The Body Shop English Dawn Gardenia Shower Gel Review



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Surprise! Surprise! I do use bath and body products too! 😉 Today’s review is on one of the products that I recently hauled from the Body Shop. So, let us find more about The Body Shop English Dawn Gardenia Shower Gel.

The Body Shop English Dawn Gardenia Shower Gel Review

Product Details:
The English Dawn Gardenia Shower Gel will cleanse and fragrance your skin with a sumptuous blend of enticing tuberose and hundreds of English white gardenias blooming in the first light of dawn. Layer with other English Dawn Gardenia products to build the fragrance. Blooming, fresh, floral scent. Extract of hand-picked Gardenia blooms from England.
USD 10/INR 695 for 250 ml. So, the content is pretty much same as other body washes from the “Body Shop” range; however, the price is slightly higher than others, which kind of raises the expectations from this one.

 The Body Shop English Dawn Gardenia Shower Gel price

My Experience with The Body Shop English Dawn Gardenia Shower Gel:

My standard skin type information – though I have oily to combination facial skin, I have fairly dry body skin. As per my dermatologist, I have been advised to use lukewarm water throughout the year to ensure my dry skin doesn’t escalate to dermatitis.

I like the “Strawberry” range from the Body Shop – I find it very pleasant and this has resulted in me being in a rut of repurchasing the same body wash and scrub over and over again. I did experiment with Sephora body washes, but wasn’t really enamoured enough with them to bother to repurchase or try any other variants from that line. So, when I ran out of body wash this time, I decided to experiment and try something else from The Body Shop. I ended up picking this shower gel along with the “Moringa” one.

Packaging: It comes in a plastic bottle – 250ml. The transparent bottle is ever so lightly blue tinted. The cap instead of the usual flip cap is one with a dispenser within it. You press the side to release the catch to dispense the product, which is easier to use than the flip caps. All said and done, I do wish it had a pump dispenser. However, the packaging is simple and functional.

The Body Shop English Dawn Gardenia Shower Gel cap

Texture: The body wash is a transparent gel formula, which is runny and foams easily. It is easy to dispense from the tube and spreads easily on the body and lathers well. It did not seem as if a little goes a long way. It is just about normal. Post washing off, it does not seem to leave a residue on the body.

Fragrance: The Body Shop products, especially body washes are all about the fragrance that they deliver, which can be further intensified by using body lotions and body mists within the same range. As far as the English Dawn Gardenia fragrance is concerned, all you can smell is a clean, fresh floral kind of fragrance which is neither too pronounced and nor too distinct. It is not a every memorable fragrance nor does it hit your senses. And the saddest of it last, it doesn’t transfer onto the skin, so there is no lasting power either.

The Body Shop English Dawn Gardenia Shower Gel open

Application: The application is fairly simple and straightforward. The only thing I would mention here is that the product isn’t one where a little goes a long way. You need a decent amount each time for application and it lathers well.

The Body Shop English Dawn Gardenia Shower Gel swatch

Efficacy: The brand seems to have made no claim whatsoever about the product except for its scent. And we already discussed that. In actuality, it is a fairly decent gel cleanser, but not overly moisturizing or hydrating. Yes, this winter weather may be the wrong time to test a bath product on my dry skin, but it is what it is. Post using it, my skin does need moisturizer. And when I do apply oil/lotion, my skin readily drinks it up. So, yes, it does strip the moisture mantle of the skin to an extent.

Pros of The Body Shop English Dawn Gardenia Shower Gel:

  • A gel body wash.
  • Soft, pleasant fragrance.
  • Spreads easily.
  • Lathers well.
  • Does not leave a residue post washing off.
  • Tamper-proof packaging.
  • Did not irritate my skin.
  • Foams nicely – if sufficient product is used.

Cons of The Body Shop English Dawn Gardenia Shower Gel:

  • My skin needs a moisturizer post using this shower gel.
  • The fragrance does not transfer to the skin – forget about it lingering on.
  • Contains Sodium Laurel Sulfate – SLS.
  • The fragrance is not too distinct or memorable.

IMBB Rating:

Overall, I am not impressed with the product at all. My point is, when it comes to Body Shop shower gels, the company makes no claims about whether it is hydrating, whether it retains moisture or make the skin supple. No! All the focus is on the scent instead. And for this particular variant – both aspects left me underwhelmed – the product does leave my skin dry and the fragrance itself is too “meh.” I do not recommend and will not repurchase this shower gel. I have better hopes from the Moringa one. Fingers crossed!

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