The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette – Silver Black Review

The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette – Silver Black Review

Hi Beautiful IMBBians,

Wishing all of you a nice day ahead! Before I start, let me tell you that this is again a gift from my hubby last month and I did not know it would be an eye shadow palette, that too from TBS, so it was my chance to get surprised.  By the way, I have been practicing through various eye tutorials at home since a few weeks courtesy the gorgeous eye makeup tutorials on IMBB.  Now, its time to share my review of this palette along with a small effort at EOTD with you all.  Please read on further to know about this smokey black palette from TBS.



$ 28 for the palette, price may vary from store to store.

Product Description:

It is a smokey silver black eye shadow palette which contains:

Smokey Eye Palette 1

4 x 0.07 Oz (2 g) eye colors : Ice White (base), Charcoal Black (shadow), marble grey (shadow) and Silver (highlighter).
1 x 0.02 Oz (0.5 g) eye definer : Black.
Mini eye shadow brush and mirror.

Smokey Eye Palette 4


Not mentioned anywhere.

Smokey Eye Palette 2

Product Claims:

Create the perfect smokey eye with this kit. It includes a palette of four eyeshadows in matte black, satin grey, a pearlescent white and silver. It also includes a mini eye definer and mini eyeshadow brush.  Four warm shades.

  • Mini Eye Definer in 01 Black.
  • Mini Eyeshadow Brush.
  • Mirror.

Smokey Eye Palette 5

My Experience with The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette – Silver Black:

I had been to my nearest mall several times, but never noticed this gorgeous TBS, MAC or Sephora inside the mall, silly me.  Thanks to IMBB for letting me know that I am living in a heaven of cosmetics and skin care products currently.  I was dreaming of TBS products since the day I read about them on IMBB.  Thankfully, Valentine’s baba heard the voice of my heart and inspired my hubby to look at his wife also and make her smile through the lovely surprise gifts.  Anyhow, learning through IMBB tutorials, I managed to prove his gift worthwhile, you know right that we should not laugh at our hubby’s choices as we are one of them 😛 Just to appreciate his efforts, I keep on practicing smokey black eye look at home, though he hardly stands straight unable to stop laughing, when I appear in front of him 😛 But who cares? Oh, I forgot the main topic again, let me tell you the palette is gorgeous and looks so classy, wow. It has 4 warm shades namely:

Smokey Eye Palette 6

Ice White Base: which is off white kind of shade with subtle silver shimmer, great if used under brow bone, but it hardly comes up in the brush fully. It just fades away after a few hours from the eyes.

Black Charcoal Shadow:  It is a true black matte eye color, which can be used as an eye liner as well. Awesome pigmentation, stays longer as compared to the white shade.

Marble Grey Shadow: Another awesome satin finish eye color with subtle glitter, it also has average staying power.

Silver highlighter: A creamy kind of glittery eye color, works great as highlighter, fades away quickly.

The black eye definer is a little harsh on eyes, it sometimes causes tugging and pulling on eyes, so I never use it.

The mini brush is really soft and mild on skin.  I don’t own any other eye shadow brush yet, I don’t feel any need as this serves my purpose well.

Smokey Eye Palette 7

As per product details, I use Ice White as the base with grey and black on crease and finally silver on the inner corners of eyes for a smokey eye look, wow sounds perfect, isn’t it? though its not as appealing as it sounds! I feel except black and grey, neither white nor silver shade comes up fully on the eyes. After a few hours, I may only see my eyes grey black, there’s no highlighter and no base anywhere. However, they are mild and soft on eyes, I never felt any kind of irritation or itching while using them. I am using them almost daily, so I feel they are absolutely safe and mild on eyes, even for novices like me.

Smokey Eye Palette 8

They are not waterproof, but you need to wipe off everything with olive oil or castor oil and then wash off completely to get rid of traces.  Apart from staying power and limited choice of eye makeup, I feel its a great pick for beginners.  Nowa ays, its available at highly discounted price, so one may pick it up without any second thought. Though you will feel confined to only smokey black look, and the eye definer is not as expected.  I am still wearing the look at home.  Let’s see when I can muster the courage to wear my painted eyes outside. Probably, I won’t buy this particular palette again, but planning to try others, Moonstone, Smokey Copper shades from the same brand if hubby allows.

Smokey Eye Palette 9

Let’s sum up the pros and cons:

Pros of The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette – Silver Black:

  • Four bold shades with mirror and applicator provided.
  • The applicator brush is really soft and mild on the eyes.
  • All the 4 eye shades are soft and mild on skin, do not cause any irritation or break outs even if we use it daily.
  • Overall average staying power.
  • Black and grey shadows are highly pigmented.
  • A great start for novices as this is non-allergic and safe on the eyes as well as water line.
  • Can be easily removed, no messy sessions of washing and wiping.
  • Travel-friendly classy packaging.

Smokey Eye Palette 10

Cons of The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette – Silver Black:

  • Since there are only 4 shades, you can experiment with only a few looks.
  • Only black and grey shades are awesome, rest two of them need to be swiped several times.
  • Eye definer is harsh on the eyes.
  • One may opt for other drugstore brands available at better prices, this is only good if available on discount.

Well, I would say if you love smokey look, then do try its black and grey color, its not unique, but still better and the best thing is that its not at all harsh on the skin.  I feel TBS products are always safe on skin, now matter how many times you use them.  As a gift and novice in make up, I liked them, though I hate its eye definer.


the body shop eye shadow

Smokey Eye Palette 11


Ice white, Silver highlighter, marble grey and Charcoal black lastly.

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  1. Help help! I waxed at home using veet’s wax..den some hair wr remaining so i used a chemical veet! Now I hav got small rashes on my skin wit is burning.. 🙁 i’m such an idiot.. 🙁

  2. Neetu I way u write reviews is so adorable. We get to know about your family and of course products so closely 😉 I was smiling through out the post while reading 🙂 And yes I also sometimes do horrible eye makeup my mom and sis can’t stop laughing…. 😀

    1. aww thanx dear.. 🙂 it really mean a lot.. <3 yeah eye make up is nt an easy task.. 😛 m still learning though my hubby faints everytime.. 😀

  3. your eyes are looking beautiful neetu and I loved that you have come such a long long way in your eye makeup. It’s perfect. 🙂 I guess all the practise was totally worth it. Your posts are so much fun to read. valentine’s baba.. hihihi 😛

    1. Is it.. thank u so much m jumping wid joy.. 🙂 u really liked it.. wow.. 🙂 nw my practise is really worth.. 🙂 thanks a ton!!

  4. Hey Neetu, finally u reviewed this palette. I was eagerly waiting for its review since the time you showed it’s pic while reviewing L’Oreal Lipstick. The EOTD came as a pleasant surprise. Loved the smokey eye effect. You looking pretty as always 🙂

  5. I can see ur hubby in ur eyes.. 😛 😛 .. U should be proud that ur hubby is humble and sweet enough to give u surprise gifts.. :uummppphh:
    I love ur posts.. and totally loved ur EOTD ladyy.. u look so pretty.. liked the last pick.. Which lip color are you wearing here…

    1. he he humble.. 😛 u dnt knw, ask me hw humble he is.. :/ thanx for ur appreciation dear. am wearing maybelline color vivids on fire red here.. will review it soon.. 🙂

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