Body Natur Hair Removal Strips Review

Body Natur Hair Removal Strips Review

Dear Beauties,

I love travelling to different places, love to explore the history, their traditions and customs, language, food and of course makeup! But at the same time, I do miss India especially for “chat” food (I am a BIG chat eater and can live on pani puri :D), maids, common, you can’t afford to keep maids in foreign countries, homemade food from mom’s hands, and last but not the least, beauty parlors! I mean who can live without doing their eyebrows and upper lips? We Indians especially have dark hair everywhere, so until and unless you want to look like a female, parlor visits are a must!


So, when I moved to KL, I was a bit skeptical since I didn’t know anyone there, especially females who could help me in finding a good parlor as previously I have had bad experiences, so I am always very careful while choosing to do my eyebrows, since eyebrows frame the whole face and I didn’t want someone to screw it up! Upper lips are a bit simple since waxing can be done, but I cannot even think of waxing my brows!

Body Natur Hair Removal Strips For Face 2

So, therefore started the search for facial waxing strips! In India, I usually use Hip Hop Ready To Use Facial Waxing Strips and find them really good, but those are obviously not available outside India, so I had to use something locally available. While browsing through Guardian, one evening I came across this brand called Body Natur and they had waxing strips especially for face plus the words sensitive and chamomile were enough for me to grab them as soon as possible!


Body Natur Hair Removal Strips For Face 3

My Experience with Body Natur Hair Removal Strips:

Body Natur facial hair removal waxing strips come in a white box packaging.  The box contains 6 strips, double sided, so total 12, along with 2 wet wipes to be used after waxing to calm the skin down. It also comes with a full set of instructions, which I forgot to take pic of. Anyway, when I first saw the strips, I was like “wow” these are way too small! I was comparing them with my Hip Hop strips and these are really tiny compared to them! Still, I thought they might work for upper lips since the size was perfect for it.

Body Natur Hair Removal Strips For Face 6

Now, for your information, I have quite thick hair on the face.  Before using the strip, you need to rub it between the palms for the wax to melt.  The first time I used it on my upper lips, it didn’t do anything! It did not remove a single hair! I was highly upset! I tried it a few days back again and this time I rubbed the strips for 4 to 5 minutes in between my palms and then after applying on the skin again, I rubbed it in the direction of the hair for a minute and then pulled it off in the opposite direction and this time a few hair did come out, but still it did not clean the area. So, basically these strips did not work for me at all! I had to go for threading after all.

Body Natur Hair Removal Strips For Face 4

My hair is thick but if you have very fine hair, this may work for you, but wouldn’t recommend to girls having thick hair since this will do nothing.

Body Natur Hair Removal Strips For Face 5

Pros of Body Natur Hair Removal Strips:

  • Thoughtful packaging.
  • Includes wipes to calm the skin and remove the left over wax residue.
  • It removes fine hair.
  • Did not cause any burning sensation or boils.

Cons of Body Natur Hair Removal Strips:

  • Wax strips are too small, especially for side locks.
  • Does not remove thick hair at all.
  • Does not clean the area completely, even after waxing, some hair is still there, which looks patchy and ugly!
  • Expensive!

IMBB Rating:



I think I paid around 20 RM approx 340 INR

Do I Recommend Body Natur Hair Removal Strips?

Absolutely not! If you have very fine hair, you may give it a try, but for thick hair, this does not do anything!

Hope the review was helpful.  Until next time, take care and stay beautiful.

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16 thoughts on “Body Natur Hair Removal Strips Review

  1. Parita, our facial hair woes are the same, have you tried the Vedic line hair retarder? I have used hip hop ones, but wasn’t very happy with them, but through your review, I realized I should give them a try again 🙂

  2. nice review parita 🙂 i think this would work for me as i have fine facial hair. but after i learnt the process of threading upper lips at home from my sis, i like to thread the area myself. its easy peesy 🙂

      1. haina shilpi? 😀 i do my upper lips,forehead,and upper part of the eye brows on my own and then use tweezers fr the area below the brow bone whenever its nt possible for me to go to a parlor 🙂 but, ofcourse, nothing can beat the convenience of a parlor 😉

  3. Y do ppl make facial wax stripz for d lucky once who has very fine facial hair only.i tried d fem facial wax strip once n faced a similar situation..ek bhi baal nahi aya strip mein..i rubbed,n rubbed n rubbed,not a single hair again back to hiphop hiphop smetyms takes my skin also..stil waitng 4 the rite one.:-(

  4. I do agree with Aparajita & Shilpi .. I do threading of upper lips & forehead but not confident enough to thread my eyebrows. Whenever Parlour girl leaves fine hairs “called by her under roots” I have to clean it up by my own. Mostly hectic schedules makes me skip parlour visits otherwise I’ll prefer hair removal from parlour only 🙂 I never used strips but hip hop & these strips tempted my to try at least once 😛

  5. Hey parita
    bleach your upper lips at night n in the morning you use the strips for waxing.. As due to bleach the facial hair becomes soft n thin

    1. hey smita! there is already a post on how to do threading at home here on the blog 🙂 do check it out. it’s just using a cotton thread loop. i twist the loop into an “8” and then place the twisted part over the area i want to thread. next i bring two fingers of one hand together and then then pull them apart, this way the loop whisks the hair out 🙂

  6. Hello Parita,what to do to remove hair on the face including on cheeks? is there any other treatment other than laser treatment ?

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