Bodycology Blackberry and Vanilla Fragrance Mist Review

Bodycology Blackberry and Vanilla Fragrance Mist

Hi Friends..

Hope you are doing fine. Today am here to talk about my new love bodycology.. 😀 After using few bodycology products I feel I am slowly loving this brand especially for travel size body mists and divine bodywashes. Few days back I got bodycology body wash and this cute little body mist along with other stuffs for myself as pre raksha bandhan gift from my loving bro.. 😛 He asked me to get anything I want and I just rushed inside mall to get me these goodies.


Well we ladies just need an excuse to shop what say.. ! lol 😀 Well am also preparing a long list for him as well, while he is enjoying in Singapore and whenever he will come back to India or visit me he has to gift me all those items.. lol 😀 I hope he won’t faint while reading this article.. 😛 So let me introduce this beautiful lavender colored mist (which does not smells lavender though) Blackberry and vanilla from bodycology to all of you. Please read on further to know about Bodycology Blackberry & Vanilla Fragrance mist..

Price: $ 2.99 for 2.0 Oz trial pack, $ 5.99 for 8.0 Oz

What Bodycology claims about it: The thrilling scent of tangy blackberries drenched in cream enthralls and exhilarates your senses. For a splash of fragrance and energy, spritz lightly on wrists, neck and shoulders – or, for all-over freshness, spray into the air and let the fine mist gently surround you.

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Beneficial Ingredients: Conditioning and Hydrating Aloe Vera.

Packaging: The packaging is quite ordinary transparent plastic bottle with spray nozzle. The bottle seems to be brittle but in actual it is sturdy and travel friendly.


My experience with Bodycology Blackberry and Vanilla Fragrance Mist:

I am loving bodycology nowadays as it seems to be a refreshing change from my usual routine and it soothes my senses so well. After my wonderful experience with previous bodycology enchanted forest bodywash I was really keen to try other products from bodycology as they are slight affordable and seem worth buying. And since my bro insisted me to pamper myself this rakhi hence without thinking twice I just grabbed few more bodycology bodywashes and this mist, I hope he will refund my shopping bill soon else my hubby gonna kill me.. 😛 lol However it won’t stop me from buying more goodies.. 😀

Anyways, this blackberry vanilla fragrance mist looks lavender purple in color but it does not have traces of lavender in smell even. I was little doubtful about this fragrance hence I opted for travel size pack though after coming back home my hubby told me that it’s jumbo pack was a good deal 😛 But after reading penny saving article on imbb I feel it’s good to go for travel size pack rather than buying deluxe bottle and then craving for another one.. 😀 Initially when I sniffed it I strongly felt pleasant fruity blackberry aroma even, you may even sniff its fruity vanilla smell without opening the cap.

However, after few hours of wearing it on my body I was only able to recognise mild vanilla scent which was only sniffed by me. The good thing is it does not leave marks on clothes and if I spray it on my bare body then it does not cause any itching or irritation thankfully hence I feel it serves both purpose as fragrance and body mist. For 2 bucks I actually don’t expect this mist to stay as long as Gucci or LV but I wished it would have stayed atleast 4 hours… 😛 Initially when I sprayed it on myself then everyone was able to reveal its fruity vanilla scent but after 2-3 hours only I was able to smell the mild vanilla scent others were unknown. Hence I feel it’s good for small get together and/or summers picnics but for late night parties it would need frequent touch ups.


Pros of Bodycology Blackberry and Vanilla Fragrance Mist:

• Mild fruity blackberry and vanilla smelling spray bottle
• The fragrance really cools and calms you down as long as you are able to sniff it
• Travel friendly spray pump packaging
• Available in travel size and deluxe size for easy handling
• The fragrance does not leave marks on clothes
• It does not irritates or itches skin when sprayed directly on body
• The scent is not over powering even if you spray it frequently

Cons of Bodycology Blackberry and Vanilla Fragrance Mist:

• Staying power could have been better
• It would have been great if the fragrance was more into blackberry flavour rather than mild vanilla

Over all I feel for few bucks and for a change this fragrance mist is a onetime try for sure provided you won’t mind its lower staying power.. 😛 Personally am not going to get it again as am interested in trying other new fragrances from bodycology off course.. Apart from staying power I am in love with these little cute bottles. They look so cute is’nt..!!

Hope you liked my review. See you again gals.. Take care..

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