The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Lotion-Review

The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Lotion-Review

Hello everyone,

How was Christmas for you all? Hope it was a merry one. I had an overall wonderful time on the day with my friends and family even when the weather was chilling outside but nothing can stop kids, so I had to be on my feet even though I wanted to snuggle into a warm blanket and sip hot coffee.

the body shop shimmer bliss vanilla alotion

From my recent posts, you all must have learnt about my newly found love for shimmer products. Today, I am going to review one more such product for all you lovely beauties out there. It’s the Shimmer Lotion from The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss festive collection. As soon as I entered the store I could see their festive collection displayed and the moment I tried it I knew I had to get this for sure. This is what impulsive buying leads to, so now let’s read about the product.


Rs. 795 for 250 ml. I got it at a festive discount of 20% .

About the product:

This festive, limited-edition body lotion gives skin a subtle veil of shimmer and has a rich vanilla fragrance. Perfect for the party season.
• Lightweight moisture.
• Subtle shimmer.
• Rich vanilla scent.
• Limited edition.
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Packaging :

It comes in a see through plastic bottle with a golden colored pump dispenser that can be turned right and left to open and close in order to avoid spillage.

How to use:

Smooth onto your body wherever you’d like a hint of shimmer. Not to be used on face.

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Community Fair Trade Shea Butter, Community Fair Trade Sesame Seed Oil, Vanilla Extract

My experience with The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Lotion:

I bought this along with the lip balm and body butter from the same range when I was out to replenish my stock of butters and scrubs. The shimmer lotions are available in two other fragrances, Cranberry Joy and Ginger sparkle (these also belong to their special festive collection) but I loved the scent of this one more than the other two so picked this up.

The lotion is slightly golden creamy white in color with lots of micro-shimmer particles and is thick just like the frosting on a cake. Although this is supposed to be a lotion, it is not runny at all and is of moderate consistency. The only drawback that I could find was that one needs to blend it really quick to get that flawless finish else you will have patches of shimmer particles wherever applied. The lotion gets absorbed within seconds and only the shimmer particles are seen. No greasy or sticky business with this one. The pump dispenses just the right amount of the product and works best when applied in small quantities. I usually prefer to apply it on my back, neck and arms and the outcome is simply “awwwww”. It gives a rich texture to my skin without a glossy look.

Oh and I forgot to mention the scent, the fragrance is classic vanilla and smells divine like in vanilla essence, also it lingers for about 2-3 hours after which it fades away. If you like vanilla ice cream or cakes, you are certainly going to like this.

Pros of The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Lotion:

• Rich Vanilla scent that lingers for 3-4 hours.
• Contains shea butter that.
• Moisturizes skin along with shimmer.
• Hygienic, packaging with a pump dispenser.
• Very little amount is required.
• Non greasy texture.
• Gets easily and quickly absorbed.
• Suitable for all skin types and tones.
• No parabens.

the body shop shimmer bliss vanilla lotion

Cons of The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Lotion:

• Needs to be blended really fast else will give an uneven and messy finish.
• Limited edition.
• Price might be an issue for some.

Would I recommend The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Lotion?

Absolutely, if you are a party person then this is a must have in your vanity. Try this and you can feel the transformation for yourself.

IMBB rating:

5/5 because how we blend depends on us and cannot be claimed as a fault with the product 😉

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11 thoughts on “The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Shimmer Lotion-Review

  1. Thank you Jomol, and yes Cranberry Joy is still available and will be till the first week of Jan as I was out there just yesterday

  2. No parabens? Woohoo! That’s music to my ears. How long does the shimmer last, Nidhi? Does it stay on even after the smell fades?

    1. It certainly would Reema but honestly i haven’ t tried as its cold out here and my legs are covered at all times so it would simply be a waste:(

  3. Yes Devie , the shimmer lasts even after the scent fades. lasts for about 3-4 hours after which the shimmer starts fading slowly when we wash our hands and in contact with fabrics

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