Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss – Pink Buff

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Monday Morning blues, *sigh*, I wish we had a longer weekend. Did you all have a good weekend? I actually went to the cinema and saw Bang Bang. Was not too fond of the story, found it to be slightly slow as a matter of fact, but loved the action sequences. Only Hrithik can pull such stunts off and make it look so realistic. More importantly what drew my attention was the styling, for both Hrithik and Katrina, absolutely gorgeous and breath taking! Might just watch the movie again solely for the styling of the clothes.

Anyway, I also managed to take a few swatches for you all lovelies and planned some posts. The product I am going to be reviewing in this post is by Bobbi Brown and it is a lip gloss. So if you want to learn more about it, please keep reading.

Product Description- Bobbi has sized up all her glosses to give you an extra dose of shine. Rich Color Gloss has the full color coverage of a lipstick, the soft shine of a gloss, and the luxurious feel of a balm. It moisturizes, conditions, and lasts throughout the day without feathering, plus the new tapered applicator lets you apply it like a pro.

Price- US$25.00
My Experience with Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss – Pink Buff

The shade I am going to be reviewing is Pink Buff.

Packaging– The Bobbi Brown Rich Gloss comes in a transparent clear glass tube, the cap is a classic black and the Bobbi Brown logo is inscribed onto the tube. The lip gloss applicator is a doe- foot applicator. If I am honest, I have seen and experienced much better applicators as compared to their gloss.

Colour– The website suggests it is a nude pink and as does the colour in the tube. However, I would say it is otherwise. The colour on my lips came as a sheer purple. While I was swatching for you guys, I found it so odd to see the light purple hint on my lips. Now, I am not saying that it is a bad colour, but it is pretty misleading to the naked eye.

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Pigmentation– The Bobbi Brown lip gloss in this shade it is not heavily pigmented, you can see hues of purple, but I would not commit to say that it has an opaque finish. I would say it is pretty much a sheer light purple sort of colour.

Texture– The constancy of this lip gloss, is more on the sticky side. I have noticed this a lot for Bobbi Brown. I find such textures pretty uncomfortable on my lips, and I try and stay far from such glosses if I am honest. I just wish Bobbi Brown works a bit on the formula of the glosses, since all their cosmetics otherwise are so lovely.

Finish– It has a light natural sheen to it with a single swipe, but the more you build up, I would say the gloss would be more shiny to look at.

Smell/Taste- Okay, this is my favourite bit about the gloss. My absolute favourite bit. It has a lovely taste to it, its like mint. It leaves a sort of tingly feeling on my lips and I love how my lips feel and taste refreshed. In my opinion, universally, people enjoy such tastes and smells to glosses since it is better than the weird fragrance chemicals give out.
Staying Power– It has an okay-ish staying power, you will have to reapply it after drinking water or eating meals since it will not look fresh. This is acceptable since it is a very sheer coloured lip gloss.

Pros of Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss – Pink Buff

– A nice sheer purple coloured lip gloss.
– Has a lovely fragrance and a minty taste.
– Nice classic packaging, easy to travel around with.

Cons of Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss – Pink Buff

– The doe-foot applicator could have been more smooth on the lips.
– Misleading colour in the tube.
– The texture is a bit too thick and sticky.


Would I repurchase Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss – Pink Buff ?

I think I prefer the Chanel glosses more over these glosses, so no from my end.

IMBB rating- 3/5.

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    1. Thank you Jomol! My dad told me it was a nice movie and I LOVE Hamlet! So that is next on my list for sure 🙂 Did you see Bang Bang?

  1. oh! the color is sooo beautiful and looks pretty on your lips. sad it dint live up the the expectation. i agree chanel glosses are a bit hard to match. 🙂

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