The Body Shop Rainforest Volume Shampoo-Review

By Jhanvi C.

The Body Shop Rainforest Volume Shampoo-Review

Hello pretty ladies!

This is my first post for IMBB and I am very excited! 😀 I will be reviewing Body Shop Rainforest Volume Shampoo. This is the first time I have used a Body Shop Shampoo as I have heard a lot about this brand and tried it out as I have very thin hair, I thought of choosing the Volume Shampoo.
The body shop rainforest volume shampoo

Product Description:

The shampoo is specially developed for fine hair. Our Rainforest Volume range helps boost volume without weighing hair down. Leaves hair looking fuller and shinier No silicones, no sulphates, no parabens and no colourants Eco-conscious formula.


515/- for 250ml

My Take on the Body Shop’s Rainforest Volume Shampoo:

I have been using this shampoo since a month now and it does not give me the desired volume in my hair, in fact it made my hair dry and frizzy after using. I noticed my hair fall had also increased and I felt disappointed on purchasing such an expensive shampoo. It also does not lather well and thus I have to use more quantity of the shampoo. Not at all recommended to use when you have oiled your hair, as I had to use it at least thrice and yet the oil did not wash off well. The only thing I liked about the shampoo was the smell and the fragrance stays on my hair for an hour or so.



• Loved the smell of the shampoo.
• It is mild and environment-friendly as it does not contain silicones, parabens, colourants and sulphates.
• The Body Shop does not test on animals (I love animals )



• Makes my hair very dry and unmanageable.
• Increased my hair fall.
• Does not give volume to the hair as claimed.

Would I Recommend The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo?

Definitely no.

IMBB Rating:


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18 thoughts on “The Body Shop Rainforest Volume Shampoo-Review

    1. Hi Surabhi ya its from the same range but the volume shampoo made my hair very dry i recently used pantene and it made my hair quite soft and silky! 🙂 Might have a different result on your hair… Do let me know if you try it.. 😀

  1. I got this after my shine shampoo got over and it was a huge disappointment..
    I loved the shine shampoo.. this one doesn’t lather at all.. and yes it does make the hair dry..

    I’m going back to the shine shampoo after this.. It totally works for me..

  2. Welcome to IMBB Jhanvi 🙂 I have purchased Shine shampoo from Rainforest range but am yet to try it but now I am scared:(

    1. Hi Shweta Thank you.. 😀 I havent tried the shine shampoo maybe that would be better than what i tried.. let me know how it was after the wash.. 😀

  3. Thank you so much for the review!!!! :O :O
    I had just updated my online shopping cart with this shampoo and I thought about checking out its review,if its available! And here it is 😐
    Im definitely not buying this NOW!!! 😐
    Do you know about any other good volumising shampoo? I have very limp hair 🙁

    1. Hi Yogika I am glad my review helped.. 😀 I also have very scanty hair and have the same issues with shampoos and conditioners but i have heard recently Pantene is good though i just tried it today and also heard about Loreal Desnsity force shampoo is good.. Will update to you about it for sure.. 🙂

  4. I am using the rainforest moisture shampoo n conditioner and it suits me really well. Disappointed to hear that this variant is not good.

  5. i heard they contain some alcohol.. i found biotique kelp gives shine to my hair..doesnot increased the lather very less because of no sls.

  6. Hi,

    I have bought this product… and this product is an absolute no for any kind of Hair.. I must add that most of Body Shop products are not suited for Indian climate conditions, thus doesn’t suit our skin or hair types.

    May be its a great product, but does no good to thin hair.. in fact it was so bad on my hair, i was adamant that im gonna return the product, even if they don’t refund. I did register my complain.. and to my surprise I did get a call back from their department and I could exchange the product… Btw i don’t think that FMCG / Beauty products can be exchanged.. but I was so sure that this product is misleading and doesn’t suit my hair… they took my case lil bit serious..:)

  7. I have been using bodyshop’s variant of volume shampoo since 2007. I have always had very thin and listless hair. If I use any other shampoo, my hair goes flat and with body shop it’s nice and bouncy and styles well. Over the years though, my hair has gained a natural buoyancy that I suspect is on account of the shampoo. I would recommend this product to anyone in a heartbeat since it has served me so well.

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