • Rating : 5/5

bobbi brown eyeshadow velvet plum review l-r saddle, velvet plum, toastbobbi brown eyeshadows swatches

Two looks : the left one without using velvet plum, the right one with using velvet plum. Details of both makeup looks HERE and HERE


Overall, Bobbi Brown Eyeshadows are of such insanely good quality. They are a pleasure to use. The big pans last you long enough. Worth every penny. You can buy all these eyeshadows in singles as well. Definitley add these to your must try list! 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Saddle, Toast, Velvet Plum Review, Swatch

  1. I was eyeing the palette in the last LOTD page. Very neat. Velvet plum adds so much to the look. Very pretty! Im surprised that there isn’t more talk about BB products – their eyeshadows and blushes. Maybe becoz now they are available in India – they have become “Gharki murgi…”!!

    1. haha! i know what you mean. I always wanted the pick the colors but picking up singles was too much of a storage task. I like these can play around with them and they are easy to carry around. But Bobbi brown is one heck of a brand seriously. very flawless.

      1. Bobbi Brown stuff is truly amazing – I’ve tried their foundation, bb cream, cleansing oil, blush, eyeliners, corrector, lipsticks, lip n cheek tint – not a single product has let me down.

  2. I dont use eyeshadows so notjin to comment on d product… But u jusss look awesomeeee…

    N i would like to thankyou through this comment for introducing me to brands like nars and tomford and designers like eina, zariin, And now ritika sachdeva… Hugsss??

  3. Gorgeous EOTD’s! I love the EOTD on the left so much, I’m going to try and recreate it :)) I really want to try out Saddle, I guess I have a similar shade from Revlon in my stash. I’ve only tried the tinted moisturizer (the one that comes in a jar) from Bobbi Brown and I was SO impressed! I wish she had a store in Bangalore, so that I could lootofy it 😛 And I know I said it yesterday, but again, you are SO beautiful!! :*

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