The Body Shop Festive Reindeer Sponge Review

The Body Shop Festive Reindeer Sponge

Hi Imbbians..

How is merry crazy week going on! We are soon recovering and indulging in merry crazy fever now. Recently my baby Aadya spotted this soft plushy reindeer sponge in TBS store and she threw it in our shopping basket. Hahhh she is always ready with her list of stuffs while going out. As per her wish we took it home and somehow I was also fascinated by this merry crazy bath sponge hence I took one for myself too. Please read on further to know about TBS festive reindeer bath sponge.


Price: $ 5.00, it is also available in discount however we paid full price for this reindeer in store.

What the Body shop claims about its product: Lather up with this festive sponge. In a fun reindeer design, it’s just the thing for bringing a touch of festive cheer to your day. Wet sponge, apply shower gel and lather up!

• Increases the lather of body wash
• Festive reindeer design

My experience with The Body Shop Festive Reindeer Sponge:

I was looking for this soft plushy toy like reindeer since long time but it was always out of stock online. Finally we noticed it in our TBS store and before we could grab it our baby picked all of them from basket and ordered us to take them home.. 😛 Considering her order, I took 2 of these reindeer, one for Aadya and another one for me as I know she will never give this sponge back to me. Needless to say this sponge is safe and soft enough to be used on delicate baby skin. However, initially I felt it is slight difficult to form lather with this sponge as it is like a soft toy which easily comes on hand but seems difficult to rub on skin as well. We are habitual of fine mesh loofahs, but they tend to become rough and coarse after sometime, while this plush reindeer seems soft and delicate. It is quiet stiff to rub away dead skin cells from knee area and other body parts but at the same time it feels soft on skin. I use this sponge while bathing Aadya who cried less unlike earlier when fine mesh loofahs used to give her scratches and bumpy skin sometime.


It is so chubby bubbly I actually feel like bathing whole day. It is easy to rinse off soap from this sponge but real problem arises after shower. It is really takes time to dry. I need to keep it in sunlight for faster drying else it will take 2-3 days to dry up completely. Good thing is it dries faster but remains softer and delicate even after keeping for 8-10 hours in sunlight. As Christmas fever is on, I feel this reindeer sponge is a must have for me! I love it just like that.


Pros of The Body Shop Festive Reindeer Sponge:

• Soft plush toy like reindeer sponge soft enough to wash even delicate baby skin
• Acts effectively on dead skin cells while it is way soft and delicate than any other bath sponge/loofah
• It does not loses its softness and delicacy even after keeping in sunlight for 8-10 hours
• It forms good lather and easily manageable


Cons of The Body Shop Festive Reindeer Sponge:

• It takes long time to dry up unlike fine mesh loofahs
• Initially it might not form desired lather but after continued usage it will from great lather

Well I love it as a x-mas bath accessory. It is definitely not a must have stuff but still it gears up that festive winter mood in shower so a must try for all those who love to accessorise their home and shower room accordingly, you know what I mean. My baby loves to play with it and readily agrees to take bath which is the case with me as well, so we are happy with our purchase. Hope it helps!

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    1. she was giggling n snuggling wid plush reindeer all the way to home.. *hihi* reindeer is a must hv in her shower tub.. *hihi*

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