Bobbi Brown Lipsticks Sale on Rati Beauty App: Format and Rules

Hi Everyone, we have released our new version of the app today in order to prevent the app from getting stuck. Please delete the old app and download a fresh one. The new version will ask for phone number for finding your username. Please give the phone number with which you subscribed. Our latest version is 2.0.1 (on android) and 2.0 (on iphone). If you do not have this version, delete the app completely and download the latest version.

This is NOT a sale post. The sale post will come at 5:00 pm today in the main as a photo. You have to comment in that. Please go through the rules below so that it is easy for you to understand-

bobbi brown lipsticks

Sale Format

1. It’s a flash sale. Going by the past record, it will be over within a minute so comment fast. 🙂
2. There are 30 lipsticks, only one piece of each. So at most 30 people will get the lipsticks.
3. The sale post will start showing at 5:00 pm on the main feed. It will be a photo of lipsticks. You have to comment in the comment section.
4. One person can comment with only two lipsticks names maximum at one time. However, a person can comment as many times as she wants.
5. The lipsticks names coming up for sale are- uber rose, uber pink, beige gold, parisian red, neutral rose, bobbi, pink lily, calypso, black plum, carolina, cherry pink, beige, raisin, nude, brownie (2 pieces), carnation, rose, pale mauve, pale pink, Brown, Rum Raisin, Slopes, Desert Rose, Uber Suede, Lilac, Latte, Tawny Pink, Uber Nude, Ballet Pink.
6. A single comment with more than two lipsticks names will be disqualified.
7. One user can get only two lipsticks at the most.
8. When the sale post starts showing, just start commenting with lipsticks names, two names at a time.
9. For any particular lipstick, we would compile the list of first bidder (commenter), second bidder (commenter) and third bidder (commenter). The first bidder would get a chance to buy the lipstick first. If the first bidder does not confirm the payment status within 12 hours, we would contact the second bidder and give her an option to buy. If the second bidder does not confirm the payment status within the next 12 hours, we would contact the third bidder and give her an option to buy.
10. All the lipsticks are Rs. 150 each. There are no hidden costs.
11. The sale is for Indian residents only.

These original lipsticks are pretty old may be 2-3 years or even older. These are in decent condition. None of them is broken or have any smell to it. That said, we would not suggest you to use them for a longer period of time. The reason we decided to do this sale is so that some of you can get a chance to try out a new shade or try out a Bobbi Brown lipstick if you have never tried one. It’s more like sampling. Then may be you could go and buy a fresh new shade for yourself from the store. 🙂

The price for each lipstick is Rs 150 each. The payment would be through netbanking only. This price is mostly to cover the shipping and packaging charges. We really did not want to charge anything for the lipstick itself from you guys. The original price of each lipstick is around Rs 2300.

These are all original lipsticks and all purchased from Bobbi Brown stand alone stores in India and abroad. There would be no return or refunds once you buy the lipstick.

Good luck to all of you! 🙂

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