Body Type: Different Body Shapes!

body typesLike face shapes our body is also classified into different types and structures, and these structures define our personal style and also enables us to understand our body.

Body type of a person is the skeletal structure which does not change even after weight loss. This article will help you understand the existence of different body type.

There are various factors which will help you in understanding your body type and help you assess it.

• Your body type, vertically
• Your body types horizontally
• The shape of your face
• Weight
• Height
• Bone structure
• Angle and size of the shoulders
• The circumference and length of the neck
• Age
• Body flaws like falling tummy, saddle bags or a heavier hip

The vertical proportions of the body must be determined. By vertical proportions I mean the lower half of your body; you can determine the vertical proportions of your body by measuring your height and also the height of your hipline and relate the two.

If your hipline is half the measure of your height then you must be having a long torso with shorter legs. If you have a long torso and shorter legs you may be having a heavier lower body.

A balanced body is determined with the same length at the upper body as well as the lower body. The hipline is half your full height. The waist is at the bent elbow. The bust is low. Weight is increased at the torso or the thighs and hips with proportionate legs and arms.

A long legged body can be differentiated from the others if you have slender long legs and a shorter torso. The waist of this body type is high; it’s above the bent elbow. The bottom is high and round and weight is put on only at the waist.

The shape of your body can be determined horizontally by relating the waist, chest and the hipline. This is very important to understand what kind of attires or clothing suits you and your body.

To determine your body types horizontally stand in front of a full mirror and see the width of your hip line and bust line. Hold a ruler at the arm pit of rest it at your hip for an easier calculation.

Some of the different body types are given below:

body types

The hourglass figure:

This is supposedly the perfect figure. A full hipline along with a full bust line (both must measure the same). Also the vertical body shape must be proportionate.

Inverted Triangle

This is the second best body shape a female can have. Here you have a large bust, or broad shoulders, both are fine too. Long legs, flat bottom, Narrow hips and a defined waist are a must for a perfect inverted triangle shape.

The Pear Shape Body:

A full bust line with a tapering and narrow torso, accompanied with a fuller hipline and a defined waist determines the pear shaped body. The shoulders are narrow usually and the legs are short. The thighs are full and with a full bottom.

The Rectangle body:

A full hipline and bust line of proportionate measures, a somewhat defined waist and slender proportionate arms and legs determine a rectangular body shape. Your appearance is heavier than your actual weight.

The Oval body:

It is also referred to the apple shape. Women with this body shape have an overall round appearance. An undefined waist line, large and low tummy, love handles, wider hips, fuller thighs and a flat fuller bottom.

The Diamond body:

If your waist is undefined with a high large tummy and a flat bottom you have a diamond shaped body.

The Lollipop body shape:

Narrow shoulders, big bust, short waist and skinny legs determine this body type.

The Goblet body shape:

Large bust, a falling tummy, broad back with slim legs determines this body type.

The Skittle body shape:

Longer torso and wider bottom with short legs, heavier bottom and saddle bags, relate to this body type.

The Bell body shape:

A small bust, small shoulders and a broad waist with full bottom relates to this body type.

The Vase body shape:

A stretched version of the hourglass figure with a tad more length and a flat bottom relates to this body type.

The Celo body shape:

Large bust, heavy bottom, heavier thighs and hips with broad shoulders determine this body type.

The Brick body shape:

A masculine body type, with flat butts, broad shoulders, short legs and no waist line determine this body type. Also the legs must be straight.

The Cone body shape:

An athletic body shape with small bust, no waist line, smaller hips and broad shoulders relate to this body type.

The Column body shape:

Tall, no curves, proportionate torso and lower body determines this body shape.

The “H” body shape:

When the bust, shoulders and hips are similarly sized with no waist line it is an ‘H’ shaped body.

The “O” body shape:

When the midsection of the body is larger than the shoulders, hips and bust you have an “O” shaped body.

The “V” shaped body:

The bust and the shoulders are larger as compared to the hips in this body type.

The “A” shaped body:

The hips must be wider as compared to the shoulders if you have an “A” shaped body .

Smaller torso and wider bottom

If you have a smaller torso and a wider bottom with average sized breasts, a willowy waist and narrow shoulders you fall into the category of the smaller torso and wider bottom body type. Also the thighs and the hips tend to be fuller as compared to the breasts of such body typed women.

Larger torso and smaller bottom

You fall in this category when you have a larger torso and a comparatively smaller bottom.

body type

Tall and slim

You fall in this category if you have a below average bust. The hips and waist of women under this category tend to be narrow whilst the legs and arms are lean and long.


Short women will miniature body proportions fall in this category.

Round Figure

The midsection of the women belonging to the round figure is fuller, even the bust is full. The lower legs (calves) and the arms also tend to be heavier and the overall appearance is round.

Curvaceous body with a small waist

If you have a proportionate body with appropriate curves, legs, arms, waist and bust, then you fall in this category.

In my next article I will be discussing on how to dress for each of the body types.

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