The Body Shop Line Softener Review

The Body Shop Line Softener

Hi Friends, I had a great weekend.  I had gone to the Inorbit mall to do some grocery shopping and could not resist entering the nearby MAC store.  I was so tempted to walk inside.  I met my friend Namrita who is a makeup artist there and told her that I wanted to try some lipsticks as I had none from MAC.  The store was full as usual and she was very busy, so she asked me to help myself.  I just went ahead and tried all the lipsticks recommended by Rati; Cosmo, Twig, Syrup, A Girl About Town, etc., and finally bought Twig.  I am very happy to have my first MAC lipstick.  I then went to The Body Shop to get the kabuki brush which was pending in my list for a long time.  As usual, it was out of stock.  I just went around the store and came across this brush called the line softener.  It is a pointed foam-tipped brush for defining kohls and pencil eyeliners and here’s my review on it.

The Body Shop Line Softener review

About the Brush:
A small, elegant, high-quality, narrow foam-tipped head that is especially designed for softening eye liner products.

Not very expensive, Rs.325.

body shop brush

I like the fact that The Body Shop brushes are of amazing quality, but not so expensive.  If you are a member, you can get a 10% discount on it.  I hope I get a membership card in the near future as I like many of their products.  I was in a dilemma as to whether I should get MAC 219 or this one.  Since, I am just a beginner in makeup, I did not invest in MAC, but I am happy I bought this.  I will however buy MAC brushes some day.


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My Take on The Body Shop Line Softener:

I use a lot of kohls and liners, so I thought this would be very useful.  I am surprised at how amazingly it creates a beautiful smokey eye look.  It has made my work easier.  I used to struggle a bit doing the smudging as I am just a beginner in makeup, but this little one is so great.  I just apply kajal on my waterline, lower lash line and upper lash line and use this to smudge a little.  Too much smudging would result in panda eyes, but this brush helps in smudging to the right extent and gives a well-defined look.

the body shop brush

I am very happy to have such a cute brush for such a low price.  I tried applying eyeshadow on the lower lash line with this and it did a great job since the foam tip is pointed.  The tip is very soft, so it does not hurt the eyes.


I usually clean my Body Shop brushes with tea tree face wash or Dove shampoo.  I have not experienced any difficulty cleaning with these products.

Would I Recommend?

Definitely.  For those who do a lot of smokey eye looks and cannot afford expensive brushes, this is a must have. Just close your eyes and buy it.


5/5.  This is the latest addition to my Body Shop brushes collection.  I am very happy about it. I was looking out for a brush roll, but did not find one good enough to stock these. Any recommendations? The Inglot one is very expensive at Rs. 3500.

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25 thoughts on “The Body Shop Line Softener Review

  1. Oooh! My eye makeup is limited to pencil and liquid liners so this seems pretty nice. :teddy: But I’m still scared of asking my Amma 🙄 Bhagwan kare ki she is in a good mood and doesn’t :bash: me. :idk:
    Nice review,Preetha! :puchhi:

  2. preetha and vid….u should totally get the bharat and dorris brush roll…i think i got it for 500 or max 1000…worth it compared to all the other expensive ones…..

  3. preetha congozz on your first mac lipstick :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    this does sound good and yeah a lot of people wanted a mac 219 bt that is quite expensive. this sounds like an awesome option. enjjoyy!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  4. Good review Preetha. Saw this brush yday at Body shop but was sceptical as it was a sponge one and can wear out soon. but with your 5/5 review i think i must go for it. hey wats brush roll and where can we find it in bangalore.

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