The Body Shop-Carbon Blue Eye Definer

The Body Shop-Carbon Blue Eye Definer

Hello everyone….

In my previous post when I was talking about marathon reviews barely did I know that I am not doing just marathon reviews, I am doing marathon reviews of duds. The name sounds pretty fancy and coming from a brand like The Body Shop I just think what was I thinking then?!?
The Body  Shop Carbon Blue  Eye Definer
I have pretty strong yellow undertones so I am very careful about the blue I use on my eyes. Certain shades of blue make me feel sick with big dark circles and few others make me look as if I got into a brawl and got punched. But when I saw “carbon blue” and swatched on my hand I was pretty sure about it and it was an instant purchase.


It is a wooden pencil with two ends. On one end is the blue liner and on the other is a smudge tip. Both ends are secured with a transparent cap which snugly fits but do not click shut. The smudger tip has a metal base to hold. The body is blue in color just to indicate the shade of the liner. On the body all other minute details are mentioned along-with the shade name and brand name.
The Body  Shop Carbon Blue  Eye Definer

You can judge the texture of the liner from the swatch. It is not dry but it is crumbly. Am sure you will agree with me if I say that you cannot rub on your eyes with the same intensity as you can do on your hand, so for swatching it is fine, but on eyelid it is a total failure. The smudger tip is like an eraser which removed the color instead of smudging it out. I mean what was in the mind of the person(s) who created this dud!
The Body Shop-Carbon Blue Eye Definer (4)

Around Rs 600/- for 0.85 gms

My Experience with The Body Shop-Carbon Blue Eye Definer:

Are there products in your stash which make you feel “what was I thinking!!!”. I cannot bear the fact that I am buying a dud stuff even after trying and testing at the store. If you check the swatch below you will realize why I am on a constant rant phase. Neither it works as a liner nor the smudge tip does its job. I cannot remember a day when I went out wearing this.

I had to show you people how bad a liner can get so kindly hold your “ewws and yaaaks” in the only liner picture. I have tried to make it work by dabbing on some blue shadow with a hint of pink in the inner corners.
The Body Shop-Carbon Blue Eye Definer (3)
I can see myself taking the place of the smiley which constantly bangs it head. Admins I will send a photo of mine, kindly replace the smiley with my photo.
The Body Shop-Carbon Blue Eye Definer (2)

Pros of The Body Shop-Carbon Blue Eye Definer:

• None
The Body Shop-Carbon Blue Eye Definer swatch


Cons of The Body Shop-Carbon Blue Eye Definer:

• Pricey
• Low pigmentation
• Smudger is a dud in itself
• I can continue forever, it is better to stop here
Swatch on bare skin:

Blue eye makeup
IMBB Rating: 0/5

Will I repurchase/recommend The Body Shop Carbon Blue Eye Definer?
Yes for both- the day I go lunatic!

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19 thoughts on “The Body Shop-Carbon Blue Eye Definer

  1. ur EOTD looks pretty…and head bang i doit many times aftr my purchase…i buy in a spree n later feel for wasting my money.. *headbang* *headbang*

    nd here in chennai…woooow heavy down pour..i m enjoying it.. *happy dance* *happy dance* *happydance*

  2. yup…they are terrible with their eye and lip make up….no wonder many of the colors were 50% off during the sale period!!! *nonono*

  3. Hahhaahahahahahaha zero *hihi* *hihi* rofl rofl rofl chuck that pencil but your eotd is damn beautiful yaa *whistle* *whistle* *whistle*

    1. Thank you ji….i thought why torture you all with the yuck eotd…tried some shadow on top…2mins makeup…..easy peasy..

  4. I totally agree with you, I have the same pencil- worst ever product purchased by me… I can rely more on any cheap unbranded liner but not this one!! A total miss…

    but your review is wondeful 🙂

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