The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Lip Balm Review

The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Lip Balm Review

Hello Everyone,

So, the world has not ended and we are all safe and sound as the rumor had been making rounds for the date 21.12.12. I am glad for the life that I have and I am sure everyone reading this post is too. Now, let’s get back to life and work.  I really like the month of December as during this month there are too many occasions for me to celebrate, so need to take proper care of my body and skin to keep it simply radiant and glowing. Thus during my visit to The Body Shop recently, I picked up the Vanilla Bliss Lip Balm from their festive range along with various other products.

The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Lip Balm Review


Rs. 400 for 6 gm.


Comes in a small dome-like structure. The base is golden in color with the lip balm packaged like an ice cream scoop on the top and is covered with a glass lid with The Body Shop logo printed on it. I have always been a great fan of golden and cream colors and to have a combination of both is simply irresistible. That is what attracted me to this lip balm in the first place and has now taken centre stage on my dressing table.

TBS vanilla Lip Balm

Product Description:

This shimmering, moisturising lip balm is perfect for mistletoe moments. It has vanilla extract for a delicious flavor and comes in a limited-edition dome.

  • Moisturises.
  • Shimmer finish.
  • Rich vanilla scent.
  • Limited edition.

Instructions For Use:

Apply directly to lips. Reapply as needed.


Community fair trade shea butter, community fair trade beeswax, community fair trade organic virgin coconut oil, vanilla extract.

My Take on The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Lip Balm:

This balm is absolutely like in semi-solid form and is not at all buttery or greasy that I like.  You can either apply it directly to your lips or use a brush to apply.  Since it is cream in color, it does not impart any color to the lips, but has tiny shimmer particles to it that are visible when applied. I like its non-sticky texture and the way it glides over my lips beautifully to give an absolutely natural look. It’s rich vanilla scent as stated can be felt even by others around you.  When I first applied it, even my son who was standing at a distance said “mummy aap ne woh vanilla lip balm lagaya hai na.”

The best part about this lip balm is that it works great as a base under matte lipsticks since it does not impart any color of its own. I have used it a couple of times and it doesn’t dry out my lips even in this weather and keeps them hydrated and nourished when applying matte lipsticks. Only faint shimmer particles are transferred that simply add to the color of the lipstick.

TBS Vanilla Lip Balm Review

The only drawback that I faced with this lip balm is that its not meant for extremely dry or chapped lips. For that, one needs to reapply within certain intervals and due to its non-greasy texture, can be used during summers as well.


Pros and cons of TBS Vanilla Bliss Lip Balm:

Pros of The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Lip Balm:

  • Attractive and cute packaging.
  • Rich vanilla scent that lingers.
  • Non-greasy or buttery texture.
  • Contains shimmer particles.
  • Gives a natural look.
  • Works great as a base under matte lipsticks.
  • Can be used during summers as well

Cons of The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Lip Balm:

  • Semi-solid form can make application a bit difficult, but not a big issue.
  • Does not cure extremely dry or chapped lips, but it does not claim to do so either.
  • Needs to be reapplied for those shimmer particles.
  • Limited edition as its part of the festive collection.

Will I Repurchase The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Lip Balm?

Absolutely, if it’s available again. Currently, I have already stocked up for the next year. A great lip care for matte lipstick lovers and that too with scent of vanilla. I am already going yummmmmmmmm.

IMBB Rating:


Hope I was of help and if you have any other query, please feel free to mention below.

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17 thoughts on “The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Lip Balm Review

  1. looks cute..and ur kiddo is smart..u wont believe, my son is jus 2.5 yrs and wen he sees me dabbing lip balm before i hit bed, he comes to me ,asks me to apply for him ..and keeps his mouth awwww for me to apply.. 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks Rama, ur kid sounds so cute. I believe each one of them goes through this phase at a point. My elder one is 5 and younger one will be completing 11months soon so I know. U tell them to open their mouth for food and for lip balms it opens automatically 🙂

  2. This one is good enough to buy only for its adorable packaging. 😛 Wouldnt work for me since i tend to have very dry lips in winters. Good review. 🙂

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