The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Deodorant Spray Review

The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Deodorant Spray Review

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Men have their own exquisite requirement and selection of perfumes and deodorants, tagged with that their own set of fragrances similar to women. Few months back I was planning to buy my loved ones some gifts and was just roaming around in the mall, when my eyes zeroed down at TBS outlet. TBS has been outstanding in most of the products it manufacturers, I really love their Moringa Shower gel & Shea Whip body lotion. I gifted this deodorant to my brother, along with it I purchased perfumes for my father and mother. So half credits for this review to my brother, I literally made him go for a rapid-fire round to review this. He has a liking for deodorants and I’d thought to add a small drop in his ocean. Let’s find out what it has in store.

the body shop for men maga root deo spray

Rs. 545/- for 125 mL


Not mentioned.

Product Description:

Non-sticky and quick drying, this aluminium free, naturally fresh smelling deodorant spray helps keep underarms stay fresh. Suitable for all skin types. Ideal for men who want a deodorant spray that helps keep their underarms stay fresh.

Stay cool and fresh. With Peruvian maca root. Aluminium free.

How to use:

Apply under arms each morning after a bath or a shower.


When I picked it up in the store, I didn’t notice that it was written “Aluminium free” [my observation capacities have improved a lot ever since I started writing for IMBB, thank you :)]. I just noticed that it was a full plastic packaging from top to bottom, dark cyan colored bottle with transparent cap & nozzle. The bottle is not a long one, it’s a small thing, and due to absence of tin packaging, it’s quite light weight and easy to carry.

The ingredients are not mentioned anywhere on the pack or even on their website so alcohol content is still an impasse.

the body shop for men maga root deo spray (2)


It’s a strong, fresh and masculine fragrance. It’s not citrus or fruity. Yeah, it can be called a woody fragrance.

What my brother’s experience with The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Deodorant Spray says:

My brother used it for few days and then stopped using it. He was really happy when I told him TBS is a big good brand (which didn’t affect him at all :(). He used this deo after his evening baths for few days but then stopped using it. On the first day itself, he told me it doesn’t remain that strong as I had claimed.

Well, after gifting someone a gift all you don’t want to hear is “this is not nice”, the reason, staying capacity. Any deodorant-fruity, woody, aquatic, citrus, would fetch good marks only if it stays long and strong. My brother said that its fragrance lingered on his body only for around half an hour. It was a TBS product, so I really doubted him. To test whether it fades or not, I just sprayed it on my hands and it fades off-not as strong after 15 minutes or so. This one turned out to be a dud, really 🙁

the body shop for men maga root deo spray (3)

Pros of TBS For Men Maca Root Deodorant Spray:

• It’s strong and masculine odour.
• Has a fresh & woody fragrance that is suitable to most men.
• Aluminium free deodorant-entire pack is made of plastic.
• Manufactured in a travel-friendly pack.
• Contains the goodness of Maca Root extracts.

Cons of TBS For Men Maca Root Deodorant Spray:

• It’s an over-priced deodorant.
• Very, very less staying power (Awww…we are really not happy to hear that!)

IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Deodorant Spray?

Never ever.

Final Verdict:

Based on all the experience I got after gifting this one, for everyone reading this…my advice is not to spend your bucks for this TBS product.

Keep smiling always 🙂


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