Body by Bed Head Strawberry Lemonade Body Lotion Review

Body by Bed Head Strawberry Lemonade Body Lotion

I love to try out different creams and lotions, I have very dry skin so I like applying a light body lotion every day after shower. I had gone to purchase a new bottle of body lotion because mine was almost over at home and while I was going through all the lotions at the shop a cute pink bottle which said strawberry lemonade caught my eye. I love strawberry flavour and have used many bed head products before, they work really well for me. Bed head strawberry lemonade lotion is a white and light body lotion for nourishing your skin.


Product description:

Quench your body’s thirst with this refreshing fruit cocktail. Soothe and smooth with this sweet smelling moisturizer. Lock in summer all year long .

How does it work?

This lotion is easy to apply on skin, gets absorbed quickly and dries fast. Thick and creamy consistency glides easily and spreads evenly.

Packaging: Comes in a pink plastic bottle with a nozzle, you have to squeeze the bottle to get the lotion out.


Texture: Thick creamy, light.

Colour and fragrance: White in colour, sweet smelling although not very sweet, more on the lemon side than strawberry.

My take on Body by Bed Head Strawberry Lemonade Body Lotion:

I love it because it’s light; you don’t really feel like you have applied anything but at the same time it moisturizes well :)! It’s not runny or milky which I like. The bottle is adorable but it’s hard to get the lotion out of the bottle 🙁 you really gotta squeeze!!I sometimes i just prefer removing the nozzle and take the lotion directly from the bottle.


I apply it after showers and sometimes before bed, my skin feels smooth and hydrated immediately. Its soft and the texture is more like body butter but it glides easily over the skin, great for dry skin!!! I did not smell it while purchasing it and I expected it to be very girly and super sweet scented more like strawberry. However, it smells more like lemon, not very strong but light and sweet. The smell of the lotion does not last very long on the body.

Pros of Body by Bed Head Strawberry Lemonade Body Lotion:

• hydrates and moisturizes well
• light
• non greasy
• easy to apply , glides easily and evenly
• leaves skin soft and smooth



Cons Body by Bed Head Strawberry Lemonade Body Lotion:

• The shape of the bottle makes it almost impossible to get any lotion out of it . You have the squeeze the bottle to get the lotion out of the nozzle 🙁
• I wish the smell would have been more sweet , strawberry scented .

Rating : 4/5

Would I repurchase ?

Yes!! I would try another flavour maybe 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Body by Bed Head Strawberry Lemonade Body Lotion Review

  1. nice review 😀 i wish it was more of strawberries and less of lemon, then i would surely buy it.. *powder* i started imagining pink lemonade drink that we have when i saw the name lol rofl

  2. the bottle is sooo cute. I didn’t know bed head made body lotions as well. they are famous for their hair products no *pigtail* I loooooovee lemony fragrances. *drool* *drool* Thanks for the review *clap* *clap*

  3. Shailee the packaging didnot appeal to me. *nababana* but for other pros i shoud give a try if it had SPF *pan* . NIce review. 😀

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