Body Lotion Review -St. Ives FRESH2O Advanced Body Moisturizer

REVIEW- St. Ives Swiss Formula FRESH2O Advanced Body Moisturizer

St Ives Body Lotion Review: Imagine a clean, soft, breezy and fresh fragrance. Now combine this fragrance into a clean moisturizing cream to experience the sheer joy of using this fantastic product – ST. IVES SWISS FORMULA FRESH WATER Advance body moisturizer. Honestly, besides applying moisturizer on my face I have never bothered to apply body lotion on daily basis. Whenever I have plenty of my gala time I apply body lotion all over BUT whenever I am late for college (WHICH I ALWAYS AM 🙂 ) I skip a few steps . . . hehe… its only when my girlfriends comment “ hey, look at your skin you ever moisturize it ??” I “PULL OFF” an innocent face and give an excuse “err.. I forgot actually I was late today ” . YUPS THAT’S THE STORY OF MY LIFE !!!

Anyways, last week I completely bunked my project work in lab and roamed around with my aunt who had come here for three days for SHOPPINGGGGG !!! 🙂 🙂  Of course I couldn’t resist myself from shopping hehehe .. I picked up a few things from Crawford market. Actually I was not planning to buy anything but then while strolling around in the market, I couldn’t take my eyes off the shops which had all sorts of beauty and fragrance products displayed. Come on, they were literally alluring me to take them home with me 🙂 :). So anyways, I picked up 2 deodorants since I was running low on them and I picked up this fantastic body lotion 🙂 .

St. Ives Swiss Formula FRESH2O Advanced Body Moisturizer
St. Ives Swiss Formula FRESH2O Advanced Body Moisturizer


Surprising but this is my first product from ST.Ives. I have heard everyone raving about this product but I don’t know why I never picked up anything from this particular brand. Anyways, I go “coo coo” with anything that smells good. This is the reason why I have stocks of perfumes, body sprays and deodorants stocked up in my cupboard. Off lately I have gone crazy behind creams and body lotions. Earlier I had used LUX body lotion which had rose and orchid fragrances to it; I had gone bonkers over it. 🙂 Then I switched to NIVEA, although a good lotion it had no fragrance to it. It’s more of no nonsense product. hehhehehe … so it was NO JOY of me( should I put … greedy ME).


PRODUCT: St. Ives Swiss Formula FRESH2O Advanced body moisturizer ( WHT HUGE NAME!! Not that I m complaining ☺)

QUANTITY: 18FL OZ (apna DESI MEIN – 532 ml)

PRICE: My mom paid for it while I was busy “OOGLING AT IT “… was around 300-400 bucks.

St. Ives Swiss Formula FRESH2O Advanced Body Moisturizer bottle
St. Ives Swiss Formula FRESH2O Advanced Body Moisturizer bottle

What the product claims?

St. Ives Swiss Formula FRESH2O Advanced Body Moisturizer back
St. Ives Swiss Formula FRESH2O Advanced Body Moisturizer back

DIRECTIONS: Smooth into skin as often as needed. Daily use will prevent over-dry skin from recurring.


The first time I used this lotion, the first thing I noticed about it was the creamy, smooth and silky texture of the lotion. The baby blue lotion glides on your skin and is easily absorbed. I was however disappointed about the amount of aqua-capsules was very less comparing the quantity of cream. Once in a while you get the see the capsules which claim to contain pure spring water. Spring waters are very beneficial because they lack chemicals and also because they have naturopathic healing properties. Spring waters have therapeutic effect on skin diseases and infections like dermatitis. So recommendation to ST.IVES PEOPLE – increase the quantity of these capsules!! (If at all they are genuine).

St. Ives Swiss Formula FRESH2O Advanced Body Moisturizer swatch
St. Ives Swiss Formula FRESH2O Advanced Body Moisturizer swatch

The next thing I admire about this product is the soft exotic breezy and fresh fragrance. When we smell something, we don’t only perceive the sensation of the odor itself but we mainly associate it with experiences and emotions. The aroma of the lotion, in other words, triggers an emotional response. The soft aromas of the flowers of elder, sunflower, primula and german chamomile relaxes your mood and has an overall calming effect. The first thing you associate the smell of this lotion is with the lush green flower fields in Europe.
The packaging is quite nice and hygienic because of the pump. Makes it difficult to carry though 🙁

The shea butter capsules make this lotion a good moisturing lotion. A small amount of lotion is quite for application on entire arm or leg.

The product is NOT TESTED ON ANIMALSSS… yaaay !!!

Its bit pricey but it’s totally justifiable for the quantity it provides. This lotion will definitely last for many months.

This lotion is lightweight and does not make you feel as if your apply grease on all your body.
I guess if we pair up this product with its body wash, it WILL BE GREAT !!!

I can’t however comment on how it will work on people with oily skin. I have oily skin on face and dry skin on rest of my body ( WEIRD HUH!!).

LASTLY, I will definitely buy this product again. Maybe I will try the other variant of this body moisturizers.


16 thoughts on “Body Lotion Review -St. Ives FRESH2O Advanced Body Moisturizer

  1. Hey Rids!! Great review. As a matter of fact, I have the similar skin combination like you have. Oily skin on face, and dry skin for rest of the body!! :-/ :-/ ..Anyways, you have really explained the product well, and now I have to hunt for this lotion… (I am bored of my both Dove and Vaseline – Aloe Vera Body lotions! 😛 😛 )… Thanks for the lovely review!! 🙂
    .-= calicoaster´s last blog ..Bath Scrubs to Treat And Renew Your Body =-.

    1. And you dear lady, Aarthi, now you dont tell ke ohhhooo..I should try St. Ives…NO MORE ANYTHING you trying till you finish off all those gifts! can send me the ones you got gifted and you go buy this St. Ives….you are so sweet..I will let you go shopping :evilgrin:

  2. Why do I never see all this in the store????? Tinker shouldn’t be shopping so much..Pears and now St. no like :alien: and pretty mehndi design !

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA … hav got tons of other things to write about ..havin been trying many things … hehehehehehe … the mehndi design is because i had gone to my very close friend’s mehndi party she just had for engagemnt !! ..
      her weddin is in december … SO HAV TO SHOP FOR THT TOO YAAR !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 m so greedy

  3. rids.. ur explanation on the aroma of this lotion is toooooooooo gud..
    wht an imagination.. smelling it tuk u to the ‘lush green flower fields in Europe’… 😉 :rotfl:

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