The Body Shop Midnight Bakula Body Wash

The Body Shop Midnight Bakula Body Wash

The Body Shop Midnight Bakula Body Wash

Rs. 595 for 250 ml.

Well, most TBS body washes do not have the complete list of ingredients. What is written on the back of this bottle is, mysterious bakula flower extract and community trade honey from an organic source.

Product Description from The Body Shop:
A fragrant body wash to leave the skin feeling cleansed and subtly scented with the captivating Midnight Bakula fragrance. A soap-free cleanser, with bakula flower extract.

My Take on The Body Shop Midnight Bakula Body Wash:

This was a limited edition product which I bought during Diwali. The bottle looked exotic and I just couldn’t ignore it. The fragrance is just so heavenly. This is the best fragrant body wash ever! It has musky and floral scent. The musky note being stronger and has a very sweet undertone. When you have bath with this, be assured that your entire bathroom will be fragrant.  The fragrance lingers for a long time after bath.

Bakula is a very fragrant flower, also known as “maha gandh raj” or “emperor of fragrance trees.” It has medicinal properties and is widely used in Ayurveda for dental ailments! In Thailand, bakula flower is an important element for the relief of fatigue and you can feel this when you have bath with this body wash because it just calms you down.

Bakula Flower

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The body wash is a yellow liquid with very tiny white beads (you can see in the pic below).  I have used this body wash mostly in winters and found that my skin (combination skin type) did feel a little dry after taking bath. I think in summers, it won’t dry the skin and with a fragrance like that, it will be awesome in summers. I should have bought more of this :woot:

The Body Shop Midnight Bakula Body Wash

Pros of The Body Shop Midnight Bakula Body Wash:

  • Fragrance! It smells heavenly.

Cons of The Body Shop Midnight Bakula Body Wash:

  • Skin becomes a bit dry.
  • Limited edition product, not available in TBS, Hyderabad.

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21 thoughts on “The Body Shop Midnight Bakula Body Wash

  1. I love the label! So pretty and exotic! 🙂
    Sounds likes a great product. Will definitely check it out!

    Thanks for reviewing this product, girlie! :heart:

  2. i have this one and the midnight bakula body butter as well 🙂 i looove it!!! the body butter s fragrance lingers on the whole day and i find it difficult to stop myself from smelling the fragrance on my arms every now n then 😐

  3. Awesome review,Sheetal! :pompom: But now I’m sad because I have dry skin. :((
    I’ll check it out next time…just for the fragrance. 😀

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