Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Kajal Liner – Noir Review

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Kajal Liner – Noir Review

Hi Beautifuls 🙂

How are you doing today? I am excited for Aadya’s upcoming second birthday, time flies so fast! She is going to be 2 years soon! Why kids grow so fast 😛 There was a time when I used to blabber “I can’t sleep” because she was so small and active during the nights and now “I can’t sleep” as she is growing big day by day and I keep on thinking about her future, schooling, etc. Whatever, I am determined to let her enjoy what she loves to do rather than what we like her to do! Anyway, I am also here to share my first Bobbi Brown purchase with you. I love black and always prefer black kajal over colored eyeliners, you all know right! After Aadya recently messed up my kajal, I started hunting for a decent kajal. Finally, I stumbled upon BB smoky kajal eyeliner. Please read on further to know more about Bobbi Brown’s Smokey Kajal Liner in Noir.

Bobbi Brown smokey kajal eyeliner noir


$24.00 for 0.037 Oz (1.05 g), excluding shipping charge and taxes.

Bobbi Brown smokey kajal eyeliner noir

Product Description:

A new take on tradition – Bobbi’s inspiration for this highly pigmented, incredibly blendable formula comes from classic kohl eyeliners. Her reason? This richly colored liner can be applied to the inner eye and lash waterline without tugging or pulling-plus, its uniquely soft texture creates a dramatic smokey eye in seconds. Comes in six super-saturated shades that blend quickly with the convenient dual-ended smudger. Each pencil comes with a complimentary sharpener.

Bobbi Brown smokey kajal eyeliner noir


This creamy, intense, thick kajal eyeliner comes in a wooden black pencil packaging with kajal eyeliner at one end and smudger at the other end, safely enclosed in a sturdy black cap matching with pencil. It is a totally classy looking pencil,  which I would like to flip out there in the public 😛 The moment you hold it, you know yes it is Bobbi Brown! An ultimate travel-friendly and child safe packaging as well. It comes with a sharpener, which is an added bonus!

Bobbi Brown smokey kajal eyeliner noir

My Experience with Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Kajal Liner – Noir:

When I read somewhere that Bobbi Brown had come out with a kajal eyeliner concept, was very excited to try it out – firstly, because it is Bobbi Brown – one of my dream brands and secondly, I badly need an intense black kajal. Hence, I bought this shade “Noir” out of the 6 gorgeous shades from the smokey kajal eyeliner range.  Noir may not be the blackest black eyeliner, but for me, it is definitely the deepest black I have been looking for! It is intensely pigmented and gives a desirable kohl effect in just 1-2 swipes. It is very gentle on my waterline and I have never felt any irritation or other issues so far. Needless to say, it is really creamy and soft.

Bobbi Brown smokey kajal eyeliner noir

I can feel it slathers like butter on my sensitive waterline. I also love how it smudges and gives effortless smokey eye within an hour of wearing it on my waterline and hence I have never used its in-built smudger ; but it might be a disappointment for gals with dark circles as it often tends to transfer and might accentuate dark circles. Sometimes when I swipe it more than required, I end up messing my under eye area.  I own Lakme and Lotus Herbals kajals, L’Oreal voluminious black liner (and have tried a couple of cheaper black liners, before splurging on BB) and comparing this Bobbi Brown liner with my previous kajal/eyeliners, I can say that BB kajal definitely stays longer than the other liners, it is softer and deepest black of all. It does have satisfactory staying power of 4-6 hours on my waterline, but hardly stays 2-3 hours on upper eyelids, without smudging or transferring. Moreover, I have always noticed that this liner fades from the outer corner of my eyes within half an hour and I need to re-apply and cover the corner of my eyes.

Bobbi Brown smokey kajal eyeliner noir

I am still fine with touch ups, but sometimes I feel conscious, especially during hang outs when all eyes are focused on me. Luckily, even if it fades completely, I can notice intense black, defined eyes naturally for good 6-8 hours which is quite impressive. I usually wear it during night time and by morning, I can see intense black eyes which are good to go without any makeup; however, I need to wipe off extra liner from my under eye area, but I am fine with it. Particularly, I was looking for a kajal/liner, hence I am absolutely fine with this one, but this might not be an ideal choice for a typical eyeliner gal.

Bobbi Brown smokey kajal eyeliner noir

Bobbi Brown smokey kajal eyeliner noir

Another nay factor is its soft and creamy tip which always needs to be sharpened before lining upper eyelids and I feel a lot of valuable product is wasted during sharpening.  I don’t need a sharpener for lining my waterline though, as the tip is good enough for 6-7 uses. Overall, I feel it can only serve as a kajal for smokey kohl effect, but then we already get much cheaper options in Maybelline and L’Oreal! I would not like to purchase it again unless I fail to find a similar or another long-lasting kajal options for my sensitive eyes.

Bobbi Brown smokey kajal eyeliner noir

Let’s sum up the pros and cons:

Pros of Bobbi Brown Smokey Kajal Liner – Noir:

  • A creamy crayon kajal eyeliner, safe enough for most sensitive eyes.
  • Thick, intense, pigmented kajal liner which gives buildable coverage in just 1-2 swipes.
  • It is safe enough to be used on water line and works best on water line specifically.
  • It smudges easily, hence easy to work with smoky look.
  • I never felt any tugging/pulling around my eyes while using it.
  • It gives perfect kohled effect within an hour of wearing; however, need to be careful.
  • I don’t need to sharpen the pencil before 6-7 uses on my waterline; however, the tip needs to be sharpened for every single use on upper eyelid.
  • You can get a natural kohl look or fully dramatic smokey eye look in a few minutes.
  • It definitely stays for quite a few hours on my eyes as compared to my previous drugstore kajal/eyeliners.
  • It never gave me patchy cornea, my eyes are clean and clear even after using it day/night for 3-4 weeks regularly.
  • I wear it during bedtime and by morning, it gives me perfect kohled look and I don’t need any makeup for eyes thereafter.
  • Even if it fades away after decent hours, my eyes look well defined and kohled for another good 6-8 hours.
  • It comes off easily with oil or water.
  • Classy, travel-friendly packaging with in-built smudger and sharpener.

Bobbi Brown smokey kajal eyeliner noir


Cons of Bobbi Brown Smokey Kajal Liner – Noir:

  • It’s definitely not suitable for oily eyelids, especially on upper lids.
  • It easily smudges and transfers and hence not ideal for gals with dark circles or those who love to line upper lids.
  • As long as it is used as a kajal, it is fine, but it’s creamy blunt tip is not good for upper eyelids and often tends to mess up, it needs to be sharpened after every single use.
  • A lot of product is wasted while sharpening.
  • It has below average staying power on upper eyelids, that too without smudging and transferring.
  • I need to re-apply this liner on the outer corner of my eyes for the first hour as it tends to dissolve along the corner of my eyes; however, it remains intact thereafter.
  • Now, considering its limited usage on waterline, I feel it is way too expensive compared to other kajal liners available in market.

I am happy that I tried the kajal liner from my dream brand “Bobbi Brown.  If you are looking for a decent, smudgeproof, and long-lasting eyeliner, you can give this a skip.  However, if you are looking for a thick, intense kohl which stays for 4-6 hours with slight touch up and smoky effect, then you should go ahead and get this one.  It is safe on waterline and I just love it for its intense pigmentation and smokey effect (waterline).  I would like to explore other kajal liners in the market before splurging on Bobbi Brown’s kajal liner again.  I never give ratings, but now I need to rate it as 2/5 as an eyeliner and 4/5 as an an intense kajal liner.

Have you tried this range yet, please do tell me whether you liked it>

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