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You remember how I was complaining about Bobbi Brown not having palettes here in India. So they have introduced palettes 3 and 4. If you buy 3-4 blushes or eyeshadows, you could ask for a palette. The best part is that these singles flip out of their packaging and fit in the palette. You could keep the empty single boxes and in case you want to travel with them later, you could flip your product form the palette and fix in the single bar.Pretty cool! 🙂

I picked up 2 eyeshadows, 2 blushes and their new foundation.

  • Rich Navy Eyeshadow #36 : Rs 1770
  • Balsam Eyeshadow No 58 : Rs 1390
  • Clementine Blush #46 and Pretty Coral Blush #31 : Rs 2,690 each
  • Bobbi Brown Serum Foundation SPF 40 : Rs 5,200

I am so happy to see these palettes. I can’t wait to review these soon! :))

Happy Sunday all of you. :-*


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    1. i have no clue K. I also noticed it today myself. Will check it the next time I am at the store. One is metallic and one is matte.. could be because of that.

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